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Transactions for 1st Commercial Credit

Customer referrals available upon request. Some transactions are not listed due to the nature of them being duplicate in size and industry. Small haulage companies and recruitment companies are funded almost daily.

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Funding Type Business Type Credit line Commitment Country
Factoring Press Release: 1st Commercial Credit Hits a New Historical Funding Record of $2 Billion in Receivable Funding. Other funding services were provided including Purchase Order Financing and Asset Based Lending. $2,000,000,000 USA
Factoring Temp Staffing Agency providing drivers to trucking companies. $250,000 USA
Factoring and Purchase Order Funding Importer of Electronic Chargers for major computer and electronic device companies. $350,000 USA
Factoring Small 10 Truck and reefer operation importing produce from Mexico using our fuel card services. $400,000 USA
Factoring Full Service Freight Broker in the West Coast specializing in produce. $300,000 USA
Factoring Mobile Home Trucking Company with 3 trucks. $150,000 USA
Asset Based Finance Industrial Labor Temporary Staffing Agency in the Mid-west. $1.2 Million USA
Factoring Start up Pipeline inspector for major oil companies. $250,000 USA
Factoring Frac Tank Manufacturer. $500,000 USA
Factoring Oilfield Trucking Water and frac sand to oil drilling site in North Dakota. $500,000 USA
Factoring Temporary Staffing Company providing welders to the oilfield industry. $250,000 USA
Factoring Security guard company that provides full security service to apartment complex buildings & major office buildings. Growing into new contracts servicing prime government contractors. $250,000 USA
Factoring Trucking company with 6 units hauling airline merchandise to a major airline service providers. $150,000 USA
Factoring Staffing agency servicing hospitals, nursing homes and therapy facilities. $50,000 USA
Factoring Company manufacturing parts for oil field industry including Frac tanks and special flat bed arrangements. $250,000 USA
Factoring Pharmaceutical chemistry services & sales organization, also providing training to doctors. $150,000 USA
Factoring Small trucking company with 6 trucks, hauls feed, seed and grain to a major distribution company. $100,000 USA
Factoring Aftermarket custom auto rim and wheel distributor selling wholesale. $250,000 USA
Factoring Military Service provider for armed vehicles. Exports to US companies based overseas. $500,000 USA
Factoring Information Technology Company specializing in training new customers for a large domestic computer company. $250,000 USA
Factoring Temporary Staffing Agency providing labor to manufacturers in the West Coast Regions. $500,000 USA
Factoring Cell Phone Tower Company that upgrades Equipment on existing towers. $400,000 USA
Factoring Auto Transporter with 40 trucks in Michigan. $500,000 USA
Factoring Heavy Hauling Company specializing in oil rig and oil equipment logistics. $150,000 USA
Asset Based Finance Manufacturer of Plastic Injection Molding parts to the domestic auto industry. Includes inventory finance and accounts receivable assets. $1.5 Million USA
Factoring Medical Staffing Agency, providing front office and clerical jobs in the medical field industry. $150,000 USA
Factoring Nurse Registry Temp Staffing (Locums) in Florida. $100,000 USA
Factoring Large 200 Truck Freight Company and growing, along with Fuel Card Services $2.5 Million USA
Factoring Cognition Test Lab in the East Coast $200,000 USA
Factoring Temporary Staffing, servicing major hotels with housekeeping and banquet staff. $195,000 USA
Factoring Provider of continuing education and work shops to healthcare providers on behalf of major pharmaceutical companies introducing new drugs. $200,000 USA
Factoring Texas oil drill bit manufacturer taps into a $1 million receivable factoring credit line $195,000 USA