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What Are The Typical Parameters Considered In Purchase Order Financing?

PO Financing is when a lender provides transactional financing to a vendor/business to help process an order requested by a credible customer or account debtor. This type of financing arrangement is not a long-term loan that you make payments on but rather a single investment into the transaction that will convert to an invoice within 30-120 days when the product is delivered. The fees calculated in this type of finance can be between 1-15% and are based on many variables. It is good to know that po finance works by funding the transaction to a deliverable state where a customer can accept the product and the business can generate an invoice. Once it becomes a receivable, the finance company is paid off by a factoring company or the account debtor. 


This financing process typically involves several parties in the transaction, and there are many variables to consider. The funding specifics will vary by industry sector and your business model. If your business is considering purchase order financing as an alternative lending option, you should do enough research on the finance companies offering this service. Based on this research, it might be good to make positive changes to appeal to lenders. Positive changes can not only make your transaction more attractive and can be the difference between an approval or not.

Po financing companies in Henderson will consider many factors during the review process, including risk, type of services/products rendered, number of days it will take to get it delivered, transaction history between vendor and the account debtor, and gross margin. The typical parameters include:

  • Risk 
  • How is the Purchase Order structured 
  • The Account Debtor Credit Strength
  • Suppliers and the Vendor/Applicant

You can consider the following as a must for approvals:

  • Minimum of 6 months sales history for each customer with the same products under a factoring arrangement.
  • A minimum of one year dealing with the suppliers, and the business has established some credit terms with suppliers.
  • In a return or a canceled purchase order, items are resalable at an auction without contingencies.
  • The gross margin is at least between 25% and 30%


1st Commercial Credit can accommodate both the factoring and purchase order component, including labor and freight costs. 1st Commercial Credit uses innovative funding solutions, works with each client’s unique situation, and provides a customized solution with competitive purchase order financing rates.

We Understand The Cash Flow Issues Businesses Are Facing and Can Provide Financial Solutions 

Effectively managing your company’s accounts receivable can mean the difference between having a good and healthy cash flow or not. Any company extending credit to its customers runs a risk with its cash flow management. In addition, there is always a considerable risk that customers may not pay or take longer than what's established on the agreed terms. A good and efficient collection of accounts receivable is a crucial component of good cash flow management to keep your company running.

Maintaining a good and steady cash flow is a common challenge for many businesses. When you have the occasional cash flow dip, cash flow lending may be the answer to keep your business running smoothly. Invoice factoring or financing is designed to help with short-term cash needs, but it may not be the best fit for all business owners.

Business financing isn't all the same. Accounts receivable funding isn't like a typical loan. Instead, business owners take a cash advance against the value of their receivables. It works by having a financing company purchase your receivables in exchange for collection rights on those invoices. The factor then advances you a considerable percentage of the value of the receivables in cash. The factoring company assumes collection duties for unpaid invoices, allowing companies to have the freedom to focus on other key aspects of their business in the meantime.

Factoring services in Henderson Nevada

Besides alleviating short-term cash flow gaps, AR financing offers other additional benefits:

  • Flexible funding limits
  • Convenience 
  • No business collateral required
  • Retain business ownership 
  • No added debt

Financing companies establish their guidelines for determining which company can qualify. Some of the most important criteria they consider include:

  • Your business and personal credit scores
  • Time in operations
  • Annual revenue

Those requirements are similar to what a bank would consider for a loan, but AR financing offers a flexible and faster approval process. For example, it is still possible to get approved even with a lower credit score or if your business is relatively new. A bank, in contrast, may require a more extensive credit history and might only work with well-established companies.

Like other types of financing, accounts receivable funding might not be ideal for all business owners as their situations might differ. The longer it takes for customers to pay invoices, the higher the factoring fee might be. The fee is also based on your customer's credit profile, not your own. If your customers have a lower score, that could raise the factoring fee, making accounts receivable financing a more expensive option. While accounts receivable financing may seem more appealing than other types of business financing, it's crucial to look at all the options and do some research. 1st Commercial Credit also offers asset-based lending, and we can help you find the right cash flow solution for your business.

We Provide Working Capital And Cash Flow To Temporary Staffing Agencies (in a variety of industries)

1st Commercial Credit is an experienced lender offering temp staffing factoring for companies and recruiting agencies in Henderson. The services provided by staffing companies are fundamental and crucial as they connect employees and employers. In this industry, payroll remains the responsibility of the staffing firm even while waiting for customer payments. Payroll funding takes place before clients pay, which can cause some financial challenges if clients have extended payment terms for these services. 

When cash flow is tight, 1st Commercial Credit can help and provide several financial solutions. In most cases, clients can take anywhere from 30 to 90 days before paying you, but payroll is still due every period. The overall costs of funding can benefit your business and put you in a better, more stable situation financially. There are many common mistakes to avoid during the start-up stage of a temp staffing agency, and 1st Commercial Credit can help you continue running a successful company and take advantage of many other possibilities.

invoice factoring company in Henderson Nevada

We provide loans for staffing temp agencies and buy their outstanding invoices for quick cash—no need to wait several weeks or months for payments when you can have the money today. When you set up an invoice factoring account with 1st Commercial Credit and sign an agreement, you will be able to send the invoices you want to factor in and receive a cash advance in exchange for those invoices.

Why Choose Us For Equipment Leasing?

The decision to lease or buy equipment should be based on each business's specific goals and needs. Leasing equipment is the best option for business owners who have limited capital or need equipment that must be upgraded or replaced every few years. On the other hand, purchasing equipment can be a better option for well-established businesses or equipment with long usable life that won't depreciate quickly. If you're unsure if your company should lease or buy equipment, 1st Commercial Credit can help you answer this question depending on your situation.

We will touch on the advantages provided by equipment leasing with 1st Commercial Credit. Leasing equipment preserves capital and provides flexibility with affordable periodic payments for the duration of the lease. With leasing, business owners can decide if they want to buy the equipment, return it, or renew the lease when the term ends.

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Some other advantages of leasing equipment include:

  • Lower initial costs — A significant advantage of leasing business equipment is that it allows you to acquire assets with minimal initial expenditures. In addition, most equipment leases don't require a downpayment, meaning you can obtain the goods you need without significantly affecting your cash flow.
  • Tax-deductible — With a lease, the payments can be deducted as business expenses on your tax return, reducing the overall cost of your lease.
  • Enjoy flexible terms — Leases are considerably easier to obtain and offer more flexible terms than loans for buying equipment. This is significantly advantageous if you have bad credit or need to negotiate a more extended payment plan to lower costs.
  • Easier to upgrade/replace equipment — Leasing allows business owners to address the problem of depreciation. If you turn to a lease to obtain items that may be outdated very soon, a lease passes the burden of depreciation onto the lessor. You are free to lease new, updated equipment after your lease expires.

When deciding on buying or leasing a piece of equipment, figuring out the approximate net cost of that asset can help make the decision. Be sure to include tax breaks and resale value when making the calculations. After determining which option is better, consider other factors, such as the possibility that the product will become obsolete (if you are considering buying) or that your need for the product will expire before the lease (if you are considering leasing). 1st Commercial Credit has various equipment finance solutions and can help you determine which one is better for your business. 

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What Is Henderson Known For?

Henderson is the second-largest city in Nevada. The city's official slogan is "Henderson-a Place to Call Home," which reflects a community that embraces small-town values while benefiting from the efficiency of a big city. Henderson offers many leisure activities, including an increasing number of shopping malls, movie theaters, restaurants, and casino resorts. The city is also home to Henderson Multigenerational Center and the state's only scenic Bird Preserve. The city also supports many different unique and cultural events, and many of them are held at the Water Street Plaza, the city's premier entertainment destination. Henderson is the city with the brightest future for Southern Nevada. Outstanding residential areas, progressive business development, new roads, public works projects, exceptional parks, recreation facilities, and schools are helping make Henderson, Nevada, one of the nation's most dynamic communities.

Economy Of Henderson

Henderson has a strong economy which is critical to the long-term well-being of the community. The City is committed to creating an environment that supports established businesses while attracting new opportunities. Henderson also helps companies with rapid growth and startups and has residents with the talent and skills to grow those businesses. Targeted business development activities, and a solid commitment to workforce development and quality education, contribute to the stability and prosperity of the City. Industry priorities focus on business development, including recruitment, expansion, and retention. Henderson is committed to keeping up with the growing pace of the economy and has identified five industries that are currently at the top of the list. These target industries are helping Henderson remain a viable and welcoming destination for all businesses owners. The key sectors include advanced manufacturing and logistics, technology, finance, hospitality, tourism and retail, and healthcare and life sciences.