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Packaging Equipment Financing
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Fast Equipment Financing Approvals For Packaging Businesses

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Financial Solutions and Leasing for Packaging Equipment

As the owner of a flourishing business, you are committed to providing the highest level of quality and service to your customers when it comes to packaging equipment. Our packaging equipment finance program will help you meet and exceed client expectations. Your business needs the latest technology and equipment to deliver the best packaging, but coming up with cash to purchase new machinery can empty cash reserves. Thankfully, 1st Commercial Credit provides packaging equipment loans to keep your business competitive without affecting your cash flow.


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All applicants’ and their principals’ and all guarantors’ credit will be reviewed before 1st Commercial Credit offers a financing contract. The payment amounts provided by this Digital Calculator are not an offer and may be changed after the full credit review.

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Benefits of Packaging Equipment Leasing

It is often challenging for business owners to find the cash or qualify for a loan. The good news is that packaging equipment financing gives you the option to get the right equipment without putting your business in a difficult financial situation. Some of the benefits of leasing packaging equipment include the following:

Industries We Finance:

wrapping machine equipment financing industry

Pricing: Leasing offers the benefit of having predictable monthly expenses. Instead of making a big purchase, leasing gives you a payment plan that fits your budget and gives you a steady cash flow over time. As a small business owner, it might not be financially feasible to buy all the equipment to run the business and fulfill its needs. Instead, many companies prefer to find packaging equipment leases or loans that allow more machinery while maintaining a healthy cash flow.

Variety: Packaging is a critical component of many businesses' branding and sales strategy; it also helps fulfill the expectations your clients have to get unique and strong shelf appeal.

1st Commercial Credit enables you to come up with the right options for packaging equipment and serves the medical and pharmaceutical packaging, food and beverage packaging, personal care item packaging, entertainment, games, technology packaging, and many more.

Products: Our financing services can help you expand your business into new projects and improve your existing capabilities with new machines. Packaging equipment finance companies have several options to accommodate business owners with different needs to get the machines they need.

Packaging and wrapping is a vital stage of many production processes for distribution to the wholesale and retail sectors. This sector includes a wide range of materials, from primary packaging containing the product, which appeals to the consumer, to secondary packaging used for distribution. It also includes cartons, bottles, packets for snack foods, bubble-packed packages designed for display, blister packs for pharmaceuticals, and many more. Having the appropriate machines to keep up with the pace of your production operation and machinery is essential. Packaging and wrapping machinery includes:

  • Tape bundling
  • Bag Filling
  • Sealing machine
  • Strapping machine
  • Wrapping machine
  • Cleaning machinery
  • Drying machinery
  • Sterilization machinery
  • Container machinery
  • Multifunction machine
  • Secondary packaging machinery
  • Labeling and printing stations
  • Shrink tunnels, ovens, and guns
  • Pharmaceutical packaging
  • Shrink Wrapping
  • and more!

Packaging machines are becoming more advanced to keep up with demand and reduce material costs and wastage. Having access to the latest equipment is essential to ensure quality products and to spread the cost of the machinery that improves your production. You put a down payment and pay a fixed rate agreed on monthly payments that will cover the amount of the equipment plus interest. Another advantage is having the option to structure your payments to fit your projected cash flow.

1st Commercial Credit's financing programs for vendors involve the following steps:

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A finance company facilitates an equipment financing lease and retains the property, avoiding the need for working capital expenditure and ensuring that you are never left with old and obsolete equipment. Monthly payments and interest rates are competitive and fixed for the duration of the contract. You may also choose a lease that includes maintenance and repairs, helping reduce risk.

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Equipment financing or lending can be used for any business purpose and provide a simple way to fund equipment purchases. 

1st Commercial Credit works across the nation financing the packaging industry, and our finance experts have the experience to provide the best financing program that will fulfill your needs and goals.

Advantages of Packaging Equipment Financing

  • Financing up to 60 months
  • Balloon payment options
  • No capital requirements
  • New and used equipment
  • Variety of lease and loan arrangements
  • Funds for any type of equipment
  • Low rates 
  • Lending secured on assets themselves

We offer business owners our finance expertise and accessible financing solutions. We know the wrapping and packaging market and can help you find the most appropriate solution and competitive rates.

1st Commercial Credit Provides Asset Based Lending, Purchase Order Financing and Factoring to all States: