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Equipment Finance Agreements

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What Are The Business Loan Requirements?

Suppose you are a business owner who has done the research and concluded that a business loan is a way to go. In that case, you'll need to know how to begin and what information you'll need to get started. Understanding a lender's business loan requirements before applying is crucial. It can significantly help fast-track your application and the underwriting process. When applying for an equipment loan, you must meet a few requirements to qualify for financing.


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All applicants’ and their principals’ and all guarantors’ credit will be reviewed before 1st Commercial Credit offers a financing contract. The payment amounts provided by this Digital Calculator are not an offer and may be changed after the full credit review.

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These factors will influence whether or not a small business loan can be obtained. They will also affect the loan amount, interest rate, and repayment term your business may qualify for. Although specific requirements may vary by lender and type of financing, generally, they will evaluate you based on the following factors:

  1. How long you've been in business
  2. Annual business revenue
  3. Credit score and debt load
  4. Business documentation
  5. Cash flow
  6. Industry
  7. Collateral
  8. Business documentation

Different lenders have different terms and requirements, but this list is pretty much the same in most cases. When choosing a lender for equipment loan financing, the business owner owns the item from the first day. A small down payment is generally required for most small businesses looking to get this type of loan. The collateral for that loan is the equipment purchased with it. Some of the most common reasons to get equipment loans include replacing old equipment, updating old or out-of-date equipment, and adding to the existing inventory.

How to Get Business Equipment Loans

An outstanding credit is required for most equipment loans. After all, it will be an investment in your business and in its growth and future. You may be thinking about considering applying for a loan with the bank. Still, many times their terms and interests are not the most favorable for business owners. A safe alternative is to partner up with a nontraditional lender like 1st Commercial Credit. This specialized lender offers assistance for small and medium-sized business owners who need fast access to capital to invest in equipment for their business. If you have had a solid sales record but are struggling with little or bad credit, a business loan may be an ideal option for your business. Obtaining the capital you need when you need it can make a massive difference for your business.

It is necessary to mention that it will be challenging to be eligible for a loan if you have a prior bankruptcy or have only been in existence for less than one year. Making sure all of these things are in place before applying for an equipment loan will make a huge difference.

Many lenders are often reluctant to extend traditional equipment loans to small or newer businesses with poor or bad credit. These businesses are considered “too risky.” They will have an incredibly challenging time in securing a traditional bank loan for their business needs. This can create a problem for many businesses needing the capital to purchase, replace or repair outdated or broken equipment.  In this situation, a business loan can help by getting you the money fast to continue to run the day-to-day business operations.

1st Commercial Credit's financing programs for vendors involve the following steps:

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Equipment Loans Benefits

Quick Approval –in most cases, the approval and denial processes for equipment loans are done quickly. One way to accelerate the process is to consider applying with 1st Commercial Credit for your small business line of credit. We are a specialized lender that offers quick funds for multiple purposes, including inventory, equipment upgrades, and marketing efforts. That means you can have the additional capital you need faster, so you can purchase or replace the equipment you need in 48 hours or less.

Funds available- keeping sufficient cash for other business purposes associated with running a business is a huge advantage, rather than using the money from your business revenues to pay for these expensive items. A loan for equipment can be used to replace or repair this costly and crucial piece of equipment. 

Tax-deductible – You could deduct the equipment loan payments as an “operating expense.” This applies only to qualifying equipment, so it is essential to check with the lender and a tax attorney if possible.

Flexible payment system- Some but not all lenders can offer a secure equipment loan while offering flexible payment options. Depending on the type of loan secured, lenders can offer the option of choosing between monthly, seasonal, quarterly, biannual, or even annual payments. 

Some soft costs covered- Some loan charges are applicable towards several soft charges. These charges can include fees, delivery charges, and freight charges.

The Steps to Getting an Equipment Loan

As a business expands, owners will need to replenish inventory, provide daily, monthly, and annual maintenance on some equipment, and ensure timely delivery of products or services. Equipment loans are a crucial resource to business owners. Lenders will have differences in their requirements to approve a loan for equipment. Here are some general qualifications that lenders will look at for loan decisions. However, before choosing a lender is important to check the minimum requirements before signing an agreement.

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Step 1: Credit should be in good shape.
The business owner's personal and business credit scores will be an important factor in obtaining equipment loans. The higher the credit scores, the more likely a business owner can get approved with better loan terms. Anything reflecting negatively on your credit history can affect an equipment loan decision and work against you when applying. Most lenders will not approve any loan to a business that is deemed too risky.

One of the equipment loan requirements is ensuring your credit is excellent is one of the most important things. Preparation is vital, and doing everything possible to improve your credit situation will be worth it. When meeting with lenders, you should come prepared to show your business credit history and your personal credit history. Any past issues should be disclosed because these kinds of things will delay and even possibly halt the approval process. Excellent credit remains one of the fundamental aspects of equipment loan requirements.

Step 2: Having a solid business plan
In addition, lenders may require a concrete business plan describing the business and a detailed proposal for the future. The purpose of this is to give prospective lenders a comprehensive summary of your business. The number of years you've been in business and the annual revenue of your enterprise are other factors to include in this plan. Detail your current cash flow situation and project a well-prepared yet realistic set of goals for your future business growth. Summarizing the entire business plan in a few paragraphs at the very beginning of your plan is a great strategy. A good business plan does not have to be very long. However, it should be thorough and well thought out.

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When Can Your Business Benefit From An Equipment Loan?

  1. A business needs equipment
  2. Your current equipment needs an upgrade 
  3. You want to avoid working with a traditional bank 
  4. Companies who are looking for a small down payment
  5. Leasing equipment is not an option
  6. A means to preserve working capital

Step 3: Make sure you provide an updated personal resume.
Lenders will look into a personal resume for character traits that will support the business plan. They want to see the person behind the business, the one responsible for the loan repayment. They also want to make sure you're a good credit risk for any equipment loans issued. 

Step 4: Have cash flow statements prepared.
In addition to a profit and loss statement, lending companies may require a balance sheet or cash flow statement. These are to help identify the revenue coming into the business and the expenses going out. These statements help lenders assess the financial strength of your business. These documents might include items like past tax returns, bank statements, or a list of all your debts. Clearly showing where the money is will be a critical factor that most lenders need to see before issuing any equipment loan. Get your finances in order and, if required, even get a certified accountant to go through both business and personal financial records. It is one of the best indicators that shows how a company is doing in the real world.

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Grow Your Business With Loan Equipment Financing

With 1st Commercial Credit, you may get the benefits of equipment finance and short-term company loans without dealing with complex application procedures or lengthy evaluation periods. We assist you in obtaining quick access to the funds or equipment you want, and we tailor your repayment choices to your company's specific needs and possibilities. Our equipment loan financing provides buyers with the funds necessary to get the equipment they need to run operations and grow.

Businesses can apply for a loan for almost anything, from IT equipment to heavy machinery and vehicles. An equipment loan will help companies improve cash flow and meet pressing business financial responsibilities, including payroll and bills. Many businesses are in imminent need of updating equipment for daily operations to help them grow, expand, and improve efficiency. Unfortunately, for many small and medium-sized companies, the equipment costs may be out of their budget. 1st Commercial Credit offers buyers unique financing solutions to provide alternatives to their customers. 

Any small startup or large business will need to upgrade, improve, or replace business equipment at a given point in time. This is where loans for equipment play a huge role when it comes to running a successful business. To fully understand the benefits and the process involved with obtaining an equipment loan, the business owners should do some research and due diligence.

What Exactly Is Equipment Loan?

Equipment finance agreements are a great way to get financing for your equipment purchases. An equipment loan is a financing method that enables companies to obtain the machinery or technology needed. In simple terms, the lending company provides a business with financing that will help get and secure the equipment. The firm pays the money back each month, plus interest until the equipment is fully paid. When the loan terms are over, the company will have the right to keep the equipment if all payments have been made correctly and on time. The equipment may be used as security, and if the business fails to meet payments, the equipment is taken as collateral. 

Ownership of the equipment is always in your name under an EFA. The equipment is utilized as loan collateral, and a UCC is filed to protect the lender's assets. Equipment financing, like leases, may be completed with very little money down.

The following are benefits of equipment financing agreements:

  1. At the expiration of the period, the customer owns the equipment (there is no end of lease option payment)
  2. The ease and quickness in which you may obtain equipment
  3. Simple documentation
  4. Maintain cash flow
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