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A Factoring Company Funding Knoxville, Tennessee

Financing Rates at 0.69% to 1.59%
No Financials or Setup Fees
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What Are The Different Types Of Funding For Your Knoxville, Tennessee (TN) Business?

1st Commercial Credit provides different types of accounts receivable financing programs that provide fast cash and many other advantages to Knoxville businesses. Some of these programs include:

Accounts Receivable Factoring or Invoice Factoring — 1stCC is a company that factors your company invoices and, depending on the industry, can advance up to 97% of the total value of the outstanding invoice. The factoring company takes ownership of the selected invoices and pursues collection directly from your customers. When we receive payment in full for the invoice, we will then send you the remaining percentage after subtracting a small factoring fee.

Payroll Funding — 1st Commercial Credit is an experienced factoring company providing a payroll line of credit for all companies in need of payroll funding. Payroll is one of the primary responsibilities of any business to retain talent and hire new extra staff when needed. When cash flow is tight, a payroll funding company can help by providing a financial solution. In some cases, clients can take 30 to 90 days before making a payment, but payroll is still due every period. The overall costs of not making payroll each time can affect your business and put you in a difficult situation financially. 1st Commercial Credit offers funding solutions so you can continue running a successful business and stop worrying about not having sufficient cash flow.

Accounts Receivable Loans — This type of alternative “loan” is not like a traditional bank loan. Accounts receivable lending is a financing solution in which a company chooses which receivables to submit to a specialized lending company (1stCC) for early payment.

The main difference with factoring is that your company will receive full payment for each invoice with accounts receivable loans initially without having to wait for the remaining balance when invoices are paid. This is why it is called a “loan,” even though it is substantially different from a traditional bank loan. The financing rates for this type of financing are generally lower, transactions do not appear on the balance sheet, and they also do not impact a company’s debt ratio.

Asset-Based Lending —  Your Knoxville company will receive money that a company’s collateral will secure in an agreement. An asset-based loan can be secured by accounts receivables, inventory, equipment, or any other property owned by the borrower. The company usually will have to commit most of their receivables for this form of financing and has little flexibility in terms of which ones are submitted.

PO Finance — 1st Commercial Credit offers a selection of purchase order funding programs for your manufacturing and distribution business. We serve both domestic and international trade needs. Purchase order finance is available for companies based in the U.S. with a proven track record in their industry. We have extensive experience in all supply chain finance segments, including invoice factoring and extended terms to buyers.

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The client must already be factoring receivables with us to apply for our P.O. finance program. 1st Commercial Credit provides funding for the following three types of purchase order requests in Knoxville: 

  • Finished Goods PO Finance A completed and packaged product is the most common inquired type of p.o. finance needed by our customers. USA-based importers needing to pay overseas suppliers, logistics, and duty fees are approved and funded quickly.
  • Finance For Light Assembly — This type of financing involves a higher risk due to the inventory arriving at the client’s place of business and having to assemble or manufacture some items to get them to a finalized product. The client must have a good track record and consistent delivery performance in the past with the things to be financed. Financing can include the cost of labor and import duty fees.
  • Production Finance 1st Commercial Credit provides production financing only with existing clients currently factoring with us. Must have been two years in business, must provide historical sales of items to be submitted for funding, have strong financially stable suppliers, profitable clients in good standing, current on rent, and taxes and 941 obligations. Financing includes logistics costs, raw materials, import fees, and labor.
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Are You Struggling With Paying Your Employees On Time?

Suppose your business finds itself regularly having due invoices accumulating and taking control over your receivables aging report. In that case, you are most likely starting or going to start having problems meeting your imminent operational obligations like payroll. It is always a great idea to begin planning and become familiar with the services offered by a reliable and experienced payroll funding company.

Payroll financing enables a company to sell its invoices to get immediate cash to fulfill its payroll needs. Funding a company for payroll provides the company with fast cash to pay employees or temporary staff on time while waiting for the client to pay the company. 1st Commercial Credit lends you the money for payroll and has the resources and experience your business needs to meet all payroll obligations. 1st commercial credit provides the financial tools necessary to overcome cash flow issues and continue to grow the business. We have been providing funding to staffing agencies for more than 18 years.

Payroll funding company in Knoxville, TN

We Make The Payroll Funding A Simple Process:  

  1. Your company (i.e., staffing agency) provides its services and invoices.
  2. Your company sells its receivables to a payroll financing company (1stcc).
  3. 1stCC advances a large percentage of the invoice.
  4. Once invoices are paid in full, 1stCC will deposit the remaining balance, minus a factoring fee, into your company bank account.

All businesses use payroll, which means all industries can benefit from payroll funding. Excellent candidates for payroll financing include any company that extends credit to customers or expects payment in return for goods or services.

Payroll funding with 1st Commercial Credit brings many advantages for your Knoxville business. 1st Commercial Credit has the kind of experience and resources needed to help your business meet all of its payroll obligations. Accounts receivable lending for staffing companies is a great financial alternative offering many benefits to companies and is a reliable, efficient way of borrowing money to cover payroll each period.

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Why Freight Companies Come To Us For Funding?

Choosing the best freight factoring company is a crucial decision for any business owner. It is vital to partner up with a financing company that will provide all the benefits associated with factoring. Freight factoring is also known as trucking factoring or freight bill factoring and is a process by which a business delivering a load sells its invoices to a factoring company. The factoring company will pay the carrier in full the invoice amount and deduct a small percentage as the factoring fee. All this can be done in as little as 24 hours of receiving and verifying the invoice without waiting months for broker payments.

factoring freight and trucking firms in Knoxville, TN

Freight factoring will help your business achieve a healthy cash flow and keep your trucking company in operation. This funding solution will provide your business in Knoxville with the necessary funds for payroll, fuel, repairs, and more. 


Factoring is the most popular and reliable way for trucking companies to improve their cash flow. This solution is especially beneficial to new carriers that have recently incurred a ton of startup expenses. 1st Commercial Credit is one of the best factoring companies in the nation, and it’s able to give cash to trucking companies in 24 hours or less after a load has been delivered.

Stay Competitive And Provide The Best Service To Your Customers With Transportation Equipment Financing

Get the trucking and transportation financing your company needs today. Business owners across the country are turning to 1st Commercial Credit for reliable and flexible equipment leasing and financing. We understand your business and offer competitive loans and leases to help your business succeed. We have tailored solutions for fleet owners, owner-operators looking to expand their fleet, and carrier or vocational vehicle operators. 1st Commercial Credit is one of the most experienced and reliable transportation equipment financing companies in the country. It finances most types of vehicles and over-the-road equipment. By utilizing a loan or lease to acquire equipment, you will have enough funds to continue expanding your operation.

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Equipment financing is the perfect way to grow your business without depleting your precious business cash reserves while investing in other crucial company areas. 1st Commercial Credit can help equipment buyers and vendors with equipment financing services. Our innovative, flexible, and fast transportation finance solutions and our team of experienced transportation finance professionals will provide the service and support you need to help grow your business. We can finance the following new and used transportation equipment:

  • All Types of Trailers
  • Tractors
  • Service Trucks
  • Fleet Vehicles
  • School Buses
  • Motor Coach Buses
Factoring service in Knoxville, TN
Economy Of Knoxville

Knoxville aims to create an environment where businesses can start, scale, and want to stay. This city has access to nationally-ranked training facilities and institutions, and research facilities. The Knoxville Chamber has made it its goal to position Knoxville as a place with a business climate conducive to growing and expanding businesses.

The city is consistently studying, evaluating, and advocating for public policies that push the economy to prosperity. Knoxville’s downtown has become an exciting and vibrant neighborhood and currently serves as the city’s cultural and entertainment hub. Downtown has also become a crucial economic driver for the city.

What Is Knoxville Known For?

Knoxville is known for its festival-laden streets filled with music stages and live performances. The first “Etsy Maker City” in the nation is also home to 23 postsecondary institutions, including the University of Tennessee. The city is sheltered by the peak of the country’s most-visited national park and offers nature to adventure seekers with its two national forests, nine state parks, and over 1,000 square miles of waterways.

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