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Freight Bill Factoring is Here to Stay

Trucking companies have unique needs that often don't fit into the one-size-fits-all approach of banks, credit card companies and other small business lenders. Freight bill factoring has become increasingly popular because it allows trucking company owner to leverage the value of their outstanding invoices for immediate cash. This means that owners don't have to put their inventory on the line or borrow money they are not sure they can repay. Accounts receivable invoices represent money the trucking firm has coming to it. Factoring companies like 1st Commercial Credit use the invoices as collateral to guarantee repayment of the loan. This type of flexible financing is ideal for many trucking company operators.

Why Trucking Company Owners Choose 1st Commercial Credit for Their Financial Needs

Truckers who rely on our factoring company for ongoing financing say that they appreciate our knowledge of their industry and willingness to understand their challenges. Some of the other benefits of choosing 1st Commercial Credit for your freight bill factoring needs include:

  • Instant cash flow means you can haul more loads, bid on more jobs and pay your drivers competitive salaries
  • You don't have to borrow money at high interest rates to cover payroll, pay for fuel, buy permits and other general business expenses
  • We offer same-day funding on invoices from brokers and shippers that are credit worthy
  • We welcome single truck operators
  • Larger fleets can qualify for credit lines up to 10 million dollars.
  • Very affordable factoring rates
  • Fuel card discounts
  • We offer a simple funding process with no upfront fees

Take Your Trucking Business to the Next Level with a Reliable Source of Funding

Once trucking company owners see how easy it is to work with 1st Commercial Credit, they don't want to deal with banks or any other type of financing company. Your credit line is guaranteed as long as you have the outstanding accounts receivable invoices to justify it. You are welcome to apply as often as you like to keep a steady stream of cash flowing into your trucking business. Many trucking company owners tell us that a lack of working capital is one of the most discouraging aspects of running a business. We are happy to eliminate that problem for you.

We Handle Your Administrative Tasks

Invoicing customers and pursuing collection activity on late accounts is a time-consuming process. It takes away the time you have available to pursue business growth as we can help prevent bad debt by giving you up to date credit advice. 1st Commercial Credit provides you with immediate online access to your factoring data 24 hours a day. We also offer pre-screening of new and existing shipper accounts or freight brokers. These administrative services are all part of your agreement with us when we purchase your company's outstanding accounts receivable invoices.