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Trucking is a competitive industry that is definitely not for the timid. A trucking organization takes on a variety of responsibilities to a wide range of customers, which requires the company to become extremely versatile. Trucking companies need to have the resources to handle large loads, small loads, long hauls and local deliveries. That does not include the fact that trucking companies have to maintain an almost 24-hour schedule just to meet customer needs.

In order to be able to exceed customer expectations and remain successful, a trucking company needs to have several different types of resources on hand at all times. In most cases, these resources can be expensive and require a reliable cash flow for funding. The ability to fund a trucking operation is just as difficult as maintaining the resources necessary to keep customers satisfied.


Most trucking companies take two approaches when it comes to rigs; independent truckers or company-owned vehicles. The independent truckers are the ones that you see on the roads with the customized rigs that look like they are rolling homes as much as they are powerful machines. The company-owned rigs are usually very functional with company logos and information all over them.

Maintaining company rigs is expensive because you either have to have an in-house mechanic staff, or you outsource your repairs and pay for mechanics indirectly. An independent trucker maintains his own vehicle, which saves the trucking company money.


The nerve center behind every trucking company is its dispatch team. These are the people who take in the load information from various sources and then schedule the load delivery times. These are experienced professionals who must be able to couple meeting the customers' need with managing the resources that are available. It is an incredibly complicated process that can take years to understand.

The most successful trucking companies have the latest in dispatch equipment, which can cost a great deal of money. The dispatch department must also be available whenever there are trucks on the road. That means there there are a great deal of personnel costs, and there is also maintenance people on call to repair any essential equipment, such as phones or the computer network, if that equipment fails.

Customer Relations

The average repeat trucking customer will have a wide variety of needs. The customers that utilize trucking companies every day have smaller shipments that go to various locations, and then they have the occasional large shipment that is vitally important to the company's bottom line. In order to keep those customers coming back for more business, a trucking company needs to have a customer liaison that works for the trucking company, but provides services to the customers.

Customer relations in trucking is extremely important. A trucking company handles loads from hundreds of clients, but each load is vitally important to those clients. It takes an expert with experience to be able to maintain the relationships that keep trucking companies going.


Those ongoing customer relationships result in the invoices that determine the trucking company's cash flow. In an ideal world, the invoices are generated and then paid on or before their due date. This process would insure a smooth cash flow and allow the trucking company to utilize its own resources to stay in business.

But customers often allow invoices to go past due, and that puts a serious crimp in the trucking company's cash flow. A trucking company that wants to stay in business needs to find a solution for past due invoices, or risk having to take on long-term debt just to meet daily financial obligations.

Invoice Lending

Instead of a bank loan, your trucking company needs to partner with an invoice lending organization. An invoice lender for trucking companies are also referred to as Freight Factoring Companies and will pay your company for all of its outstanding invoices and only take a small lending fee for each invoice. The lender will also take on the duties of receivables and collection for you, which means that you will have one less thing to worry about.

Your customers will still do business with your company and your customers will even feel as though they are making payments to your organization as well. That is how seamless the process of invoice lending is for you and your clients. It is the solution your trucking company needs to get the cash flow you must have for future growth and success.

A trucking company has a lot of business elements to tend to on a daily basis just to stay in business. With the help of an invoice lender, your trucking company can improve its cash flow dramatically and fund your ongoing operations with ease.