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Get Immediate Cash Flow with Your Freight Bills

Your company's freight bills are more than just pieces of paper with the promise of future funds. They are actually valuable forms of collateral to get the cash flow that your trucking company needs now to meet its expenses and pursue growth. 1st Commercial Credit is a factoring company that purchases unpaid invoices and forwards you 80 to 90 percent of the face value. We pay the remaining amount, less our minimal processing fee, when your customer remits payment in full. Our company bills your customer for you after purchasing the invoice. This leaves you free to focus on more important matters, like keeping your gas tanks full and your drivers on the road.

Why Freight Factoring is the Sensible Choice for All Types of Trucking Companies

1st Commercial Credit is a freight factoring company that works with everyone from single truck operators to those that manage multi-million dollar fleets. We offer unique programs to companies with small fleets, mid-size to large fleets and freight brokers. There is no monthly sales minimum for the first category. For the other two categories, we require a monthly sales volume of only $10,000. Trucking companies of all sizes prefer financing their fleets with 1st Commercial Credit for the following reasons:

  • We offer fuel discounts and advances
  • Minimal paperwork requirements and same-day loan decisions
  • No upfront fees or financials are required
  • Affordable factoring rates
  • New accounts are established within three to five working days
  • We offer revolving credit lines to large fleets with a low flat fee rate
  • You don't have to borrow money for fuel, payroll or other expenses associated with a trucking business
  • Ability to gain new loads by offering favorable credit terms to new customers
  • Your company has instant access to cash with no restrictions on how to spend it

Guaranteed Approval with Credit Worthy Shippers or Freight Brokers

As long as you haven't pledged your accounts receivable to a bank or other finance company, we should have no problem approving you for a factoring line of credit. However, you must provide us with outstanding accounts receivable invoices from customers that normally pay on time. We simply verify your customer's payment record and your own company's qualifications. Once that has been accomplished, we establish your new account and forward the funds in the manner you prefer.

Seasonal Variations Don't Matter at 1st Commercial Credit

Depending on the goods your company hauls, you could have considerable variation in monthly sales volume according to the season. That is normal and not something that deserves to be punished. Unfortunately, this is what most banks do by refusing to consider financing a trucking company with seasonal variance to its profits. We understand that you have to grab the work while it's there in this business and just wait out the slow times. With accounts receivable financing from our factoring company, you can stay on even financial footing all year long.