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Our Financing Services Has Helped Over 3,200 Businesses

Factoring companies offer various solutions for businesses in Fargo looking for alternative forms of financing. Our financing rates and terms are competitive and can be customized to your business-specific needs and goals. Companies in several sectors have to facilitate payment terms of 30, 60, 90 days, or more to customers in order to stay competitive in the marketplace. Many times, this can often result in cash flow problems. When business owners do not have a consistent source of cash flow, it can affect the ability to pay suppliers, employees and limit your investments. Our receivable financing solutions provide you with a constant and healthy source of cash flow and are specifically designed to help businesses in need of working capital.

What Makes 1st Commercial Credit The Best Financing Company?

  1. More than 18 years of experience
  2. Quick and straightforward qualification requirements
  3. Affordable and competitive rates
  4. The ability to get funds today
  5. Expertise in many sectors

1st Commercial Credit offers funding services for companies in the US and Canada. These financial solutions include:

  • Invoice factoring
  • Purchase order loans
  • Accounts receivable financing
  • Government receivables 
  • Importer and export finance
  • Asset-based financing
  • Equipment financing 
  • Trade payable financing

Contact 1st Commercial Credit today, and our team of experts will explain more about our services and approval processes. We can evaluate your business' situation with no pressure in minutes and give you a wide variety of solutions. Cash flow lending companies help businesses that may not be eligible to qualify for conventional lending for several reasons, including:

  • Lack of collateral 
  • Too many outstanding lines of credit or bank loans 
  • Minimal or no credit history
  • Past credit and financial difficulties
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Factors use the value of unpaid accounts receivable to collateralize lending agreements and provide fast cash advances to business owners. 1st Commercial Credit makes approval decisions based on the creditworthiness of your customers. Because of this, it is easier to be approved for these types of alternative financing. Selling your invoices helps you get the money sooner than if you waited and collected the money on your own from customers. If you've decided that factoring is the right fit for your company, you will experience many benefits, including:


  • Quick cash. You will receive immediate payment in cash after completing and delivering the goods/services and invoicing a customer. 
  • No debt acquired. Factoring is the sale of the receivable assets (invoices), not a loan. Factoring is the perfect financing alternative for businesses that can’t qualify for traditional financing or do not want to incur extra debt.
  • Eliminates collection efforts. In most factoring agreements, the lender purchases all invoice rights, including collections. 

Loans on receivables can be pretty flexible, and you should always try to find the best terms possible before selecting your factoring partner. With 1st Commercial Credit, you can be sure you will be obtaining the best terms for your company, and we will always have your business's best interest.

Get The Funds For Your Tech Company By Factoring Invoices 

Technology never stops changing and improving. If your goal is to run a competitive business, you must have the latest and best technology, equipment, and payment terms to serve your customers. All this can be challenging to obtain without a good and stable source of working capital.

Factoring for technology companies is a great alternative to get the funds your company needs to make payroll, pay bills, and handle unexpected expenses along the way. With IT technology factoring, you can instantly cover all of your business expenses and give your business the ability to grow. 


Invoice factoring services help businesses get paid sooner. If technology firms are dealing with clients that pay on 30, 60, or 90-day terms, they can sell their unpaid invoices to us in exchange for a cash advance. IT factoring makes it possible to stay ahead of the competition by facilitating a reliable source of working capital. With this type of financing, your business will have the ability to take on orders and provide services while covering the upfront costs of doing business.

Purchase order financing in North Dakota

Our funding services can help many IT companies, including:

  • IT startups
  • IT consulting
  • Security
  • App development
  • Website development
  • Database development
  • Software development
  • Engineering
  • Online marketing firms
  • Technology sales

1st Commercial Credit makes technology factoring easy and fast. Account receivable funding is the quickest way to free up working capital to grow your business while respecting their original payment arrangements and schedules. So, instead of waiting for a traditional loan to go through, turn to 1st Commercial Credit for funding.

The factoring process with us looks like this: 

  1. Submit invoices: The IT company submits invoices to 1stCC. We then verify the invoices to make sure the work has been fulfilled and delivered.
  2. Cash advance: Once 1stCC approves your invoices, a cash advance will be sent to your business within 24-hours.
  3. Repeat as needed: Repeat the factoring process as needed and factor in as many invoices as you need. 

Additional Benefits of IT Factoring Services

  • Same-day funding (within 24 hours or less)
  • Flexible and simple processes
  • Month-to-month contract terms
  • No minimum volume requirements
  • Factoring fees from 1%
  • High advances

Factoring Invoices Improves Cash Flow For Your Fargo Manufacturing Company

A lack of working capital or cash flow shortages are common sources of stress for manufacturers in Fargo. Financing manufacturing companies offer receivable loans, which are a necessary and valuable growth tool for any business. Factoring services for small businesses turn your unpaid invoices into cash and give you easy access to the required working capital. You can use this precious cash to grow your business, pay business expenses, hire new employees, purchase equipment, or basically anything your business needs.

The best part about accounts receivable financing in North Dakota is that it is easier to qualify for it than any other type of financing because lenders focus on your customer's ability to pay, not yours. The funding available can increase or decrease according to your needs and is a great way to manage your receivables. Our financing alternatives are meant to give businesses the ability to achieve growth without losing equity or incurring debt. There are many significant differences between receivable financing and bank lending. For example, with bank financing, a line of credit is typically based on assets, equity, profitability, cash flow, and liquidity, thereby limiting the amount of funding. A/R financing focuses more on your customers' credit strength, not your company's, and your receivables are the only limiting funding factor.

How To Improve Cash Flow For Your Fargo Medical Agency?

Medical agencies are used to dealing with long receivable collection times, which means customers are likely to take 60, 90, 120, or more days to pay an invoice. This is common because Medicare has lower reimbursement rates, and insurance companies have long-drawn-out processes, and long claim review results in delayed invoice payments. However, your company shouldn't have to struggle with this situation alone. 1st Commercial Credit can improve your cash situation with alternative financing. Business owners can take a more proactive position with their company's finances. 

Asset based financing in North Dakota

Asset-based financing solutions work by allowing companies to use the value of their assets to secure business lines of credit. All companies invoicing other customers can use them for receivables financing. Most importantly, these receivables can help medical companies improve their cash flow and achieve success.

To understand why receivables factoring is a popular type of financing for medical providers today, it's essential to show how conventional financing has become less reliable and more complicated. Today's banks make it extremely challenging for businesses to secure credit with their time-consuming and strict requirements. If businesses don't meet the growing list of stringent criteria established by banks, it will be almost impossible to obtain credit. Companies must have a perfect credit rating and history and provide all their financial reports to qualify for bank financing. This means businesses must have a solid balance, income, and cash flow statements. In addition, banks also assess the industry that the company operates in. Therefore, if the industry is considered a credit risk, the company can be refused credit.


Unlike banks, factoring companies don't base their approval on these criteria. All that matters to the factor is whether the account debtor (your customer) can pay the invoice. If your customer demonstrates a good history of paying their invoices, your company should have no problems getting credit. 1st Commercial Credit also provides medical staffing factoring for staffing firms in Fargo.

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Fargo has a vibrant downtown with unique accommodations, restaurants, and entertainment venues. The metro area has several colleges and an active arts community and offers a lot to see, making it an ideal place to visit. These things to see in Fargo-West include Plains Art Museum, Fargo Theatre, Yunker Farm, Red River Zoo, Fargo Force Hockey, NDSU Bison Football, and Redhawks Baseball

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Fargo has an array of industries that continue prospering and contributing to North Dakota’s economy. Some of the key businesses in Fargo include technology, manufacturing, back-office operations, financial services, healthcare, and education. The largest employers in Fargo are currently divisional, regional, national, and global headquarters & facilities for Microsoft Business Solutions, John Deere Electronic Solutions, Bobcat Co., Border States Electric Supply, RDO Equipment Co., Titan Machinery, and American Crystal Sugar.