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Brand Your Healthcare Staffing Agency for the 21st Century

What do potential clients think when they see your brand? Are they expecting innovative services that will lead their workforce into the 21st century? Or, do they think that your healthcare staffing agency will offer workforce solutions like it is 1999?

Branding your healthcare staffing agency for the 21st century is essential to surviving the shifting dynamics within the American workforce. Your brand is a representation of what your agency stands for within the staffing industry, so it is important that you define what that means for clients. The best way to do this is to treat your brand as an investment, which can reward your agency with lasting competitiveness. Developing and promoting your brand involves steady investments that integrate your brand with all business practices.

What Your Brand Says about Your Staffing Agency

Your brand becomes a spokesperson for your healthcare staffing agency. If you have not started the process – or decided to rebrand your agency – for relevance in today's labor market, now is the time to begin.

In general, a brand is more than a trademark or logo, although these can speak just as effectively. Instead, a brand represents the essence of any business through a sales pitch, slogan or its mission statement. For some, a brand speaks to how customers feel when they interact with a business.

The best way to identify your brand is to analyze and understand your business. This can begin internally and expand to the healthcare staffing industry at large. You want to make sure that the workforce solutions clients receive is of the best quality possible. Conversely, you can quickly destroy your brand by not delivering on the promise of services.

Through the process of analysis, ask yourself several questions about your agency:

  • What workforce solutions do you deliver?
  • What is the strategy for delivering these solutions to clients?
  • What is the core audience for your services? This can be tricky since the easy answer is the healthcare industry. However, do you want to target all medical facilities? Would you rather offer staffing solutions for just nursing homes, hospitals or outpatient clinics? Should you focus on travel nurses? Or, do you want to become a recruiter for permanent positions?
  • What company values and benefits do you bring to the staffing market?
  • What are the overall benefits for your target audience for using your services?
  • What is the message you want to send? How will that message resonate with the audience?
  • What is the one thing that should come to mind when people think about calling your staffing agency for their next hiring event? Is it quality of candidates? Great customer service? Professional demeanor? You decide what you want people to think while interacting with your brand.

These questions are a starting point to creating and defining your healthcare staffing agency brand for the 21st century.

Creating Your Brand to Standout in the 21st Century

Every brand is unique, even for businesses within the same industry. The point of having a good brand is to help others identify your agency's uniqueness and distinguish it from your competition. Good brands will contain elements listed below. As you develop a new brand or rebrand an existing one, use this as a checklist to measure whether your brand will assist with brining in the results you want.

Focus on the Market, Audience and Service

Your brand should be developed to focus on the market, audience and service your staffing agency is geared towards. As much as feasible, your brand should communicate who is your audience, i.e. healthcare administrators, HR professionals. Never attempt to emulate other company brands, no matter how great they appear to be for an industry.

Create a Clear Message

From the logo to the slogan, are you creating a clear message for potential clients to understand? You want to convey the right message to the right audience without delay. Show variations of marketing assets such as business cards, brochures and ads to people not invested in your staffing agency. How easy is it for them to identify your target audience and can they describe the message you want to promote?

Be Consistent in Brand Message Promotion

Equally important is being consistent with your brand message. Branding goes beyond marketing your workforce solutions and requires integrating the promotion into business practices. This is the responsibility of your entire staff, which includes office personnel and candidates who represent your agency while on assignment. Create a clear message that does not change, but rather, consistently communicates in all of your promotion efforts.

Develop a Communication Strategy

Once there is clarity in your brand message and the entire agency is onboard with communicating the message consistently, it is time to strategize on getting the message to your target audience. There are plenty of distractions that can make this difficult, particularly in an industry that is crowded with staffing firms.

This requires patience in addition to being consistent with your messaging. Patience is not required in terms of looking for positive business returns; rather, allow the message to filter into the market and resonate with your audience without making modifications or changes.

A good way to make sure this happens is by developing a communication strategy. Consistently promote your message through social medial channels, web ads and email marketing campaigns. Allow at least one business quarter to pass for a good campaign to resonate.

Make a Promise That You Can Keep

The promise of your healthcare staffing agency brand can be the most powerful part of the brand. While intangible, your brand's promise should be meaningful to your audience. Typically, brand promises are unspoken, but your audience will expect a certain level of performance or service delivery.

If the image and reputation of your staffing agency is based on highly competent healthcare professionals, you are expected to constantly deliver on that promise. If client experience with your brand fails to match their expectation, your brand value will be negatively affected. Trust and loyalty from clients will decline and turn into a difficult issue from which to recuperate.

It is too easy for a HR manager to call the next staffing agency than risk having another negative experience with your agency. The other end of the spectrum is invaluable testimonials, recommendations and references when your agency brand consistently delivers on its promises.

Create Action with Customers

Delivering a great, consistent message is just half of the challenge to branding your healthcare staffing agency. Ultimately, your goal in building and promoting a good brand is to influence how clients relate to that message. You create action with clients when it is obvious that they trust your message. They show their trust by giving you a sale.

Make the call to action inherent in your agency's brand message. Something like, “Trust us to provide highly skilled professionals as we have done for 25 years” or “We have the best CNAs at the best rates” tells potential clients that they should hire your services and not the services of your competitors.


Hopefully, something in this article will be fruitful during your brand building exercises. Building a new brand or revamping an old one is essential if you want to survive the current path of the staffing industry. More businesses are outsourcing part or all of their recruiting efforts for one reason or another. Some find that it is more cost-effective to use a staffing agency instead of a full-time in-house staff. Others need short-term, temporary staff to cover vacations or illnesses.

Whatever the reason, you want to invest the time into branding or rebranding your healthcare staffing agency. This might seem like a massive effort and difficult to control while simultaneously running an agency. The time and effort it takes to develop a 21st century brand is quickly overshadowed by the long-term effects of poor brand experience for clients. With the right team, you can develop a successful healthcare staffing agency brand.