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Asset Based Lending vs. Factoring: Which One Is Best for Your Milwaukee Company?

Small-business owners with untraditional working conditions may also require non-traditional financing. Conventional bank loans work great for well-established companies with well-established revenues. Still, unfortunately, not all companies operate in a stable market, have a long time in business, or can pledge considerable collateral to qualify for a loan. Consider the staffing or farming industries that deal with cyclical periods, a startup without many years of revenue data, or a manufacturer who can’t wait two or three months for vendors to pay but needs to purchase materials to continue taking orders. These situations may not make these businesses “attractive” to banks and may not fit the loan criteria. Fortunately, there are other financing options available. Asset-based lending and invoice factoring services use a company’s accounts receivable as the primary source of collateral. Both financing alternatives provide working capital during cash flow crunches, but in different ways explained below. 


Asset-based lending (ABL) provides a term loan or a revolving line of credit that business owners can access when needed. The credit limit is established using the company’s assets, used as collateral for the loan. These assets can include accounts receivable, inventory, equipment, and machinery. Business owners won’t sell their assets; they will simply borrow against them. The main benefit of ABL’s is that the loan is based on liquidity value. Even during seasonal fluctuations, the collateral value remains stable, guaranteeing the loan availability. ABL is an excellent alternative for businesses in Milwaukee with plenty of inventory and accounts receivable but need immediate access to cash.

On the other hand, invoice factoring or accounts receivable financing is ideal for stability when a company is likely to lose or gain capital in waves. It is one type of asset-based lending and gives a cash advance based on your unpaid invoices. Working with a factoring company relieves you from the collection burden and allows the factor to manage your outstanding receivables. When your company issues an invoice, you can sell it to a factor who can immediately pay up to 96% (can vary by industry) of it as an advance. The factor will be responsible for collecting the total amount. Your company will get the remaining portion, minus the cost of factoring receivables, typically anywhere from 1-3% of the invoice value.

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There are a few benefits to this alternative form of financing. For example, although this process involves selling your invoices to a third party, you do not give up equity in your company, meaning you retain all control of your business. In addition, there are no monthly payments, and the requirements to qualify are simple. Factoring is also based on the quality of your customer’s credit, not your own. 


Factoring and asset-based loans both provide many benefits, including quick access to funds, and neither is burdensome for the borrower. Working with an experienced lender like 1st Commercial Credit that offers both financing alternatives can provide support and guidance to select the best one for your particular situation. With our financing solutions, business owners in Milwaukee can focus on core operations and services. We also finance companies of many sizes and across a wide variety of industries.

We Help Temporary Staffing Agencies In Many Different Niches ( Medical and Nursing Staffing, IT Staffing…)

Factoring is a reasonable option for the recruiting industry in Milwaukee. This alternative form of financing is not a loan, so you won't affect your balance sheet with debt to repay. Your business funding potential can only be limited by your invoices, so as long as you are running operations, you can use factoring services as a financial solution.

Our factoring fees are low and designed to be competitive, and 1st Commercial Credit brings the expertise necessary to help business owners navigate the industry with ease.


There are a few simple requirements to qualify for staffing factoring. You must be working and invoicing other businesses with a good credit history and work must be completed before submitting any factoring request. In most factoring arrangements, there is a requirement where you commit to repurchasing any invoice that remains unpaid for a given amount of time. This is why it is highly crucial to work with reliable clients. 1st Commercial Credit also specializes in IT staffing factoring. IT staffing firms benefit from our factoring services as they often deal with extended payment terms and need immediate access to cash to continue running operations. 


Staffing agencies have to deal with many expenses and logistics to run a successful firm in this industry. As the business owner of a staffing firm, you're also responsible for filing tax forms and other paperwork to meet state and federal government requirements. Factoring services may be the ideal solution to ongoing cash flow concerns. This financing solution is fast, easy, and business-friendly, and it is specially designed to help firms in Milwaukee alleviate their most significant financial challenge, payroll funding.

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As a temporary staffing firm, dealing with slow-paying customers and having to wait months to be paid for your services is a common thing. The negative side about this is that it can hugely affect your ability to meet payroll, pay taxes on time and cover other expenses. In addition, the lack of cash flow prevents you from growing your staffing agency and hiring new temporary employees. This situation can also make it impossible to take on bigger contracts.

Staffing factoring is a practical financial alternative for short-term or long-term financing for staffing firms of all sizes and stages. 1st Commercial Credit is a specialized lender providing funding for staffing agencies and has an efficient and fast application and funding process. We know that even well-managed and profitable staffing agencies in Milwaukee will experience cash flow difficulties at one point or another as they expand rapidly. This is why we are committed to making the funding process simple and accessible. We will evaluate your company's needs to structure a funding program that fulfills all your financing needs. Once you've completed our short online application and are approved, we will give you cash for your outstanding qualifying invoices within 24 hours. 


1st Commercial Credit funds many different staffing agencies, regardless of size, industry, or time in business. We provide financial services for startup staffing companies and firms with many years in business. We also have extensive experience providing payroll financing for medical staffing agencies in Milwaukee. Receivable financing brings a consistent and reliable source of capital to relieve cash flow issues. With cash on hand, your company will be able to manage costs, cover pressing expenses, and take on new contracts and opportunities.

How Does Invoice Factoring Work With Manufacturing Companies?

Most manufacturing companies have to sell to their customers on credit terms. This means manufacturers will deliver the goods and services immediately, create an invoice, and finally get paid a few weeks or months later. Dealing with many customers and growing numbers of customers is excellent, except when most of them are paying late, hurting your business cash flow. 1st Commercial Credit offers the best financial solution to solve these kinds of cash flow predicaments. The precious cash that manufacturers need to cover for daily operations is often tied to these unpaid invoices. AR loans use the company's outstanding invoices to free up the money needed to relieve the stress of cash flow shortages and slow-paying customers.

In the manufacturing sector, cash flow issues can negatively affect the delivery of goods on schedule. Regardless of the manufacturing company you own, you will need enough working capital to keep up with daily business expenses. Cash flow shortages can also prevent manufacturing companies from making crucial upgrades such as purchasing equipment required to fulfill orders. For any manufacturing company, completing work on time and meeting an increasing demand is vital. 1st Commercial Credit facilitates receivable finance for manufactures in Milwaukee facing similar struggles. Our financing services can also be used to fund growth and retain valuable staff. This type of financing focuses on your customers' credit history, not your company's, making it easy to qualify for. Factoring also provides the utmost flexibility for owners to choose it for a short-term basis or under a long-term agreement. 

Any manufacturing firm with eligible invoices sold to creditworthy customers can apply for loans using these financial documents as collateral. Factoring companies will evaluate these accounts receivable to determine their market value. If financing is approved, 1st Commercial Credit will give a high percentage of the total value of these outstanding invoices right away. When the invoices are paid, factoring companies collect the fees and return any remaining funds to the borrower. By taking advantage of our alternative lending options, manufacturers in Milwaukee can invest in future growth and never have to stress about cash flow issues threatening the business's future again.


Manufacturing financing with 1stCC can help your business:

  • Expand operations
  • Fund payroll and hire employees
  • Make equipment upgrades, repairs, and purchases
  • Invest in marketing and advertising
  • Pay suppliers on time 
  • Invest in new projects
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Which Businesses Should Consider Trade Payable Financing?

If you're a distributor, manufacturer, or a company buying goods internationally, turning to trade payable financing for inventory or other purchases can help you retain cash and streamline the entire process. This financing method works by having a financier pay your supplier directly or reimburse you for payments you have already made.

In summary, trade payable financing can relieve cash flow issues by financing a purchase over a more extended period or at a more generous advance rate. Trade finance is a group of financial instruments and products used by companies to facilitate commerce and international trade. Import and export trade finance make it easier for importers and exporters to carry out business through trade. The function of trade finance is to bring a third party to transactions to remove the payment and supply risk and make trade transactions feasible.

Trade finance provides the exporter with payment according to the agreement, while the importer might be extended credit to satisfy the trade order. Various parties involved in this type of finance include trade finance companies, importers and exporters, banks, and insurers. Working with a trade payable financing company is different from conventional financing or credit. General financing is used to manage liquidity or solvency, but on the other hand, trade financing doesn't necessarily indicate a buyer's lack of liquidity or funds. Instead, this type of trade financing is used to protect against many international trade's unique inherent risks, such as political instability, currency fluctuations, non-payment, or creditworthiness.

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A few of the financial tools used in trade finance are:

  • Lines of credit are used to help both exporters and importers. 
  • Letters of credit reduce many of the risks that come with global trade. These letters guarantee payment to the seller for the shipped goods. In addition, the buyer is also protected as payment will not be made unless the seller meets the terms in the LC. Both parties have to respect the agreement for the transaction to go through.
  • Factoring is when businesses are paid a considerable percentage of their accounts receivables.
  • Export credit or working capital can be facilitated to exporters.
  • Insurance can be used for the delivery and shipping of goods and can also protect the exporter from buyer non-payment.


International trade has been in existence for many years, and trade finance facilitates its advancement, contributing to its growth as a result. Besides reducing the risk of non-receipt of goods, and non-payment, trade finance has become an essential tool for businesses in Milwaukee looking to improve their efficiency and boost revenue.

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What Is Milwaukee Known For?

Milwaukee is right on the shores of Lake Michigan and is perhaps best known for its famous breweries and Major League Baseball. With this said, Milwaukee is so much more than beer and baseball and is rich in cultural and historical attractions, making it the ideal destination for a weekend getaway. Some of the many attractions in Milwaukee include the Mitchell Park Horticultural Society, the Milwaukee Art Museum, the Milwaukee Public Museum, and the grand Pabst Mansion.

    A great place to visit is the Milwaukee County Zoo or the Betty Brinn Children's Museum for the kids. Don't forget to include a tour of the Miller Brewing Company in your trip to the "Genuine American City" and go to Miller Park for a Brewers game.

    Economy Of Milwaukee

    The Milwaukee Region is known to be a center of innovation and advanced manufacturing. Several industries stand out for the high number of firms located here and the concentration of talent. Milwaukee supports the following cluster industries and their network organizations: 


    • Energy, power, and controls
    • Food and beverage manufacturing 
    •  Water technologies 
    • Manufacturing 
    • Finance and insurance
    • Medical technology 
    • Information technology 
    • Consumer products