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A Factoring Company Funding Raleigh, North Carolina

Financing Rates at 0.69% to 1.59%
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How To Know If A Factoring Company Is The Right Fit For Your Small Business?

If you want a form of financing for a short-term loan for your company that is not a bank, 1st Commercial Credit can help. Many companies in Raleigh find long-term debt financing to be ineffective and costly. The quickest way to access cash upfront is through receivable factoring companies that offers short-term funding. 1st Commercial Credit can assess, approve, and provide financing, all within 3-5 working days.

Evaluating Factoring Companies for your Small Business

Accounts receivable financing is an ideal financial solution to improve cash flow when payments come in 30 days or more. However, it might not be the optimal choice for every type of business. A company that factor is usually the ideal alternative if:

  • You are experiencing difficulty paying suppliers, managing fixed overhead costs, or have trouble making funding payroll 
  • Your company is not bringing in new clients because it can't offer the credit terms clients demand

Next Steps

Once you have determined that accounts receivable financing is the way to go for your company, the next step involves evaluating a list of potential factoring companies in Raleigh. The first thing to find out is whether the factoring company specializes in a specific type of industry. If you own a trucking fleet, you want to work with a lender that knows about the trucking business extensively. 

Experience is Crucial

Ideally, the lender you select should have a few years of experience with financing receivables for your industry. You can request the company's track record and references to get a good feel for the company's experience working with similar businesses. The references you contact ideally should have an equal sales volume to your company's.

Be Certain That You Understand Contract Terms

You want a factoring company that can provide affordable and competitive rates and contract terms. It is always best to clarify the terms before signing a legally binding agreement. You can also use this opportunity to negotiate and get the best possible rates and terms.

Cash from Financing Receivables is Available in Days, Not Weeks or Months Like with Traditional Banks

It can be quite a time-consuming and challenging task to apply for a business loan at a bank. Usually, the process for a bank loan can take anywhere from several weeks to months to get approved. You often have to begin repayment immediately the following month at an interest rate that may not be affordable. For many companies, obtaining an accounts receivable loan through a factoring company is a more accessible financing alternative.

Getting the process started with 1st Commercial Credit is easy and straightforward. We don't require any other collateral except the receivables and do not base decisions on credit rating. Since we obtain payment directly from your customers, we are more concerned with your client's creditworthiness. In addition to the unpaid invoices for initial setup, we also require proof of business incorporation, an aging report from your accounts receivable department, a customer list, and your purchase orders or rate confirmation agreements.

Receive Your Money Fast and Use It Any Way You Want

After we approve your request for accounts receivable financing, you are free to use the money however you consider appropriate. New businesses often use invoice factoring to increase cash flow to grow the business. Many established companies have seasonal sales and depend on 1st Commercial Credit to get through the slow times. Our financial solutions are more affordable and convenient than anything you could get from a bank.

Why Choose Staffing Accounts Receivable Financing Instead of Traditional Bank Loans For Your Raleigh, North Carolina (NC) Agency?

When you own a temporary staffing company in Raleigh, one of the main problems you have with cash flow is receiving payment for your invoices. Some clients will take weeks or even months to pay for your services. While waiting for the money, it is impossible to accomplish the business goals to grow your business.

Many businesses are looking for ways to avoid taking out a loan from the bank and having to pledge collateral. A better solution for many new companies is working with a specialized lender that offers a form of financing called invoice factoring. When the application is completed, a staffing financing company gives an invoice-holder a large percentage of an unpaid invoice total in advance.

Other benefits of factoring services for temporary staffing agencies are:

  • Building or increasing the company's credit
  • Ability to offer competitive credit terms to clients
  • No monthly payments on a bank loan
  • Continuous credit checks available
  • Quick access to cash flow
  • Financing available for new companies and start-ups
accounts receivable company in Raleigh, North Carolina (NC)

Accessible Financing Without Banks

Staffing agencies struggling to make large equipment purchases or acquire new clients look for bank loans as their financial solution. Getting a bank loan is a complex process that can take a long time before access to cash is delivered. Factoring companies in North Carolina can solve cash flow issues by providing quick funding.

A staffing company in Raleigh experiencing short-term cash flow gaps is better served by an experienced invoice factoring company like 1st Commercial Credit. Factoring companies in North Carolina that regularly work with staffing agencies understand the unique challenges this industry faces. They provide financing with competitive rates to get the cash staffing agencies need today to pay employees, market their services, and get out of financial struggle fast.

Banks often give preference to companies with physical assets such as real estate, special machinery, or other equipment they can use as collateral. Many staffing agencies don't have significant amounts of property to pledge as collateral besides their unpaid invoices. 1st Commercial Credit works with the assets that your company has to give you the money you need to succeed in the staffing agency business.

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Faster Response Times and Faster Funding Than Banking Institutions

Invoice lending companies specialize in providing alternative forms of funding for businesses in Raleigh. As a result, these factoring companies can offer faster response times than conventional banks, which sometimes take weeks to decide. The application for invoice loans involves minimal paperwork and can usually be approved within one or two business days. These alternative lending arrangements allow companies to obtain the materials needed to manufacture their products and make delivery on time and in full. 

1st Commercial Credit offers various invoice loans, purchase order financing, and other asset-based financing options to fulfill businesses' needs. For Raleigh manufacturers making a move to new markets and new clients, these loans can establish a solid financial foundation for future growth.


Are Your Manufacturing Company Orders Growing Faster Than Your Operating Capital?

1st Commercial Credit provides receivable finance for manufacturers experiencing growing orders and the inability to keep up with the current working capital. Factoring for the manufacturing industry in Raleigh involves selling a company's outstanding invoices to a factoring company for cash in advance. The money can be used to cover your operational business expenses.

If your Raleigh company needs a manufacturing factoring company, 1st Commercial Credit is the answer. To qualify for financing, businesses need to fill out a short application form, have invoices for work or orders already satisfied, and have creditworthy customers.

Financing Advanced manufacturing companies in Raleigh, North Carolina (NC)

Manufacturing companies in Raleigh are choosing 1st Commercial Credit because we offer invoice factoring and financing for manufacturers. Our process is fast and straightforward. No financials are required to apply, no upfront or hidden fees, and we make same-day decisions. Our invoice factoring and accounts receivable lines of credit provide the total flexibility needed to heighten your company's ability to expand without having to pledge collateral.

Manufacturers and importers in Raleigh need more cash flow to run their businesses successfully. Crucial suppliers need to get paid, customers require longer credit terms, and 1st Commercial Credit can help make that happen. 

Our supply chain finance solutions offer Raleigh manufacturers the highest advance rate against the face value of unpaid receivables. 

Once established with our receivable-based credit line, we can offer ancillary financial services to companies. These services include trade payable financing to suppliers, custom purchase order financing, non-audited inventory finance, and international invoice factoring. 1st Commercial Credit provides financing for manufacturing businesses in Raleigh.

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Economy Of Raleigh

Raleigh offers access to talent and technology to fast-growing markets and access to the resources designed to help people and companies prosper. Some of the key industries in Raleigh include:

Cleantech/Smart Grid: Raleigh is a hub for global cleantech companies and innovation. Dozens of these companies are located in the city and currently employ thousands of people.

IT/Technology: The city ranked fourth in the U.S., right behind San Francisco, Austin, and Seattle because of its high concentration of technology job openings.

accounts receivable company in Raleigh, North Carolina (NC)

Advanced Manufacturing: The area's proximity to world-renowned research universities, multi-modal transportation facilities, and a highly educated workforce make it a center for advanced manufacturing in the world.

Life Sciences: With more than 600 life science companies, N.C. collectively employs 63,000 people. The current growth in this industry has outpaced almost every other sector of our economy.

What Is Raleigh Known For?

Raleigh has a population of 464,485 and is the capital of North Carolina. This city is called the "City of Oaks" because of the beautiful oak trees along the streets in the city's heart. 

Raleigh offers diverse, friendly, and educated residents who appreciate a strong sense of community. Raleigh also has family-friendly museums, beautiful green spaces, and a growing arts scene.

Raleigh is attracting so many young professionals because of the perfect combination of a booming job market, the low cost of living, and the proximity to Research Triangle Park. Raleigh is an area experiencing enormous growth and is known for its proximity to three excellent universities, including North Carolina State University, Duke University, University of North Carolina, and Chapel Hill.

From sporting events to parks to museums and shopping districts, you'll find plenty of things to do in Raleigh.

1st Commercial Credit is a company factoring receivables for North Carolina and various cities including: