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What Type Of Financing Programs Does 1st Commercial Credit Offer To Wichita (KS) Businesses?

1st Commercial Credit offers various supply chain solutions for businesses looking for alternative financing. Our financing rates are highly competitive and can be fully customized to your specific needs and goals. In addition, we don't demand any financials or upfront fees and have made it simple so that the entire application and funding process takes 3 to 5 days.  


Having to offer payment terms of 30, 60, 90 days, or more to clients is common for many industries and the main cause of cash flow problems for business owners. Not having a reliable source of cash flow will affect your ability to pay employees, suppliers and restrict your capacity to make new investments. The good news is that our financial solutions will provide you with consistent and dependable cash flow. We offer various financial solutions to help small and midsize businesses in need of working capital to operate and grow.

What Makes 1st Commercial Credit The Best Lending Partner?

  1. Over 18 years of experience
  2. Fast and straightforward qualification requirements
  3. Affordable and competitive rates
  4. The opportunity to get funds today
  5. Expertise in many industries

1st Commercial Credit offers its services in the US and Canada. These financial solutions include:

Contact 1st Commercial Credit today to learn more about the offerings and approval processes. We can evaluate your business' situation without commitments in minutes and give you a wide variety of solutions. 

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Why Would Agribusinesses In Wichita Need Funding?

Greater Wichita is located in the very middle of mainland America. It is an urban center with vast farmland where billions of dollars in agricultural commodities are grown, harvested, and distributed globally. The region has experts in agriculture, dairy, meat products, ethanol, oilseed processing, and crop and animal farming. The Greater Wichita region offers connections to traditional crop production, sustainable construction products, advances in bioscience, healthcare innovations, and a significant focus on food safety. This substantial and ever-growing sector works closely with lenders offering factoring for agribusinesses in Wichita to sustain growth while keeping a good cash flow.  

With agriculture as one of the primary thriving industries of Kansas, there is an abundance of educational opportunities offering students hands-on experience in the field. There are three prominent community colleges within the Greater Wichita region, including Butler Community College, Cowley College, and Hutchinson Community College offering a broad array of agriculture-related degrees ranging from ranch management to agribusinesses and farming.

The region is also close to Kansas State University, currently in the top 10 best colleges for agriculture sciences in the nation. It is no surprise that Kansas's agriculture sector is the #1 economic driver for the entire state, with $4.8 billion in statewide exports in agricultural products and #1 in the country in wheat production. The Wichita region is home to many food processing applications, including wet milling, oilseed crushing, vegetable oil refining and blending, and meat processing. Wichita also has over 40% of the sectors' employment concentrated in food manufacturing.

Keep Growing Your Business With Our Agriculture Financing Programs

Accounts receivable funding is often the only option for farmers and other agricultural producers to afford crucial expensive equipment, keep up with payroll, bills, and other unexpected expenses. Having access to reliable funding is vital for agriculture producers in Wichita. This cash will allow them to purchase irrigation equipment, tractors, or high-tech fertilizer spreaders needed to continue growing crops and delivering to their customers.

1st Commercial Credit also offers agriculture equipment financing, which has proven particularly useful as farm owners have to keep up and modernize equipment to tend to their crops. Our financing services allow producers to purchase the needed farm equipment either via installment loans or leases. A significant benefit they get is preserving cash flow and not having to invest all the capital upfront. Another advantage is that farm equipment loans are typically short-term, lasting anywhere from 12 to 60 months, and the equipment you're financing is used as collateral. These types of financing arrangements will have flexible repayment terms on a weekly or monthly basis. Another advantage of equipment financing is that you get quick approval and funding. That can be crucial if you are trying to replace costly equipment essential to keep your operations running. If you need equipment financing today, you might want to start looking into an alternative finance company or lender like 1st Commercial Credit. 

agriculture factoring in Wichita Kansas

1st Commercial Credit is an experienced lender with multiple financial solutions for your business in Wichita. We have a qualified team to meet with you, assess your situation, and structure the best financing program for your business's goals and needs.

Advanced Manufacturing Companies Are Using Invoice Factoring More Than Ever

The manufacturing industry has always partnered with invoice factoring companies in Wichita to obtain invoice factoring solutions for their business. This successful funding relationship is thanks to the nature of the manufacturing business, which has caused the manufacturing sector to benefit from this flexible and adaptable funding method. 


The manufacturing process is similar: to produce a finished product, distribute it and sell it, most manufacturers or suppliers need to make a considerable investment upfront in sourcing and to purchase the materials, leasing production space, buying large equipment and tools, and hiring employees. Manufacturing companies in Wichita must make these investments at the very start before even collecting on payment from customers. All these costs are just to manufacture the finished goods or products they are producing to be then able to sell it and deliver it. In addition, at the end of the production-to-sales cycle, the manufacturer can often find itself running on pretty slim margins because distributors and wholesalers who are moving the manufactured goods to the market take a big piece of the pie. 

Account receivables financing advances funding for manufacturers to help them when they’re faced with similar situations. We give you the funds upfront so you can receive payment “sooner” rather than waiting for payment on the backend. A manufacturing company can get the up-front capital it needs before it has actually collected it with invoice factoring. Provided they have valid invoices to creditworthy customers, manufacturing businesses in Wichita can obtain an advance on their invoices by using invoice factoring services.


Immediate Cash from Manufacturing Financing Gives Your Company The Ability To: 

  • Purchase materials and take advantage of discounts 
  • Hire new employees or cover the costs of payroll, benefits, bills, etc. 
  • Lease or purchase modern or technologically advanced manufacturing equipment to increase production and output.
  • Increase production to meet an unexpected and increased demand
  • Improve cash flow while improving overall business operations

As you probably have discovered, few manufacturers can sustain the cash flow gap while waiting weeks or months for payment without external funding. Factoring companies in Kansas, especially those that specialize in manufacturing and distribution, are familiar with this predicament. These specialized lenders work with manufacturers and suppliers to set up a financial agreement and so that you collect those payments sooner, even though your customer may take months to pay.

Another reason why many manufacturers prefer invoice factoring to other traditional forms of financing is flexibility. Many experienced factoring companies can offer the possibility to make changes to the financing agreement or line of credit based on funding needs and the volume of your business. This is not possible with a business loan, which stays the same even if your business needs change.

manufacturing factoring in Wichita Kansas

In summary, manufacturing companies benefit from accounts receivable financing companies in many ways, including: 

  • Give you the capital you need on the front end
  • Can work with businesses with seasonal sale cycles, prone to cash flow issues
  • Work with companies facing more extended payment periods
  • Offer a flexible and adaptable service to fulfill your changing business needs

Is Your Transportation Company Facing A Large Amount of Upfront Costs And Need Funding Now?

Transportation companies are divided into two types of businesses: asset-based and non-asset-based. Asset-based companies include delivery companies, freight haulers, limousine companies, and non-asset-based companies include freight brokers and third-party logistics providers. Asset-based transportation companies often incur considerable capital expenses due to the vehicles and related leased or purchased equipment. The great news is that we offer several industry-specific financing options out there for this industry.

Transportation companies that have invoices from creditworthy customers can obtain lines of credit from a freight factoring company, like 1st Commercial Credit. These types of special lenders will focus more on the credit status and payment history of your company's customers than your company's credit history. For example, a  local transport business that delivers for large retailers would easily qualify for AR financing. This is the perfect financial solution and a crucial one because many transportation industry customers pay in 30 to 90 days or more, causing cash shortages for businesses and impacting their credit history.

Need Funding For Your Company In Wichita, Kansas?

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1st Commercial Credit can help your Wichita business by delivering the funds when they're needed. We also provide export trade finance to businesses serving clients all around the world. Once we have a customer set up with a receivable-based financing program, we can offer additional financial tools like supply chain financing, short-term cash advances against future orders, and purchase order financing. These types of products could be incredibly beneficial to businesses with seasonal sales or other fluctuating capital demands. Our decision-making is within hours for future funding once a client requests additional working capital and when it has a factoring line of credit already established with us.

What Is Unique About Our Trucking And Transportation Equipment Finance Program

After working with the trucking and transportation industry for many years, 1st Commercial Credit understands the challenges and needs these businesses face daily. This is why we have put a lot of effort into developing and structuring competitive and compelling financing programs for this industry in particular. Our trucking equipment financing plans give business owners a way of obtaining the equipment they so desperately need but can’t afford. We also provide Over the Road (OTR) Trucking Finance for companies with different qualifications, including credit-challenged businesses, for those under two years in business and with A, B, and C credit. The trucking and transportation sector is a significant contributor to the American business economy, and these businesses must have the financing needed to continue running their unique and impactful operations.

transportation factoring in Wichita

Having a business line of credit or working capital from an equipment financer can drastically help these businesses respond to consumer demand while growing their operations. 1st Commercial Credit will help companies in Wichita by providing extensive trucking equipment financing and leasing options when they need it the most. We will also sit with you and take the time to explain how these financing programs work, how they differ from others, their advantages, and how to qualify.

What Is Wichita Known For?

Wichita is located in south-central Kansas and lies on the Arkansas River. It is the largest city in the state and has a population of about 395,000 people. Wichita is an industrial hub and a regional center of culture, media, and trade. It is home to several universities, large museums, theaters, parks, shopping centers, and entertainment venues. Wichita State University is the 3rd-largest post-secondary institution in the state.

Economy Of Wichita

The Greater Wichita region has embraced a spirit of collaborative success. It is the world's leader in global aerospace in today's economy. This is all possible because of the convergence of advanced manufacturing technologies, engineering solutions, new materials development, and highly skilled talent. Wichita currently ranks #1 in manufacturing jobs and #3 for high-tech manufacturing jobs. This region's innovation-friendly infrastructure supports aviation while powering dozens of other industries — from agriculture to energy and healthcare to IT systems and support. Wichita has a sense of shared success, and it is why its business ecosystem continues expanding. Some of the Greater Wichita region's target sectors include:

  • Advanced manufacturing and materials
  • Aerospace
  • Agriculture
  • Healthcare
  • IT Systems and support
  • Energy 
  • Transportation and logistics