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Free Load Board provided by 1st Commercial Credit

Free Load Board sponsored by 1st Commercial Credit. Find loads and trucks by utilizing our state of the art Load Board service at PickaTruckLoad.com

PickaTruckLoad.com was designed to provide carriers, freight brokers, and direct shippers with free truck and load matching services.

  • FREE Searching for daily posted loads and trucks

  • FREE Automated Email load notifications on matched freight and trucks

  • FREE Posting of Loads and Trucks

  • Integrated Transportation Credit Checks available online

Load Boards In Today's Trucking Industry

The Internet has allowed businesses to come closer in ways that were unimaginable just a few years ago. Success in the trucking industry is dependent on whether a company is able to find enough loads or trucks and provide good service consistently. Internet Load Boards have become a major platform where shippers and carriers can communicate their needs. Trucking companies can ensure that clients know what capacity they have available and shippers are able to put forward their demands for carriers.

Load boards are essentially websites where truckers can post the capacity of their available equipment and search for available loads to reposition their equipment. The whole task of finding the right load or truck is simplified and allows the trucking industry to grow constantly. Load boards can be accessed 24 hours a day from anywhere in the country and truckers can post and edit information as often as required.

How does a load board work?

Load boards are like a transportation portal that allow both carriers and shippers to post and retrieve loads information online. Some load boards are free while others may require a subscription fee to access the data. Most of them require you to get an account so that a number of site features can function, like the editing and removing of load and truck postings, sending load and truck notifications, and processing credit checks. Functions and features may vary from each internet load board. Common features found in load boards are the following:

  • Posting loads or trucks
  • Searching loads or trucks
  • Email load or truck notifications
  • Online credit checks

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In summary, shippers and brokers have access to vital information that is constantly revised real-time and allows them to analyze the capacity that they have access to. Load Boards save time and can accommodate both truckers and shippers by displaying brief details of the load or truck before contacting the matching party.

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1st Commercial Credit is a provides factoring for trucking companies and services may include but are not limited to trucking, air freight, local delivery and freight brokers in the USA, Canada and the United Kingdom.

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