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We Lend MORE Than The Bank

A Factoring Company Funding Macon, Georgia

Financing Rates at 0.69% to 1.59%
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How Long Does It Take For My Macon, Georgia (GA) Business To Get Invoice Factoring?

As businesses grow, they will often need additional cash flow for expansion, payroll financing, marketing, or other business expenses. Sometimes, corporations that meet the criteria can apply and obtain a bank loan to increase credit. Maybe companies cannot get a traditional bank loan and need to find another method of financing. Business owners looking for short-term funding or who don't want to add more debt to their books will turn to accounts receivable financing companies in Macon. 


Invoice factoring is a financing solution that provides companies access to cash flow by converting their unpaid receivables into the fast cash they need. When working with an accounts receivable factoring company in Georgia, the process involves treating your company's pending invoices as collateral and sell them to the factoring company. Your company in Macon will receive the cash needed upfront for each invoice sold. The amount of capital available in the future will grow with your business. As long as your invoices increase, so does your funding. 


The main question here is, is invoice factoring faster than a bank loan? Yes, much quicker! Banks are strict institutions for loan approval and have an extensive list of requirements for businesses. On top of that, banks typically take a very long time to process an application. Unfortunately, final decisions are based on a combination of a company's credit scores and operating history.

Factoring companies can make factoring approval decisions in 3 to 5 working days, and funding is received in 24 hrs or less after approval. The application for invoice factoring usually involves a short online form, and low credit scores are accepted.

Invoice factoring companies in Macon will buy your outstanding qualifying invoices at a discount and advance you up to a certain percentage of the total amount. The balance is held in a reserve account, which will be released to you minus a small factoring fee when the rest of the invoice is paid by your customer.

If your company has been declined a business bank loan, do not worry because it is not the end of your business. Banks are known for denying small business owners funding, especially newly-established companies. A factoring company like 1st Commercial Credit will base approval decisions on your customers' credit, not your company's, as they are the ones in charge of paying the invoice.

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1st Commercial Credit provides financing options to Georgia businesses. It is an excellent solution for those with bad credit, no credit, short-term funding needs, or for companies considering skipping the bank's tedious processes altogether. 

1st Commercial Credit is a factoring company in Macon working with many businesses in different industries across the entire United States. We will match your company with a financing program that will meet your business's specific goals or needs. A factoring loan is an intelligent solution to solve cash flow issues without additional debt. 1st Commercial Credit offers financing solutions to construction companies, proposes an agriculture receivable factoring program, and helps healthcare providers with a factoring program. Our funding programs are designed to meet the requirements of each specific industry. 

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We Finance Businesses Of All Sizes Even With Bad Business Credit

At 1st Commercial Credit, we understand that financial struggle can come up at any time for businesses, which can cause cash flow issues resulting in late payment and low credit scores. 


Accounts receivable factoring involves selling your company's outstanding invoices to an invoice factoring company. Because your company's invoices are considered assets, no debt is added to the company, and selling your receivables can help you improve credit scores. 

Factoring companies will base their approval decisions for funding on your client's creditworthiness and ability to pay the invoice. Your company's credit score and operational history are not considered because your clients will be the ones responsible for paying the pending invoices. 

1st Commercial Credit makes invoice factoring a simple process and has experience providing receivable factoring services for all businesses in many different industries. After more than 18 years in business, 1st Commercial Credit is the preferred invoice factoring company in Macon and the country for growing companies.


We provide invoice factoring services and other financial solutions for small, medium, and large companies in every industry. Companies experience incredible growth after setting up a factoring agreement with us.

With 1st Commercial Credit's receivable factoring services, your Macon business will now be able to offer competitive credit terms to customers without running into cash flow shortages. We provide fast funding, flexible approvals even if the owner has bad credit and affordable rates.

Invoice factoring group financing Macon, Georgia (GA) Businesses

How Can A Company That Lends For Payroll Help?

Payroll financing, or payroll funding, enables a company to sell its invoices to get immediate cash to fulfill its payroll needs. Payroll funding works by providing fast cash to pay employees or temporary staff on time while waiting for the client to pay the company, and it gives companies the ability to meet payroll requirements. 1st Commercial Credit lends money for payroll and has the kind of experience and resources that your business needs to meet all payroll obligations. Business owners come to us for payroll financing solutions.

Everyday situations experienced by businesses in need of payroll funding in Macon include: 

  • Unpaid invoices are accumulating, and there's not enough money to make payroll
  • 941 tax obligations are being paid late
  • Customers want more services or products 
  • One of their customers defaulted on payment unexpectedly 

Cash flow is the money that the organization sees coming in every day from invoiced sales. When past due invoices begin to accumulate and control your receivables aging report, you will start to have problems meeting your imminent operational obligations. It is always a great idea to start planning and become familiar with the services offered by a good payroll funding company.

Funding for payroll is creating cash flow using a company's pending invoices. This cash flow is then used to cover the company's ongoing payroll obligation every week. It is crucial to work with an experienced company that lends for payroll needs because even though it is an easy process, it involves a complex relationship.  

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Payroll Funding Process with 1st Commercial Credit:

  1. The company (i.e., staffing agency) delivers and invoices.
  2. The company sells its receivables to a payroll financing company (1stcc).
  3. The payroll finance company advances a percentage of the invoice or invoices.
  4. Once invoices are paid in full, 1st Commercial Credit will deposit the remaining balance of the invoice, minus a factoring fee, into your company bank account.

All businesses use payroll, which means any industry can benefit from payroll funding. Possible candidates for payroll financing include any businesses that extend credit to customers or expect payment in return for goods or services. Payroll Funding with an experienced payroll factoring company like 1st Commercial Credit brings many advantages for your Macon business, including: 

Easy to obtain: Payroll funding, through an invoice factoring company, is easy to get. A bank loan application is a long and complicated process. Small businesses and startups benefit the most as these often struggle to meet all requirements for bank loans. To qualify for factoring services, your company only needs creditworthy clients and invoices. These are no long-term contracts meaning it is the optimal financing solution if you're looking for short-term financing. Another advantage is low credit scores are accepted.

Fast approval and same-day payroll funding: Setting up an account takes 3 to 5 days with 1st Commercial Credit. Once an account is established, we will receive a copy of the invoice with any backup documentation. Your Macon business can receive funds in 24 hours or less. 

The end of your cash flow issues: 1st Commercial Credit will always ensure a consistent cash flow. We fund staffing agencies and provide payroll financing for businesses every day with different financial needs.

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Competitive financing rates and no hidden fees: With 1st Commercial Credit, rates start as low as 0.69% to 1.59%. No hidden charges are involved. Factoring companies are straightforward and make the financing process simple.

Provides growth opportunities and financial flexibility: Payroll funding will allow your Macon business to invest in the company's growth. Hiring more employees, retaining a talented workforce, fulfilling large orders, increasing marketing efforts, and buying extra equipment will all be covered with a healthy cash flow provided by payroll financing. Your financing possibilities grow as your sales grow. As you get new orders, you can qualify to get more funding through factoring. 

No debt is added to the company: Bank loans add debt to your balance sheet and always appear as a liability. Instead, loans on accounts receivables act as a sale of your assets (receivables) and therefore is a form of debt-free financing. 

Once you develop a financing relationship with 1st Commercial Credit, your Macon business will be able to enjoy a healthy cash flow and take care of all ongoing financial obligations. We have extensive knowledge as a lending company for staffing agencies in Macon.

Receivable Financing Rates at 0.69% to 1.59%
20+ Years In business & Over 3,600+ Clients Funded
Fast Approval Process.
No Financials Required.
3 to 5 Day Initial Setup.
No Up Front Fees to Set up.
Low Credit Score Accepted.
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How Accounts Receivable Loans Can Provide Working Capital for Manufacturing Firms?

Manufacturing is a crucial industry and a significant contributor to the economic health of Macon by providing essential jobs and products to the US and global market. If your Macon business needs a manufacturing factoring company 1st Commercial credit is here. We help manufacturers tackle cash flow and supplier net term issues by providing loans on accounts receivables.

Large suppliers offer increasingly difficult payment terms, drastically impacting the cash flow of their business partners. 1st Commercial Credit helps businesses avoid cash flow issues with accounts receivable financing solutions.

Manufacturing factoring involves selling your company's outstanding invoices to a factoring company for a cash advance. Invoice factoring for manufacturing converts your existing receivables into cash to pay suppliers, fund payroll, and cover other operational expenses.

Payments to manufacturing companies can take weeks or months to arrive, causing the most successful manufacturing company to struggle to meet their expenses. Instead of settling for cash flow instability and halted growth, you can start factoring accounts receivable and secure the cash your Macon business needs.

Manufacturing companies in Macon can use accounts receivable assets for business growth and have the ability to offer credit terms to customers. Having to wait 30to 90 days for invoice payments can significantly and negatively affect your cash flow and business operations. With accounts receivable financing, you will receive payment immediately upon invoicing through 1st Commercial Credit's factoring program. Your business will now have the money to fulfill all your company's financial responsibilities. 

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Your business operations no longer have to be disrupted because businesses can easily use their receivables for fast cash flow with accounts receivable loans. Your company will be able to offer credit terms to customers at a reasonable cost, have access to early pay discounts from suppliers, and countless other opportunities that your manufacturing business could be currently missing out on because of cash flow issues.

Trucking And Transportation Equipment Leasing or Loans With 1st Commercial Credit Is Easy To Obtain

1st Commercial Credit is a specialized lender offering transportation equipment financing, including equipment leasing and loans. Equipment leasing is a type of financing used by business owners who prefer to rent rather than purchase. Business owners can lease any kind of expensive equipment for their trucking company, including machinery, vehicles, computers, and other tools. The lease is usually structured for a specific time, and once the contract is up, the business owner will have the flexibility to choose to return the equipment, renew the lease or buy the equipment.

equipment leasing company for trucking and transportation

Equipment leasing is different from equipment financing because, on the ladder, business owners are taking a loan to purchase the equipment and pay it off over a fixed term using the equipment as collateral. In this case, you will own the equipment once the loan is paid off. As with any loan, you pay interest and fees when leasing equipment and they're added into a monthly payment. Trucking is one of the nation's most prominent and growing industries.

These companies load and transport everything, including essential items, so that businesses and families across the country can have access to them daily. However, many trucking companies often struggle with financing their operations and growth. In addition, drivers require training, experience, and a clean driving record to run a successful trucking and transportation business. Whether you own a semi-truck or a fleet of refrigerated commercial trucks, you'll likely need some form of trucking financing, including semi-truck finance programs, and 1st Commercial Credit can get you the funding for the equipment you need.

A bank loan is one of the most common solutions business owners think of when looking for truck and equipment purchases. A bank loan allows you to choose from various new and used trucks from various dealerships. However, the bank loan process is time-consuming and challenging to qualify for. Banks also require substantial documentation before approving a loan, and they're more likely than other financial institutions to deny applications. The good news is that specialized online lenders like 1st Commercial Credit are great alternatives for purchasing a semi-truck, trailer, or trucking equipment. These lenders have fewer eligibility requirements than banks and a much faster and smoother application and approval process.‍

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Here are some benefits of equipment leasing and financing when compared to traditional bank financing: 

  • Many lenders don't require a significant down payment.
  • If you need to update equipment frequently, leasing is an excellent option because you aren't stuck with obsolete equipment.
  • If you need to upgrade to more advanced equipment and handle a higher volume of work, you can do so without having to deplete all your precious business cash reserves or sell your existing machinery. 
  • Equipment leases and financing are often eligible for tax deductions. Depending on the type of financing and equipment, you may be able to deduct your payments as a business expense with Section 179.

If you are not sure if equipment financing or leasing is a good option for you, you can contact us, and one of our specialists will answer all of your questions and explain how our offering can help your business obtain the equipment it needs to thrive.

Invoice factoring company for distributors in Macon, Georgia (GA)
Economy Of Macon, Georgia

Macon's total employment is expected to rise each year. Healthcare, construction, and financial services will be responsible for much of the future job growth. Several economic development projects to take place in Macon were announced over the last few years. A few years back, Stevens Aerospace announced opening an operations facility for large-cabin aircraft at the Middle Georgia Regional Airport, bringing 150 jobs to Macon citizens. Two educational institutions in Macon, Middle Georgia State University and Central Georgia Technical College, specializing in preparing and training students in aerospace maintenance, could have been a significant influencing factor for this decision. 

The top employers in the Macon metropolitan area are GEICO, Navicent Health, The Medical Center, Mercer University, Coliseum Health System, and the Georgia Farm Bureau Federation. Macon's large and stable healthcare industry is a strength. The leading industries with higher wages are offices of physicians and the federal government.

Macon also has convenient access to the Port of Savannah and a short drive to the cold storage facilities and air cargo at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. These factors create a near-perfect combination of low-cost location and multimodal accessible distribution. Particularly, manufacturers that wish to integrate production with distribution and logistics fully will benefit from this area. Macon's economy is projected to become even more focused on transportation and distribution.

What is Macon Known For?

Macon is located near the fall line of the Ocmulgee River and about 85 miles southeast of Atlanta. Macon has an estimated population of 153,159 and is also the main city of the Macron Metropolitan Area. "the Heart of Georgia" is home to many attractions ranging from outdoor activities to historical museums.

Macon, Georgia, is known for its nature offerings, including weekend getaways to experience the outdoors. The outdoor activities to do in Macon include:

  • Hiking through intact forests, meadows, and wetlands in Amerson River Park.
  • Picking fresh produce at some of the famous Macon farms.
  • Taking a bike ride through the Historic Downtown.
  • Kayaking along the Ocmulgee River.

Macon, Georgia, embraces a rich and diverse history. The city's origins date back over 17,000 years ago, as different tribes of Native Americans lived on the Ocmulgee Mounds National Historical Park. This park is a prehistoric American Indian site, and the museums display thousands of artifacts and teach about the many American Indian cultures that inhabited the land.

We are a company that factors invoices for many industries in Georgia. We offer a variety of financing options for the following cities: