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International Factoring and Trade Finance

International Factoring and Trade Finance

In a global economy, companies based in the United States must offer attractive financing options to international customers in order to remain competitive.

Unfortunately, the process is often complicated and it also leaves businesses in the United States in a cash crunch.

U.S. sellers need international financing options that allow small and mid-sized companies the ability to compete with large international organizations. In addition to accounts receivable factoring, 1st Commercial Credit can assist your company with all the related supply chain finance solutions. Services include trade payable finance, purchase order finance and short term loans.

When an International Accounts Receivable Factoring Service is ideal, we understand that all companies need cash flow to survive and grow, not just large businesses with established credit histories. Our company is willing to take the risk on new and small businesses because your funding is collateralized by the accounts receivable your company has as an asset. An Export Trade Factoring arrangement is the best choice for:

  • Companies that are growing fast and need constant cash flow to keep up with demand.
  • Companies that don't have the inventory or assets required for a traditional bank loan.
  • Businesses that have wide variations in profit depending on the season.
  • New and small business owners that are forced to purchase credit insurance on every account when they only require one account to be insured and funded.

Our international factoring services provides financing to customers in every major financial market in the world, having affiliates worldwide to complete the transaction.

We Simplify the Funding Process

Transacting in foreign currency is complicated enough without the added burden of complicated lending terms. At 1st Commercial Credit, our borrowing decision is based primarily on the past payment history of your customers. This flexible form of international trade financing can be approved in as little as one business day. The buyers have to be credit approved and have good financial standing.

Why Buyers Choose Our Trade Payable Platform

Start using our money in 3 to 5 days.

  • Credit availability from up to $10 million
  • Does not interfere with your lender
  • No API or software integration required
  • Free vendor portal & easy onboarding
  • Pay suppliers that need faster payments
  • Easier way to pay international suppliers
  • Any vendor can be accepted
  • No merchant network to join
  • Eliminates the need for Letters of Credit
  • Helps vital suppliers with cash flow