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Financing Importers & Exporters

Financing Importers & Exporters

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Financing Importers & Exporters

Would Export Trade Finance Benefit Your Business?
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Import & Export International Trade Finance

Would Export Trade Finance Benefit Your Business?

At 1st Commercial Credit, we are helping U.S. based companies maintain growth in sales by providing flexible export finance. As the global economy becomes more competitive, U.S. companies must now provide better financing terms to international customers. Our non-recourse international receivable finance program allows exporters and manufacturers to enhance their sales efforts and successfully compete in the international market place.

International Customers Mandate Credit Terms

1st Commercial Credit can provide you with Export Trade Financial Services and work together with your bank or lending institution in achieving your export sales.

Receivable Financing Finance Rates at
0.69% to 1.59%
20+ Years In business & Over 3,600 Clients Funded
Fast approval process
No financials required
3 to 5 day initial setup
No up front fees to set up
Low credit score accepted
Free invoicing software
Financing rates at
0.69% to 1.59%

U.S. exporters need an international finance company that is going to support adequate credit analysis in a timely manner, approve credit insurance for just one client or on a per transaction basis, provide receivable finance in a cost efficient way and collect in local trade currency at your client's request.

Exporting companies, manufacturers, distributors and service providers are coming to us for their foreign trade financial needs. In addition to receivable finance, we can accommodate purchase order finance, trade finance, letters of credit and credit insurance. Call us today and request an international factoring proposal with no obligation or apply online and an account representative will call you the same day or within 24 hrs.

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It has been our experience that most asset based lending institutions or banks do not consider foreign receivables as eligible to borrow against.

How Does Purchase Order Finance Solve Import/Export Trade Financing Needs?

Purchase order finance is widely used for trading businesses. These businesses buy and sell and have suppliers and end buyers. Financing is a fundamental tool for purchase orders allowing them a shot at growing a company. Another plus of this type of financing is that it also provides leverage when negotiating with suppliers and buyers. Purchase order finance works closely with invoice financing, as purchase order financiers are paid back by an international factoring company when the customer receives goods.

A common problem surges when you score a purchase order (PO) and realize you don't have the cash required to fulfill it. 1st Commercial Credit specializes in providing trade payable financing and helps those businesses struggling. We are an experienced factoring company that offers international purchase order financing for your company's import, export, and local needs. We have realized that successfully securing funding to produce pre-sold products is the most significant obstacle for business owners in this industry.  There are many advantages associated with purchase order loans. Your company will be able to take advantage of quick and flexible funding and ensure your clients receive their orders in a cost-effective and timely manner.

When you find yourself in a situation where orders require more resources than you have, you will need to find a way to get funding to avoid halting operations. International trade financing is the ideal solution to fulfill those large orders. When it comes to obtaining import/export financing for international businesses, traditional banks don't always want to provide companies with the funding they need. They simply deem this type of transaction too risky or costly for the borrower and reject financing applications. On the bright side, 1st Commercial Credit provides loans on receivables that help small and medium-sized businesses obtain funding to buy or sell goods overseas. Your business can now secure overseas manufacturing of goods, tooling, machining, raw materials, or other services.

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Receivable Financing Rates
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How Do Our Import/Export PO Financing Services Work?

1st Commercial credit offers importers financial support to provide overseas suppliers with a letter of credit. Here’s how it works:

  1. First, 1stCC must assess and approve of an international trade finance opportunity.
  2. Once approved, 1stCC will provide a letter of credit to the supplier, including our client’s precise order specifications for the particular purchase order.
  3. When the order is fulfilled, the goods are inspected, verified, and documented by the inspector, who will make sure that the transaction has been completed accordingly.
  4. 1stCC deposits the funds in a bank for the supplier to access once all requirements are met.
  5. The supplier can then receive payment by presenting proper documentation to the chosen financial institution.
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We Attract Clients That Experience:
Growing faster than their cash flow.
Uneven seasonal sales volume.
Slow cash flow due to a slow payments.
Need import payable financing.
Factoring Rates at 0.69% to 1.59%.
Require Funding in 3 to 5 days.
Lose their line of credit at the bank.
Need export receivable financing.
Require purchase order financing.
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Accounts Receivable Lending Arrangements Provide Needed Funding To Import-Export Firms

Accounts receivable lending facilitates an easy solution for businesses needing an immediate international line of credit. It creates rapid cash flow from the invoices already on your books.

Accounts receivable loans are a common method of export financing that provides exporters with liquidity by selling their accounts receivable at a discount. This form of funding is an ideal solution for companies that need additional cash for payroll, inventory, or marketing. Companies can access quick cash stuck in their invoices to cover pressing operational expenses or begin their next project. Accounts receivable factoring can be utilized as needed or regularly, and there are no minimums or maximum amounts associated with it.

In this increasingly competitive global environment, offering competitive payment terms will likely help you retain your customers and even attract new ones. This situation will make buyers much more likely to do business with you. The reliable and constant access to cash for a healthy cash flow will allow you to run business operations smoothly and have the possibility to expand and succeed in this highly competitive and challenging industry.

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