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1st Commercial Credit | Miami

We provide access to a steady stream of working capital for Miami businesses.
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A Factoring Company Funding Miami, Florida

Financing Rates at 0.69% to 1.59%
No Financials or Setup Fees
Customized Rates
Setup in 3 to 5 Days

Miami Businesses Can Benefit From Invoice Factoring

Miami is an excellent location for businesses to establish, but that also means there is plenty of competition around for all industries. To stay on top and ahead of the competition, it is crucial that your business can offer the best to clients; this includes good credit terms. This situation can sometimes come with having invoices paid in 30, 60, or 90+ days which can turn into a cash flow issue if the operations of your business need to continue while waiting for these invoices.

Businesses experiencing rapid growth will face this problem at some point, and it is important to know which financing options are out there. Turning to the bank for a bank loan might not be the most feasible option for your Miami business but turning down business because of a lack of cash flow is not an option. Turning to a factoring company, like 1st Commercial Credit is the better option.

1st Commercial Credit has experience financing small and medium-sized businesses in the Miami area. We offer invoice factoring services, asset-based lending, and other financial solutions for companies in Miami. 

Having a simplified option for getting cash is the most significant benefit. Factoring and a bank loan are very different. We leverage your credit eligibility based on your buyer's credit quality, not your company’s. Setting up an account with us is simple. We require a short application form, no financials required, we can provide fast approval, and funding provided within 24 hours after verification. 

Start factoring your account receivables and obtain cash today!

1st Commercial Credit can assist your business with our accounts receivable financing and other financial solutions. Because of the flexibility that we offer, you will take your company's capacity to the next level.

Does Your Miami, Florida (FL) Company Need Fast Funding With Accounts Receivable Factoring? 

Is your business experiencing rapid growth? Is it challenging to keep up with payments to crucial suppliers, and has it become challenging to offer credit terms to clients because of slow-paying customers and cash flow issues? 1st Commercial Credit might be your financial solution. 

We will leverage your unpaid invoices at a discount and give you immediate cash so you can continue with your business operations, make payroll and pay suppliers. 

Our receivable factoring services allow our customers to offer credit terms to customers without running into cash flow shortages. We provide fast funding , flexible approvals even if the owner has bad credit, affordable rates, and other financial solutions that help grow companies. 

If you are searching for factoring companies in Florida, 1st Commercial Credit provides invoice factoring services, and accounts receivable lending through the city of Miami and Floridian cities.

Invoice factoring company export trade businesses Miami Florida (FL)

Why Do International Trade Businesses In Miami Work With Factoring Companies?

When involved in the international trade industry in Miami, businesses can sometimes run into financial issues while waiting months for payments. Covering business expenses like payroll and supplier payments can become increasingly complex and, at some point, will force potential sales to halt. These payments are necessary for Miami businesses to continue delivering products or services. Companies in the international trade sector might also need cash flow to purchase manufacturing supplies.

In summary, a business must continue to pay its bills and continue to run daily. To do this, companies will need a financial partner that can offer financial solutions while waiting for payments to come. 

Invoice factoring involves selling the value of its accounts receivables for which it has not yet received payment to a factoring company. To obtain immediate cash, the company sells the value of those accounts receivable to a financial institution like 1st Commercial Credit at a discount.

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1st Commercial Credit has extensive experience funding and providing financial solutions to import, export, and distribution companies in Miami. Because of its proximity to Latin America, Miami is known as the cargo gateway of the Americas. The Port of Miami is the largest container port in Florida and the 9th largest in the US. The Miami International Airport is the top airport for international freight, especially from South America and the Caribbean.


1st Commercial Credit offers international trade finance programs for businesses in Miami. Invoice factoring allows import and export companies in Miami to experience incredible growth opportunities and have the ability to continue succeeding in the competitive international trade sector.

Receivable Financing Rates at 0.69% to 1.59%
20+ Years In business & Over 3,600+ Clients Funded
Fast Approval Process.
No Financials Required.
3 to 5 Day Initial Setup.
No Up Front Fees to Set up.
Low Credit Score Accepted.
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Industries That 1st Commercial Credit Finances And How It Benefits Them

Invoice factoring is an optimal financial solution for companies to improve cash flow and increase growth opportunities. No debt is incurred, and businesses don't need to wait long periods for payments. Using your pending invoices and exchanging them for capital is an immediate and effective financial solution.

1st Commercial Credit can provide working capital and financing for all businesses in Miami. We factor invoices and fund trucking companies, distribution companies, staffing agencies, healthcare, manufacturing companies, and agriculture companies in Miami, Florida. 1st Commercial Credit is one of the largest independent providers of asset-based financial services for small to mid-sized businesses.

We provide a complete line of invoice factoring services to Miami businesses, including inventory finance, purchase order financing, supply chain finance, international trade finance, short-term future receivable funding, and other related financial services.

Invoice factoring company businesses Miami Florida (FL)

We offer to fund a wide range of industries and flexible funding requirements that most businesses can easily qualify for. With 1st Commercial Credit, small businesses can be eligible with as little as $10 thousand a month in sales. Also, those companies that need up to $10 million in working capital can be suitable for asset-based financing. 1st Commercial Credit has been financing companies for over 18 years. Our invoice factoring company funds clients every day for just about every primary industry, including transportation and trucking, distributors, medical providers, exporters, importers, service providers, and manufacturers in Miami.

Equipment Leasing Provides Many Different Leasing Programs In Miami

Equipment leasing involves renting the equipment rather than purchasing it outright. Business owners can lease expensive equipment such as vehicles, machinery, computers, and other tools needed to run a successful operation. This equipment is leased for an agreed period, and the business owner has the flexibility to either return the equipment, renew the lease or buy it. Equipment leasing is different from equipment financing, which is getting a business loan to buy the needed equipment. This loan uses the equipment as collateral and is paid off over a fixed term. In that case, you own the equipment once you pay off the loan.

With an equipment lease, the equipment is not yours to keep once the leasing term is completed. As with any financing agreement, you pay interests and fees which are added to the monthly payments. Equipment leasing can sometimes be a bit more expensive than purchasing equipment. Still, many times is the better option for cash-strapped small business owners, as it offers a way to access the necessary equipment without much upfront money. Leasing provides benefits that owning doesn't, for example, low monthly payments, typically spread out over a couple of months or years rather than delivered in a large sum.

If you are looking for new equipment or technology, we can offer the following programs:

  • New Business Program for Startups
  • 90-Day Deferred Program
  • 6-Month Deferred/ Step Program
  • 72-Month Financing Program

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Economy of Miami

Miami has one of the most diversified economies in the US, with hundreds of international companies headquartered in the city. Its location and weather have made it one of the best locations for many thriving industries. The easy access the city has to Latin America has placed Miami at the top of the list with international trade, international banking and has made it become a vital investment center.

Due to its suitable weather, the Agriculture industry in Miami is another that thrives and has become an essential part of Miami’s economy. This region is a major supplier of produce during the winter. This produce includes vegetables, tropical fruits, and the Miami area is also one of the leading suppliers of ornamental plants for the country. 

The successful growth of businesses in Miami has pushed the construction industry all around the city and the state. Construction in Miami is in high demand, specifically for family homes, condominiums, and business buildings. If your construction business needs funding, 1st Commercial Credit can provide you the cash resources that fuels your business through our Commercial Construction A/R financing programs.

Some of the other major industries in Miami experiencing growth include manufacturing, the biomedical sector, tourism, trade, and real estate.

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What Is Miami Known For?

Miami is known as a paradise location for vacationing, retiring, and establishing businesses. Its weather, location, and rich culture make it one of the most visited cities in the United States for tourism and business. 

Some of the biggest industries in Miami include hotels, retail, restaurants, transportation, attractions, real estate, and medicine. Because of its location, Miami has a huge advantage in international trade with Latin America and the Caribbean. For this same reason, many of the biggest Latin American companies have established their headquarters in Miami. 

Invoice factoring for transportation businesses in Miami Florida (FL)

The Miami International Airport is the top airport for international freight and has significantly contributed to making Miami’s transportation a big industry for the city and the state. Miami’s airport is ranked among the top airports for the transportation of international passengers. A city of opportunity, Miami is home to many foreign business owners who have immigrated from other countries in South America. Miami has offered a place where businesses of all sizes and industries can succeed. 

Miami also offers a Low Tax Environment, meaning that individuals and businesses do not pay personal income taxes. The state of Florida also has a low corporate income tax rate of 5.5 percent. It does not have unitary tax or inventory tax, and it allows for several sales tax exemptions. 

Overall, Miami is the perfect place to do business and live. If your Miami business needs funding, we can help! 

History Of Miami

Miami was an area full of wilderness during its beginnings, but it was clear that it was good land for the future. The city experienced many challenges after its foundation, including war, the Great Depression, and some major natural disasters. Once the city recovered and rose, its population increased dramatically because of the post-war situation and the immigration of Cubans fleeing Fidel Castro’s regimen. Miami became one of the most influential, cultural, financial, commerce, and international cities in the United States.

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