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Freight Factoring for Liquid and Dry Bulk Trucking Companies

Business that need large amounts of liquids and dry bulk goods like grain transported depend on your trucking company to get the job done. While the load may ultimately end up on a ship or airplane, it takes a large commercial truck to get it to the port or landing. These big contracts are necessary for your business to remain profitable, but the slow turnover of unpaid invoices can become problematic. In most cases, you have to wait at least 30 days and sometimes even up to 90 days to get paid for your services. The lack of cash flow in the meantime can severely hamper your own business operations.

Fund your Trucking Invoices with 1st Commercial Credit for Immediate Cash Flow

When your liquid and dry bulk trucking company experiences a cash crunch, your first inclination may be to apply for a bank loan. Unfortunately, the wait for your loan proceeds can be almost as long as the wait for your accounts receivable. That is assuming your loan gets approved at all. Banks have strict criteria that many companies in the trucking industry are unable to meet. Our factoring company, 1st Commercial Credit, offers more flexible financing and immediate access to the funds from your unpaid invoices.

If you are unfamiliar with factoring, it is when you pledge your unpaid invoices as collateral in exchange for an instant line of credit. When you submit invoices from your best customers, we can approve your financing within one business day. The account representatives at 1st Commercial Credit evaluate your customer's credit worthiness and not your own. This is the perfect solution for business owners with past credit problems or who haven't been in business long enough to satisfy the application requirements of other lenders.

A Simple Application Process for All Types of Trucking Companies

Our freight factoring company recognizes that liquid and dry bulk trucking companies come in different sizes and have a variety of financial needs. We have financing programs for anyone from a single owner operator to a company that owns several large fleets. We can forward you up to $10 million dollars as long as your company has the outstanding accounts receivable invoices to support it. We require the following information from first-time applicants:

  • An aged accounts receivable report
  • Unpaid invoices that you want to factor
  • Contract information and payment history of customers with invoices you plan to borrow against
  • Proof of your business filing status
  • Confirmation agreement rates or purchase orders

We accept scanned copies of your supporting documentation and process your application the same day it is received. New accounts require an additional three to five days processing time before your funds can be released. Once your company's information is in our computer system, it takes less than 24 hours to disburse your funds. Our factoring loans provide your liquid and dry bulk trucking company with the cash flow it needs to operate efficiently as well as expand the business.