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The foam injected molding industry has seen a significant jump in business, which has been a blessing and a burden at the same time. Many of the industries that are utilizing injected foam are notorious for paying their bills late, and that is not helping the cash flow issues for the molding companies.

Cash flow is critical to any company, but it is especially critical to a foam injection company that buys a significant amount of supplies on almost a daily basis. To meet the rising customer demand, foam injection molding companies need cash on hand to bring in those supplies and meet payroll on a regular basis. With auto makers and sports equipment companies creating past due invoices, it becomes almost impossible for foam injection companies to maintain cash flow. The answer to the impossible financial questions facing foam injection companies is invoice factoring.

Invoice Factoring Utilizes Invoiced Sales To Create Cash Flow

Invoice factoring takes outstanding invoices and turns them into operating cash flow. 1st Commercial Credit is an international leader in invoice factoring for small to medium sized companies, and we have a significant amount of experience in helping the growing foam injection molding industry to meet its cash flow needs. We will advance you the face value of your approved invoices to creditworthy clients, minus our discount fee, and make sure that you have the kind of cash flow that you need and deserve. Your foam company should not suffer because your customers pay late. We will relieve that cash flow crunch by using your outstanding invoices as collateral towards critical cash advances.

The foam injection molding industry continues to grow thanks to the growing number of potential clients that realize the benefits of molded foam. 1st Commercial Credit has years of experience in helping foam injection companies just like yours to create the kind of cash flow you need to meet your ongoing financial obligations. Use our online application today to get the process started and we will show you how invoice factoring can provide the cash flow you need to grow your business and find the success you deserve.

Technology Has Made Foam Injection More Accessible

Whenever you see anything that has a specialty shape but is cushioned to the touch, then that is a foam molded part. In the days before advanced computer technology, it was expensive to have a mold created for a foam piece and that is one of the reasons why foam was not widely used. But as computers became more advanced and offered more options to the manufacturing industry, the idea of creating a foam mold suddenly became much easier and that made foam products more accessible. Your soft and cushy key chain toy in the shape of a cube could have been made with injected foam, which is something that would not have been financially possible in the past.

Promotional products, car parts and sports equipment have all benefited from the advances made in the foam injection industry. It became more financially feasible to start a foam injection company because your options for clients grew significantly. Molding companies that dealt in steel and plastic were also expanding to include foam and take part in the growing industry. It suddenly became easy to mass manufacturer thousands of foam parts for promotional use or as part of sports equipment in ways that had not been possible in the past. Athletes were safer and more companies were able to get the word out with promotional stress balls and other foam products thanks to the advances in technology.

The Auto And Sporting Goods Industries Created A Surge In Foam Products

Not too long ago, the padding for athletes in contact sports was made primarily from cloth and plastic. It was easier to create plastic molds for sporting equipment and it was also easier to attach cloth padding. But the costs for this equipment caused sporting goods manufacturers to search out other options. As the foam injection molding industry started to grow, the options for sporting equipment manufacturers grew. Today, much of the equipment that protects athletes from serious injury is made from molded foam and has proven to be more durable, more shock-resistant and longer lasting than cloth and plastic ever was.

The auto industry hit a period where government safety laws were making it difficult for the manufacturers to create cars that were cost effective, attractive and in compliance with government guidelines. The foam injection molding industry provided all of the answers that auto makers needed to create good looking cars that were also safe. It also just so happened that the durability of molded foam was a benefit for car manufacturers as well. Injected foam could be made in any color to help accommodate a car manufacturer's needs, and the foam proved to provide added safety benefits that car makers had not counted on.

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