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Why Should You Consider Factoring Your Invoices?

Businesses struggling with cash flow issues and rapid growth can benefit from factoring services. There are many advantages to factoring, and doing the proper research to select the best lending partner is crucial for any business owner. Factoring provides a quick boost to your business cash flow. This may be valuable for businesses that are constantly short of working capital and having a difficult time.

Some of the many advantages of this type of financing include:

  1. Factoring offers prices that are usually competitive.
  2. Outsourcing the sale of your invoices can be a cost-effective financial solution.
  3. It frees up your time to manage the business.
  4. It provides a reliable and healthy cash flow and financial planning.
  5. The relationship with a factoring company might incentivize customers to pay faster.
  6. Factors can prove an excellent strategic - as well as financial - resource when planning business growth.
  7. Factoring provides the utmost financial flexibility allowing you to choose the program that works best: non-recourse factoring or recourse factoring. 
  8. Cash is released immediately after orders are invoiced and is available for capital investment and fulfilling next orders.
  9. Factors will run credit and background checks on your customers to help your business trade with better quality customers.

An invoice factoring company provides a fast prepayment against your sale invoices. It allows you to increase your working capital flexibly and improve cash flow by selling your unpaid invoices to a factoring company.

    Factors will want to meet you and review your financial situation to develop a specific financing plan for your business. After signing an agreement, the factoring company immediately advances an agreed percentage of the approved invoices, and the remaining balance is paid when the debtor pays the invoice in full. Factoring is a complex form of funding, so business owners may have to research and take professional advice before choosing a factoring company as their financial partner.

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    The factoring process will look a bit like this:

    1. A company raises an invoice, which has instructions to pay the factor directly and send it to the customer. Then, the invoice is sent to the factor.
    2. The factor gives you an agreed percentage of the invoice to use as required.
    3. The factor issues notice to the customer on your behalf. You will agree to the protocol for contacting the customer with the factor beforehand.

    In the case of an invoice not being paid, responsibility for the debt will depend on the type of factoring agreement. In recourse factoring, you (the business owner) are liable for the debt. In non-recourse factoring, the factoring company takes on the responsibility for any bad debts.

    What makes a business suitable for factoring?
    Factoring requirements vary depending on the lending company, so what follows is an example and not a strict list. You may find a factoring company to work with even if the following criteria are not met. Your company in Vermont may be suitable for factoring and will benefit most if it:

    1. Factoring is only available for sales to commercial customers, not individuals
    2. Has frequent and many small pending invoices
    3. Has too many disputes and queries
    4. It is a recently established business
    5. Has slow-paying customers 

    Which Produce Company Can Qualify For Our Financing Program?

    1st Commercial Credit lends money with invoice factoring solutions to Vermont businesses in the agriculture industry. We work with startups, small and medium-sized companies, and mature enterprises to help you reach your full potential. If your Vermont agribusiness is looking to grow or expand, we can evaluate your situation and give you new funding opportunities.

    The agriculture industry can qualify and obtain accounts receivable funding with us today. We can finance businesses in Vermont serving a variety of industries. Our financial solutions and funding options can help eliminate cash flow problems quickly. With over 18 years in the industry, 1st Commercial Credit has the expertise and tools to help your business. We're a trusted lending company that understands the produce and agriculture sector and will work with you to structure the financing service that makes sense for your business.

    As mentioned before, the agriculture industry typically faces cash flow issues caused by many different reasons. The challenges, needs, and goals of growers can often be very different from other industries. Our experience helping agribusinesses across the nation is beneficial when evaluating your specific situation and creating a financing action plan for your company.

    Agriculture factoring company in Vermont

    When banks are presented with a client from the agriculture sector, they often fail to comprehend the intricacies of supply chain management, labor allocation, and the challenges faced when dealing with slow-paying customers. Agriculture factoring and purchase order finance are essential tools that agricultural and produce companies need in order to help maintain a solid and consistent cash flow.

    We service most areas of the produce industry, including distribution, processing, transportation, manufacturing, and wholesale. 1st Commercial Credit has a specialized team in funding solutions for the agricultural and produce industry with comprehensive knowledge of PACA requirements. Funding is available to well-established companies and startups and those companies that have been turned down for financing by the banks. 

    We can help improve cash flow by providing cash advances against the value of outstanding accounts receivables and purchase orders. This means that companies in Vermont will have access to an ongoing supply of money linked to sales. The funding available will grow along with your business growth.

    1st Commercial Credit has a fast and straightforward application process, and once a business is approved, funding can be received within 24 hours. Our factoring rates will vary depending on the industry, but we are proud to offer some of Vermont's lowest and most competitive financing rates.

    Agribusinesses that fulfill the following requirements can qualify for our financing:

    1. 1 year in business and have a minimum of $50,000 a month in sales 
    2. Not have pledged accounts receivable as collateral
    3. Sell to commercial accounts (no individual consumers)
    4. Payables are less than your accounts receivable
    5. Profit and loss statement must show retained earnings
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    What is a Factoring Company?

    A factoring company (or accounts receivable factoring) converts invoices sold on credit terms to immediate working capital at a discount. It has become a simple, fast and easy way to access business cash flow. In comparison with a traditional bank loan, a company that factors receivables has a quicker approval process.

    1st Commercial Credit is a factoring receivables company that specializes in evaluating accounts receivable and can make a prompt approval decision. The documentation requirements are not as lengthy, and the main requirement is that an applicant has invoices for work or orders that have already been satisfied. It also helps to have creditworthy customers. As long as a business has been in operation, meets revenue requirements, and is free of liens or legal issues, approval is likelier.

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    Manufacturers Access Extra Capital with Invoice Factoring

    Manufacturing businesses are in an industry that constantly demands available working capital. Many clients in this sector will ask for payment terms, resulting in your cash flow being affected while waiting for payments to come in. Companies have expenses such as equipment leases, payroll, and raw material costs that need to be covered. A great alternative financial solution for businesses in this situation is selling your invoices to a specialized lending company, like 1st Commercial Credit. This solution will give your businesses the immediate capital needed to meet your business goals and financial needs. We offer you a customized solution to optimize your cash flow situation. If your company makes physical products, parts, or consumable goods, invoices at delivery, and has recurring order fulfillments, it can most likely qualify for our factoring services.

    Manufacturing factoring company in Vermont

    Selecting a lending partner that finances manufacturing companies and knows the manufacturing industry in and out is crucial for any manufacturing and distribution business. Cash flow issues can prevent the timely delivery of goods to a customer. Regardless of the type of manufacturing company you run, you will need sufficient working capital to meet your fulfillment objections.

    Additionally, cash flow problems can prevent a manufacturing company from making crucial upgrades to the machinery, buying equipment or stop you from hiring the experienced professionals needed in your business. Manufacturing financing can help resolve these issues by getting the capital required to run a business efficiently.

    Factoring is the sale of outstanding invoices to a factoring company at a discount once the goods are delivered to the customer. Factoring fees can range from 1% to 5%, depending on the factoring company, the industry, and the number of invoices. 

    Need Funding For Your Company In Vermont?

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    Manufacturing factoring can help your business:

    1. Fund growth
    2. Make payroll or hire employees
    3. Make necessary upgrades
    4. Invest in marketing and advertising
    5. Pay suppliers
    6. Invest in new projects

    Running a successful company in the manufacturing industry will depend on whether projects are completed on time or not and meeting an increasing demand. But cash flow problems can make it challenging to take care of some essential financial responsibilities. Thankfully, manufacturing financing helps businesses resolve these issues. Factoring focuses primarily on the credit status of a business's customers and can be used to resolve unexpected cash flow problems, fund growth, or hire and retain highly-trained personnel. Factoring offers businesses in Vermont the flexibility to do it either as a one-time deal or under a long-term agreement. 

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    Receivable factoring companies in Vermont work closely with the manufacturing sector and provide custom lending solutions to businesses all over the state. The businesses seeking financial services and lending solutions have a pressing need for healthy and consistent cash flow and immediate working capital.

    In many cases, the need for capital is made even more urgent by unexpectedly rapid growth. 1st Commercial Credit offers various financial solutions, including factoring and asset-based lending. We help businesses overcome their financial struggles when they partner with us and allow us to evaluate their situation and offer a reliable and safe financing alternative that will fulfill the business owner's goals and needs. 1st Commercial Credit has a fast and straightforward application process, and once a business is approved, the funds come right away. Our factoring rates will vary depending on the industry, but we are proud to offer low and competitive financing rates.

    Healthcare receivable financing in Vermont
    Factoring Is Popular For Businesses That Provide Services And Products To Medical Providers

    Medical accounts receivable financing gives businesses in Vermont the possibility to obtain financing by using their outstanding accounts receivables for an immediate cash flow influx. Companies in the healthcare sector need consistent and reliable funds to cover operating expenses and working capital requirements. Medical providers are constantly facing challenges having to do with insufficient cash flow.

    Unlike bank loans and other traditional lenders, factoring companies offer secured loans using a company’s accounts receivables, removing the burden of repayment and putting it on the debtor. In healthcare receivable factoring, companies sell their outstanding accounts receivables from a healthcare provider to a lender. Once purchased, the lending company will advance the funds equal to 70-97% of their value depending on the industry. Once the receivables are paid, the lending company will send the remaining value after deducting a small factoring fee. This helps healthcare providers maintain a steady cash flow to pay expenses needed for daily operations and avoid being slowed down.

    With medical receivables factoring, the cash a healthcare provider receives on a weekly or monthly basis has no strings attached because there are no long-term contracts. Some of the challenges companies in this sector face are rapid growth, increased demand, longer payment cycles, and difficulties accessing other types of financing.

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    On the contrary, the manufacturing factoring process with 1st Commercial Credit is as follows:

    1. Complete and submit a receivable factoring online application to 1stCC.
    2. The processing and approval will take between 3-5 business days. Once a business is approved, the financing arrangements will be settled.
    3. When your account is finalized, you can begin sending outstanding accounts receivables to 1stCC.
    4. 1stCC will take charge of those unpaid invoices and advance you a high portion of the value of each invoice received. 
    5. Once invoices are verified, funds will be received within 24 hours and can be used to run daily operations and any other business needs. 
    6. 1stCC will obtain payment from your customers and forward you the remaining amount, minus a factoring fee when payment is recovered. 

    This is a fast and easy process for us because we have more than 18 years working with the healthcare sector in Vermont. Once a business is qualified for our financing services, future factoring requests and funds are available even faster. The most common healthcare providers utilizing factoring to solve cash flow shortages are primary practices, urgent care, nursing homes, diagnostic and imaging centers, physical therapy and rehabilitation centers, and home healthcare agencies, to mention a few. We provide invoice factoring and receivable financing to medical staffing agencies nationwide.