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Why Wait 30-60 Days When You Can Get Your Cash In Only 3-5 Working Days?

A good cash flow is vital for any Trenton business. Issues with cash flow arise when a company does not have enough cash to cover its basic business expenses and legal responsibilities. This situation can threaten the financial position and business operations of companies in Trenton.

Everyday situations causing cash flow shortages:

  • Slow-paying customers.
  • Sales on extended credit terms.
  • Problems invoicing and collecting.
  • Low-profit margins.

Planning for cash flow problems can empower any business to have a safety net and avoid possible financial trouble. Covering expenses and paying current debt can be a struggle when the cash going out of a business exceeds the money coming in.

An alternative to solve cash flow issues is to sell your receivables to an invoice factoring company in Trenton in exchange for working capital. Your business can sell the unpaid invoices to us to have fast cash in hand instead of waiting weeks or months for payments.

The factoring company will advance your company a percentage of those invoices minus a factoring fee. If you can prove you sell to creditworthy customers, cash will be available 24 hours after the application is approved. Businesses in Trenton receive the remaining balance of the invoice when the customer finally pays.

Cash flow problems slow down your business's capability for growth and expansion. Without sufficient cash, business expenses can't be covered. These expenses include payments to suppliers and payroll. 1st Commercial Credit is an experienced invoice factoring company with supply chain finance solutions that can evaluate your Trenton business's receivables and provide quick funding. We fund business in all industries in Trenton and offer competitive financing rates of 0.69% to 1.59%.

Which Trenton, New Jersey (NJ) Businesses Benefit From Our Receivable Financing Program?

More companies and startups in Trenton are discovering the advantages of 1st Commercial Credit Receivable Financing Programs. Factoring invoices allow businesses to sell their outstanding invoices to a factoring company to obtain immediate cash. Factoring companies specialize in considerably reducing the time companies have to wait on payments. 

In addition to small businesses and startups, the following industries in Trenton are also benefiting from our invoice factoring services:

Staffing Industry — Staffing industries promise to pay contract-based workers on behalf of their clients. You don’t pay, the contractor doesn’t work, and your client’s operations can continue. Staffing agencies can borrow money from 1st Commercial Credit to solve the payroll issues, in addition to the costs of sourcing, recruitment, and hiring. We have an efficient and reliable accounts receivable factoring program for staffing agencies and provide immediate funding in Trenton. With a consistent source of cash flow in place, your staffing agency in Trenton can take on larger projects and advertise your services.

Manufacturing Industry — Growing manufacturing companies can have issues with inconsistent cash flow. And when manufacturing businesses are low on cash because they’re waiting on money from their invoices, it can make it impossible to continue running operations and cover expenses. Manufacturing invoice factoring can help you avoid debt and gain the working capital needed to meet payroll, buy new equipment, repair equipment, and more.

Trucking And Freight Industry — Freight invoice factoring can help many trucking and transportation businesses in Trenton, including owner-operators, large fleets, and freight brokers. Trucking factoring is a simple solution for freight companies to increase their cash flow and run business smoothly. Bank loans often require good credit. This is a requirement for which many owner-operators or fleet owners just getting started, or others who might have encountered financial struggles along the way might not qualify for.

Trucking invoice factoring gives you the ability to exchange unpaid invoices to fast available cash without putting your company in debt. You can use freight invoice factoring to pay your drivers, pay for gas and repairs, and even emergency costs. It’s your own money you’re using; the factoring company is just advancing it, so it is not a loan, and there is nothing to pay back. 1st Commercial Credit provides factoring for trucking companies, including long haul, refrigerated freight, flatbed hauls, auto carriers, air freight, local delivery, and freight brokers.

invoice factoring medical healthcare companies Trenton, New Jersey NJ

Healthcare Providers Industry — 1st Commercial Credit provides receivable financing solutions to healthcare and medical providers in Trenton. We consider two types of medical receivables for financing. The first one is healthcare receivables payable by insurance companies and government agencies (i.e., Medicare). The second is commercial accounts receivables owed by buyers like hospitals for services and items.

Wholesale And Distribution Industry

Economic fluctuations and slow seasons make it difficult for distributors and wholesalers to maintain a consistent and reliable cash flow. Payments from customers can take a long time to come in, causing even more financial problems. The extra cash invoice factoring provides for companies in this industry allows them to take advantage of reasonable prices and keep operations running during slow periods.


The agriculture receivable factoring program that we offer is a unique and complete financial tool. We also have specific representatives specializing in meeting all of PACA’s strict requirements. We have made the process of setting up an accounts receivable credit line in the produce industry simple. We strive to fulfill all the financial needs of the Trenton agricultural sector. Our team knows the process, challenges, and opportunities that await your business and can provide fast funding.

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Are Your Government Receivables Hurting Your Cash Flow? How To Improve It?

We have expertise working with government contractor receivables and can provide the best financial solutions for this industry. We fund on direct federal contract receivables and from prime contractors.


1st Commercial Credit provides quick funding for your business. Invoices billed to the government for goods or services can be converted into Accounts Receivable Credit Line to access fast cash. We have extensive experience financing the receivables of those companies that perform manufacturing and technical services for the federal government.


Technical service companies include those that provide computer-related services, communications systems maintenance, computer systems, facilities management, programming support, logistics, engineering, and military-related products.

We have extensive experience financing the receivables of those companies that perform manufacturing and technical services for the federal government.

Technical service companies include those that provide computer-related services, communications systems maintenance, computer systems, facilities management, programming support, logistics, engineering, and military-related products.

Equipment financing machinery in Trenton

Equipment Leasing Brings Many Advantages To Businesses

1st Commercial Credit is a recognized lender and one of the best equipment financing companies in the country. We provide financing for various industries and offer different plans and advantages to business owners in Trenton. Our goal is to provide the funds necessary so you can acquire the equipment, tools, and machinery that your company needs to continue operating efficiently, growing, and keeping clients happy. Even if the bank or other traditional lenders have turned you down, you can still qualify for our programs. 

Whether you’re looking for equipment to improve business growth or to have the capacity to take more and bigger orders, 1st Commercial Credit is a leading asset-based lender ready to offer you fast and flexible equipment financing or leasing options. Trying to keep equipment costs within a budget can be challenging. We know that having the most up-to-date equipment is vital for any business, and that is why we have structured plans to make it possible for you to acquire these expensive tools.

We offer two financing options for companies needing equipment: equipment financing and equipment leasing. Our equipment plans allow business owners to have the flexibility to choose whether they want to “rent” the equipment or own it. Call us today, and a member of our team of experts will walk you through the entire financing process, including the qualification requirements, the benefits, and the payment structure.

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Economy Of Trenton

More than 28,000 workers arrive in the capital of New Jersey each weekday. Trenton provides significant opportunities to exploit multiple markets of products and services. Trenton is a former manufacturing hub with a robust industrial workforce and a ready-to-work immigrant population.

Trenton also has convenient access to Philadelphia, New York, and the Shore through multiple transportation methods. The city's location and transportation infrastructure offer a significant advantage when compared to other New Jersey cities. In addition, the city is surrounded by multiple public and private educational institutions.

Many private-sector industries are experiencing considerable growth in the surrounding Counties.

Receivable Financing Rates at 0.69% to 1.59%
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The following sectors have experienced the largest increase in employment in the combined Mercer/Bucks area from 2002 to 2014:

  • Management of Companies and Enterprises (139%)
  • Health Care and Social Assistance (50%)
  • Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation (38%)
  • Accommodation and Food Services (33%)
  • Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services (21%)
Invoice factoring company in Trenton, New Jersey NJ

Known companies in Trenton include Boehm, Lenox, American Standard, and Roebling.

Trenton's economy currently depends on the government as a primary industry. This industry encourages other related businesses, such as lobbyists and social service organizations, to establish in Trenton. Moreover, it also attracts a high concentration of non-profit entities.

What Is Trenton Known For?

Trenton is the capital of New Jersey and had a population of 84,913 in 2010 and now has 330,000 in 2021. The city dates back at least to 1719. Trenton is famously known as the site of George Washinton’s first victory over the Redcoats in the Independence War.  The city still maintains some of its colonial charm.

There are many places to visit in Trenton especially if you are intrigued by arts and culture. You can also catch a sporting event downtown. Some of the historic places to visit include The New Jersey State House, Trenton War Memorial, New Jersey State Library, Trenton Battle Monument, Trenton City Museum, and the Trenton City Hall. The waterfront of Trenton is another iconic part of town.

Trenton offers a unique heritage to visitors, unlike any other city because of its significant place in American history. Combined with the emerging arts scene incubating throughout the city, Trenton can position itself as the region's capital of arts and culture.

1st Commercial Credit is a company factoring receivables for New Jersey and various cities including: