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Non-Recourse Factoring Company For Trucking & Freight Brokers
Non-Recourse Factoring Company For Trucking & Freight Brokers
Setup Account in 24 Hours - Factoring Rates at 1.5% to 3%
Fuel Advances up to 50%
Same-Day Funding
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Fuel Card Discounts
Custom Rates available for Fleets
Setup Account in 24 hours
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Custom Rates available for Fleets over $100,000 per month
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Fill out our quick, 5-minute application without concerns about credit or background checks. Your trucking company just needs to have no UCC liens, completed loads without disputes, and we'll take care of the invoicing.
Non-Recourse Factoring at 1.5% to 3%
20+ Years In Business & Over 3,600+ Clients

Custom Rates available for Fleets over $100,000 per month

Canadian & Mexican Freight Brokers Accepted
Up to 50% Fuel Advances
Fuel Card Discounts
Free Transportation Management System
Setup & Get Funded in 24 hours
Initial funding in 24 hours
Non-Recourse Factoring/Credit Protection
Immediate Fuel Advances
24/7 Freight Broker Credit Checks
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Add 1% for Fuel Advance at 50%
Express 24h Setup for Non-Recourse FactoringSave Up To $500 / Truck Per Month On Fuel
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What Is A Non-recourse Factoring Company For Truckers?

Non-recourse factoring provides truckers with a safeguard against non-payment by freight brokers. 1st Commercial Credit monitors the credit of all freight brokers it finances and assumes the financial risk if a broker fails to pay due to insolvency.

We have software that helps your drivers upload images of the bill of lading and merges with your freight bills.

Free online
credit checks


Fuel advances up to 50% of the rate confirmation

We have software that helps your drivers upload images of the bill of lading and merges with your freight bills.

Free online
credit checks


Fuel advances up to 50% of the rate confirmation

1st Commercial Credit is a non-recourse factoring company that services all transportation-related industries in the USA. Processing the freight bills and load confirmations has never been easier. Our clients simply upload their documents and we generate the invoice, fund our client and process the documents for collection to the freight broker.

Managing cash flow is crucial for any trucking business

How Invoice Factoring Works For Small and Large Trucking Businesses

Invoice factoring can immediately give your trucking company the push it needs to grow. This is not a loan, so there is nothing to pay back. We simply take your documents for a completed load and fund you 100% (No Reserves) minus a fee of 1.5% to 3%, depending on the size of your company.

Trucking companies face significant expenses such as truck payments, payroll, fuel, insurance, maintenance, and taxes. To thrive, these businesses need a consistent cash flow to cover daily costs and support growth. However, managing day-to-day operations while waiting 30, 60, or even 90 days for payment for completed loads is often impractical. Invoice factoring addresses this challenge by converting invoices for completed loads into immediate cash deposited into your bank account, thus eliminating the wait for payment. The reliability of cash flow from invoice factoring surpasses even the quick-pay programs offered by freight brokers, as provided by 1st Commercial Credit.

Freight invoice and load factoring offer ideal financial solutions for fleet owners of all sizes, owner-operators, and brokers. These parties can sell their outstanding invoices to a factoring company at a slight discount, eliminating the need to wait weeks for payment and assuming credit risk. Invoice factoring has emerged as a staple service in the trucking industry, making it unnecessary to take out loans. Given the narrow profit margins in the trucking sector, invoice factoring helps avoid the need for costly Merchant Cash Advance Loans.

Receivables financing has become a primary financial option for freight and trucking companies to gain immediate access to working capital. Freight factoring companies give you up to 97% of your unpaid invoices within 24 hours and take care of daily collections required. No more turning down contracts.  A non-recourse factoring agreement can significantly enhance the financial stability of your trucking company, ensuring that your operations continue smoothly and supporting your business growth every day.

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Non-Recourse Factoring rates from 1.5% to 3%
Rapid Onboarding & Funding
Same-Day Funding Availability
Immediate Fuel Advances
Custom Rates available for Fleets
benefits of factoring for reefer trailers

Instant Source of Funding For Reefer Haulers Trucking

Reefer trailers are one of the most cost-intensive vehicles for shipping and transportation. Therefore, they need a consistent and reliable source of financing.

1st Commercial Credit is proud to support the unique needs of reefer trucking companies with our adaptable and flexible services. With over 20 years of experience, we understand the critical role that efficient cash flow plays in the success of your business. We offer one of the quickest processes for application, approval, and documentation in the industry, tailored specifically for reefer trucking operations. Recognizing that reefer trucking requires more fuel than standard trucking, we provide fuel advances to ensure your refrigerated equipment always has the necessary resources to stay operational. This is crucial, especially when cash flow is constrained, to maintain uninterrupted operations during trips.

A company that factors the trucking industry like 1st Commercial Credit makes freight factoring for reefer haulers easy when it comes to setting up. Our main priority is to give you access to funding as soon as possible so you can carry on with running a successful business.

Maximizing Profits with Freight Factoring

Freight Factoring Benefits For Carriers

Factoring receivables will allow your company to improve its cash flow and grow your trucking business. Three types of trucking businesses that can benefit from our freight factoring are fleet owners, owner-operators, and brokers. Some of the key benefits of trucking invoice factoring include:

Immediate cash flow

Free credit checks on clients

Savings on fuel

Free access to a team of billing and collection experts

Fuel advance

Increased sales and contracts

No new debt is created

Simple, fast approval process

Receive immediate cash

Which Trucking Companies Need Non-recourse Factoring?

There is no reason a trucking company should be on a recourse factoring agreement taking on additional risk. Non-Recourse factoring in the trucking industry is vital. 1st Commercia Credit takes on the credit risk for clients.

A small trucking fleet faces challenges that are unique and cannot be solved using a cookie-cutter approach. We understand these challenges and are able to create unique solutions to help the trucking company out. Credit Cards are available for approved trucking clients along with temporary loans for permits, insurance and equipment can be accomodated.

cable construction company benefits

Past due invoices are not going to help pay the bills, which is why you need a freight factoring receivables company which can provide the reliable cash flow you need to meet your customer deadlines and continue to grow your business.

1st Commercial Credit has been involved in freight factoring for its entire history and has a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to keep the rigs on the road and the freight moving from the loading dock to the customer destination.

The issues for a small trucking fleet are recurring and often costly. Maintenance to vehicles, permits and renting special equipments are just some of the ongoing costs that require funding in a regular basis.

Apply now - Rates at 1.5% to 3%
Fuel discount

Fuel Card for Truckers: Extra Discount For Fleets

1st Commercial Credit continues to innovate and come up with the best financing alternatives to better serve all trucking and transportation-related industries in the USA.

Our fuel card program offers competitive rates and deals so that truckers can continue moving the load to the destination. Many benefits come with using a fuel card over cash or a credit card, but the most significant benefit for truck drivers is receiving fuel discounts. Owner-operators and truck drivers are in charge of fuel purchases, and saving money on fuel should be a top priority.

1st Commercial Credit's mission is to help small to medium-sized trucking companies and larger fleets all across the nation. Our goal is for each client, regardless of the size of their fleet, to thrive while enjoying exceptional customer service and the best savings possible with our Fuel Card Program for Trucking Companies.

Fleet fuel card discount

Save Up to
$500 a Month  On fuel

Fuel discounts available at participating fuel stations
Accepted at 95% of U.S. Fuel Stations
Fueling Data Reporting and Analytics
Find Opportunities to Cut Costs
Daily Discount Fuel Pricing Notification
Cat Scale Payment Integration
Exclusive Discounts on Fuel, Tires & more
apply online for your fuel account
5 easy steps

How To Receive Trucking Factoring?

Trucking factoring is a financial service that allows trucking companies to receive immediate cash for their freight invoices (load documents). This is not a loan, and the application is simple. We require completed loads for funding, we create the invoice and fund your trucking company. Here's how to receive trucking factoring:

factoring Rates and fees

Freight Factoring Cost (Rates and Fees)

When considering factoring for trucking companies, the fees are determined by the volume you plan to factor and the duration it takes for your customers to make payments. Increasing the volume of factoring and encouraging faster customer payments typically result in reduced factoring rates. We also take into account other factors such as the duration of your business operations, the diversity of your customer base, and the overall creditworthiness of your customers. At 1st Commercial Credit, here are freight factoring rates and fees:

Full Advance Fees at 1.5% to 3.0%

FAQ About Trucking Companies and Factoring

What type of cash flow issues do trucking companies face?

Fuel Costs

Fuel expenses can be a significant portion of a trucking company's operating costs. Fluctuations in fuel prices can directly impact cash flow, especially if contracts or pricing agreements don't adjust immediately. Transportation and trucking business owners are looking to improve the management of fuel purchases, and fuel cards are a helpful tool for trucking companies of all sizes and stages, from a single operator with one truck, an owner of a mid-sized fleet, or a large trucking company.

Maintenance and Repairs

Trucks require regular maintenance to keep them operational and safe. Unexpected breakdowns or major repairs can strain cash flow if not adequately planned for.

Equipment Costs

Purchasing or leasing trucks and trailers represents a significant upfront cost for trucking companies. Financing these purchases or paying lease payments can affect cash flow, especially if revenue streams fluctuate.

Tire expenses

To manage tire expenses and their impact on cash flow, trucking companies often employ proactive measures such as registering to tire programs, investing in quality tires designed for durability and fuel efficiency

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