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Tax lien Financing with Invoice Factoring Services

Posted on June 08, 2018 in IRS Internal Revenue Service

1st Commercial Credit introduces a new funding program for very specific industries and clients.

We have been able to accomplish funding clients with tax liens under certain conditions. Most factoring companies wait until an IRS subordination is in place to release funds on eligible accounts lien financing lady

1st Commercial Credit will now fund companies before a payment plan is in place. This is a huge leap among the invoice factoring industry because most companies that need financing to continue operations and cannot afford to wait 3 to 6 weeks. In addition, in order to have a successful payment plan, businesses be current on ALL 941 payments in order for any payment plan to be considered.

Typical Parameters needed for Invoice Factoring with Tax liens and no payment plan in place:

  1. Client must have recurring business every week with at least 4 clients.
  2. A minimum of factoring volume of 100,000 a month
  3. Current on 941 payments
  4. Current on tax filings
  5. Credit worthy accounts under net 60 day credit terms.
  6. Temp Staffing, Manufacturing, Service providers and some distributors.
  7. Must use our Attorneys to represent the payment plan.

This type of funding will not apply for industries like construction or medical related accounts receivable with insurance pay.

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