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Freight Factoring for Long-Distance Truckers

Freight factoring for trucking companies provides you with the cash you need to pay fuel expenses, meet payroll and more. Our factoring company, 1st Commercial Credit, takes your accounts receivable invoices off your hands and turns them into an immediate liquid. We have three different factoring programs in place depending on the size of your business. 1st Commercial Credit works with the following types of trucking companies:

  • Auto transporters
  • Reefer
  • Heavy haul and long haul
  • Oilfield services
  • Intermodal
  • Couriers
  • Freight brokers
  • Owner operators
  • Dump truck hauling

We offer factoring loans to all types of freight logistics and hauling companies. Examples include truck haulage for livestock, commodities, grain and motor freight.

How Freight Factoring for Trucking Benefits Your Company

With a factoring loan from 1st Commercial Credit, you could have money in your business bank account in as little as one day. It takes slightly longer for new customers because we must establish your account first. Our fast processing is in stark contrast to the snail's pace of bank loans or even business credit cards. If your company is new or you have had credit issues in the past, most banks will not even accept your application. This is not the case at 1st Commercial Credit. Our credit decisions are based on the credit worthiness of your customers instead. With immediate access to cash flow, you can attract new clients by offering attractive credit terms.
Our account representatives understand the realities and challenges of the trucking industry. Since gasoline costs can eat up a large portion of your profits, we are happy to offer fuel discounts. We work with one-truck operators as well as larger trucking companies with millions of dollars in fleets.

Large Credit Lines with Low Flat Rate Fees

With your unpaid accounts receivable as collateral, you can have an ongoing line of credit with our factoring company. Our credit lines go as high as 10 million dollars for large organizations. You receive the majority of the face value of your invoices right away and the remainder when the outstanding balances are paid in full. We deduct our fees, which are very low and competitive, from the final invoice payment. We also take over billing your customer once we have purchase your company's unpaid invoices.