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1st Commercial Credit Trade Payable Card - $10 Million Credit Limit

1st Commercial Credit can accommodate credit worthy Buyers with a new financial service that provides additional working capital to pay suppliers. Up To $10 Million Credit Limit - $100k Minimum Spend.

Procurement Credit Card for Trade Payables
Up To $10 Million for Qualified Buyers. Initiate our easy to use payables platform and start making money today!

What are the qualifications needed for Trade Payable Finance?

  1. Buyers must be profitable
  2. USA and Canadian Based buyers only
  3. Minimum $3 million a month in revenue
  4. Must be credit insurable
  5. High trades history and current balances
  6. No need for subordinations from Bank
  7. All industries at this time qualify
  8. All vendors / suppliers qualify
  9. All international vendors / suppliers qualify

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Trade Payable Service for Buyers

You can immediately free up liquidity by using our funds alongside your bank line of credit.

Take advantage of early payment discounts offered by vital suppliers or extend payment terms. Your company can access up to $10 million in purchasing power within 3 working days. Maximize your bottom line by saving on early payment discounts. In summary, we pay your company to make money by using our services.

Why Buyers Choose Our Trade Payable Platform

Start using our money in 3 to 5 days.

  • Credit availability from up to $10 million
  • Does not interfere with your lender
  • No API or software integration required
  • Free vendor portal & easy onboarding
  • Pay suppliers that need faster payments
  • Easier way to pay international suppliers
  • Any vendor can be accepted
  • No merchant network to join
  • Eliminates the need for Letters of Credit
  • Helps vital suppliers with cash flow

Use Our Money To Pay Suppliers

Are you passing up on early payment discounts to suppliers? Why? Take advantage of our trade payable program and earn cash back rebates using our payables platform.

  • Keep your Bank Line of Credit in place
  • Continue posting payables as you always do
  • Select & Send us the invoices you want us to pay
  • We pay your supplier minus a discount fee
  • Pays us back with your standard terms
  • Optional pay early & get a rebate, Its That Simple!

What Makes our Trade Payable Financing Different?

Buyers can easily sign on with minimal paperwork within 3 to 5 days. Avoid the laundry list of items required by other lenders to setup.

Too many supply chain finance companies make this too complicated. We made it a simple process to apply with a 2 page application for buyers to set up. Once we set up the account, the buyer then provides us with the vendors and invoices they want to pay and we pay the suppliers. Its that simple!.

1st Commercial Credit is not the first company to offer this type of service, however we believe we have the most user friendly system out there with the highest buyer rebates.

Why is Trade Payable Finance becoming a popular choice for buyers?

Vendor payment programs are here to stay and the concept is growing as more buyers are learning about the early payment discount profit center.

Couple analyzing accounts payable

Besides the basic understanding of buyers now having more access to money and are eagerly chasing down early payment discounts, what are the other issues and concerns that are driving buyers away from the factoring industry.

  1. Buyers have more incentive to participate in the action as they are learning that some suppliers are needing faster payments. They now see it as a profit center when they realize suppliers are willing to give up a discount through either setting up an account with a factoring company or offer 2% or 3 % off for early payment from the buyer.
  2. Buyers no longer want to be sending payments to a third party and prefer to make out the payments to vendors directly.
  3. Buyers are annoyed by invoice factoring companies calling for verifications of the invoice and have to keep up with notice of assignments. Sometimes leading to legal issues due to payments going to the vendor instead of the factoring company.

Why do trade payable platforms fail or are not used after implementation?

Its all about ease of use, short setup cycle and 100% vendor approval without waiting on a network to process documentation.

There are many trade payable finance companies in the market to choose from. The reality is buyers need an easy process to apply, easy method to approve vendors, and a fast and flexible system for the internal staff to learn the process. If the system is too difficult for the accounts payable department to track and pay suppliers with additional work and multiple processes, it will fail. If the system requires a 50+ page document for the suppliers to sign up for the program, it will fail. The main focus is to maintain very few steps for the supplier to submit an invoice and the payables department to approve, authorize to pay and track.

If the system is too complicated, or the buyer has to hire and payout an IT company to setup API integration in order to communicate with the trade payable service provider. These obstacles should not exist and will discourage buyers from continuing the implementation process the leads to a complete halt.

1st Commercial Credit makes it very simple with no software cost or integration needed.