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Agriculture Equipment Financing
Agriculture Equipment Financing
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Fast Equipment Financing Approvals For Agriculture Businesses

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Do You Need Agriculture Equipment Financing?

Financing agriculture equipment is often the only option for farmers and other agricultural producers to afford expensive equipment. Farm equipment loans and leases are vital financing tools for agriculture producers to purchase irrigation equipment, tractors, or high-tech fertilizer spreaders.

Agriculture equipment financing has proven particularly useful as farm owners have to evolve and modernize equipment to tend to their crops. With some much-advanced equipment, our financing services make it possible for producers to leverage some kind of financing for purchasing farm equipment either via installment loans or leases. A significant benefit they get is preserving cash flow and not having to invest all the capital upfront.


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All applicants’ and their principals’ and all guarantors’ credit will be reviewed before 1st Commercial Credit offers a financing contract. The payment amounts provided by this Digital Calculator are not an offer and may be changed after the full credit review.

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Farm equipment loans are typically short-term, lasting anywhere from 12 to 60 months, and the equipment you're financing serves as collateral. These types of financing arrangements will have flexible repayment terms on a weekly or monthly basis. There are two options with agricultural equipment financing: You can finance the purchase or lease it. Leasing may be the better option when you don't need the equipment for a long time or plan to upgrade the equipment every so often which protects you from depreciation.

Industries We Finance:

Tractor equipment leasing for agriculture

Another advantage of financing equipment is that you get quick approval and funding. That can be crucial if you are trying to replace costly equipment essential to keep your operations running. Bank financing involves having to pledge extensive collateral, and in most cases, they also require a lot of financial paperwork and an almost-perfect credit score.

If you need equipment financing right away, you might want to start looking into an alternative finance company or lender like 1st Commercial Credit. We offer online applications, fast approvals, minimal documentation requirements, and quick funding times.

How Can Agriculture Equipment Finance and Leasing Benefit Your Farm

Equipment in good working condition is crucial for agribusinesses. If equipment isn't operating correctly, it can affect the timing and success of the whole operation. Not having the proper equipment can also lead to a shorter growing season and lower yields. Consider equipment leasing to save your business time and money when you need to replace or upgrade equipment on the farm. Additional benefits of equipment financing for the agriculture industry are:

  • New equipment is less likely to break or need repairs.
  • Equipment in excellent condition keeps your operation working efficiently.
  • Maximize tax savings with Section 179 deduction, which allows most farmers to deduct 100% of their equipment costs in the same year.
  • When financing, depreciation is based on the lease term, meaning you can speed up depreciation.
  • Leasing offers an affordable solution and allows you to get new equipment without making a down payment.
  • Better manage cash flow needs with a set financing payment.
  • Upgrade your agriculture technology as new equipment and solutions become available.

If you have various pieces of equipment that need to be replaced or repaired, you can reduce costs by leasing instead of buying. There are many different sectors in agriculture: ranches, livestock, diaries, and they can all benefit from equipment financing. Many operations need to install different equipment at once, so items begin to wear around the same time. If you're wondering what financing option is a possibility, it is crucial to research and find out if equipment leasing is the best option for your business.

What Is Needed to Qualify For Equipment Financing and Leasing?

  1. Minimum of 6 months in business
  1. A FICO score over 575
  1. Equipment quote from vendor
  1. 5 or more good trade references (Personal or Business)

1st Commercial Credit is a specialized lending company that can help you start applying for funding and finally obtain the expensive equipment your agriculture-related business needs.

What Documents Are Required For Equipment Financing?

You may be required to provide specific documentation or financial information going back at least two years. These documents may include depending on the amount financed:

  • Government-issued ID
  • Bank statement
  • Tax returns
  • Business financial statements
  • Federal tax ID number
  • Application
1st Commercial Credit's financing programs for vendors involve the following steps:

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Credit Decision
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Electronic Documents


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Other information needed:

  • Dealer information
  • Invoice / Bid
  • Spec sheet of the equipment
Machine equipment financing for agriculture
How To Apply For Equipment Financing With 1stCC

Agriculture loans are designated for farmers who are starting out and those who have an existing agribusiness. There is financing available for all types of farmers in the industry. Your credit profile and financial performance will determine which loans you're eligible for and the interest rate you will pay. The higher your credit score and more time in business, the less it will typically cost to finance or lease farm equipment.

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