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How to Get Business Equipment Appraised

Most loan officers require that you offer a form of collateral when applying for a commercial loan. It is usually in your best interest to offer a valuable form of collateral to ensure that you receive a favorable interest rate and...

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What is a Franchise Tax?

A franchise tax is a state-level tax that is levied against businesses and partnerships that establish a presence in that particular state. Some state governments charge a franchise tax to businesses that are chartered in that state even...

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Invoice Factoring for Distribution Centers

At the heart of every supply chain is the operation of a distribution center. Regardless of the industry, this is a business need that depends on functioning properly and consistently. Distribution centers need to run like well-oiled...

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Tips for Keeping Accurate Accounting Books

Your company's accounting books are incredibly important for several reasons. First of all, the government may decide to stop by and have a look at your books. If they are not up to date and accurate, then you could have some serious...

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