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Not all factoring companies for freight brokerages are the same, 1st Commercial Credit is a freight broker factoring company for all industries. Services include Free Online Credit Checks.

Industries we Fund:

Reefer - Auto Transporters - Oilfield Services - Heavy Haul - Long Haul - Couriers - Freight Brokers - Intermodal

30 Day Freight Broker Factoring rates as low as 1.59%

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At 1st Commercial Credit, we know that dependable carriers and satisfied shippers are the key to a successful freight brokerage. Our funding program will increase your business without debt and reduce internal overhead.Freight Broker Financing.

Why do freight brokerages choose us?

We know your industry.

  • We are flexible in approvals and make same day decisions.
  • Provide a Quick Pay option to carriers using our back office support.
  • We provide 15 Minute credit checks for new loads.
  • Build solid credit rating with freight brokerages and other credit bureaus
  • Pay driver's directly out of factoring proceeds
  • Pay carriers timely increasing carrier loyalty
  • Convert freight bills to a credit line without having to borrow money
  • Reduce the overhead associated with collections and payables
  • Prevent bad debt with our credit analysis system
  • Set up your account in 3 to 5 working days
  • Quick credit checks for prospective customers.
  • No financials needed, No up front fees.
  • No Application Fees.
  • Real-time online reporting of outstanding balances.

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30 Day Freight Broker Factoring rates as low as 1.59%

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Simple & Flexible Factoring for Small to Medium Size Trucking Fleets

No Financials Needed - No Admin Fees - No Application Fees - No Monthly Minimum - Free Credit Checks

Freight brokers face many kinds of cash flow problems

Very few lenders offer them credit because they seldom have collateral in the form of equipment. Brokers act as intermediaries, putting together carriers with equipment and shippers with freight. Carriers need money right away, and shippers traditionally wait months before paying their shipping bills.

  • Freight brokers must register with the federal government, and licensing creates financial trusts with carriers and shippers.
  • Some brokers use shippers' payments to pay bills other than those associated with the relevant projects.
  • Carriers might not get paid, even though shippers have paid for their deliveries. The carriers can file claims against brokers' bonds or shippers, so some companies could end up paying twice for the same shipments.
  • Credit expenses run higher than factoring fees.
  • Small freight brokerages seldom have the resources to pursue collections and legal actions against shippers that default on their bills.

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Most of our Trucking clients are either:
  • Fast growing Freight broker companies whose past earnings and sales histories will not justify the increased borrowing.
  • Start-up operations with no financing base to rely upon or companies with seasonal or uneven sales patterns.
  • Principals with bad credit and cannot obtain traditional financing.
What type of Freight broker companies qualify for this type of funding service?
  • Any Freight company can qualify for a factoring receivables credit line if:
    • It hauls for credit worthy shippers.
    • It has not pledged accounts receivable as collateral.

At 1st Commercial Credit, we have account representatives specializing in trucking and transportation businesses. Whether your trucking company is running dry vans, reefers, or flatbeds, you must be successful at managing these challenges:

  • Maximizing cash flow
  • Avoid doing business with slow paying account
  • Minimizing uncollectible accounts

These challenges are our primary focus. In addition to factoring your freight bills within 24 hours, we can provide pre-screening of your new or existing freight brokers or shipper accounts, collect your receivables, and provide you with easy to understand, real-time, on-line access to all your factoring data.

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About 1st Commercial Credit, LLC
First Commercial Credit is a factoring company that offers freight factoring for the transportation industry. Services may include but are not limited to trucking, air freight, local delivery and freight brokers in the USA, Canada and the United Kingdom.

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