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Payroll Advances for Small Business

Payroll Advances to business owners
Every small business owner understands the critical importance of his staff. That is why payroll funding is such a critical issue. 1st Commercial Credit understands your payroll funding problems and that is why we offer the most comprehensive payroll advance system in the financial industry.

Our invoice factoring program is based on years of experience in working with small businesses just like yours that are working hard to make grow your business, but find payroll to be a challenge. Our small business funding experts have all of the experience and resources necessary to keep your cash flow moving and have the financial stability to make payroll each and every pay period.

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1st Commercial Credit uses your outstanding invoices as assets to your company's future. Those invoices become collateral that we apply against cash advances which go directly into your company's bank account. This gives you the reliable business line of credit you need to consistently make payroll and keep your employees happy. 1st Commercial Credit is not a bank, which means that we are not trying to get you involved in a long-term debt that will only add interest and service charges to your company's bottom line. We are the premier invoice factoring company for small businesses all over the world. Our solutions involve utilizing your company's financial strength to its advantage in meeting payroll obligations.

Payroll Advances Are Reliable And Debt-Free

When your small business seeks out bank financing to meet its payroll obligations, you are asking for years of interest debt that is only compounded by monthly service charges. If you choose to use a bank line of credit to meet payroll, you are going to eventually get capped on your growth and stuck with not enough money to make payroll. Bank lending is unreliable and comes with an arbitrary cap set by the bank. You never know when you will meet that cap, but when you do, your financing will instantly run out. Now you have years of long-term debt to pay and no way of meeting your company's payroll needs.

A reliable payroll advance from 1st Commercial Credit is based on the outstanding invoices that your company generates each day to your customer base. This is not a loan, which means that it does not come with the compounded interest and recurring service charges that loans offer. 1st Commercial Credit will advance you money based on the amounts indicated on your invoices, retaining a reserve and then deposit that cash directly into your company's bank account.

This is money your company has worked hard to generate and it is the cash flow that your company is entitled to. As long as you continue to have outstanding invoices to customers with acceptable credit, then 1st Commercial Credit can provide you with a real business line of credit based on the receivable value that never runs out.

Payroll Advances Ease Your Stress And Bring Confidence To Your Employees

1st Commercial Credit can approve your application for an account the same day we receive it. Once we approve your application, we can have your account set up in three to five business days. We utilize an Internet-based approval system which allows us to approve invoices in minutes and then advance funds into an approved account in 24 hours or less. This is the system that we have spent years developing, and we have flexible options that we can use to tailor our solution towards your company's needs. Our ability to create a customized plan for each of our small business clients is just one reason why we are the premier invoice factoring company in the world for small to medium sized businesses.

Our small business funding program allows you to forget about all of the issues that come with bank loans and bank lines of credit. As long as you are supplying us with invoices to factor, then we will supply you with the cash you need to meet payroll. This is the kind of financial program that never runs out and is always there when you need it. This is the absolute best way to consistently finance your payroll needs without taking on extra debt. We are here to meet your expectations and we are here to turn your outstanding invoices into the cash you need to meet payroll.

A Small Business Relies On Its Staff To Survive And Grow

The resourcefulness of a small business is something to be admired. Just about every small business has a staff of people performing tasks that would normally be done by a larger team. But the small business survives because of the dedication and versatility of its staff. When one person calls in sick to a small business office, everyone feels the extra pressure of losing that one person. The people who work for a small business work hard and they all want to see the company grow into something more substantial. That kind of dedication needs to be rewarded with a consistent payroll funding program. The small business that takes on a premier invoice factoring company such as 1st Commercial Credit can have a funding program in place that rewards its staff each and every pay period.

The people who work for a small business feel that extra level of dedication that may not be found in larger corporations. But missing payroll in a small business can create a feeling of being defeated before the company even has a chance to get started. Employees of a small business need their paychecks and they hold the company accountable for providing those checks on a regular basis. Instead of scrambling every pay period and hoping to make payroll on time, the proactive small business owner has his invoice factoring plan in place with 1st Commercial Credit that provides the payroll advances needed to keep the staff happy and dedicated.

Small Businesses Are The Backbone Of Our Economy

1st Commercial Credit is proud to be able to offer a customized payroll advance program to any small business that needs it. We do not care about your company's credit score and we do not care if your company just came out of bankruptcy. We base our financial decisions on your clients' credit scores, which is how we are able to offer our valuable programs to any small business that needs them. We are proud of the work we do for the small businesses that make up the backbone of the national economy, and we want to show you how we can help your small business make payroll consistently.

The success of a small business is tied directly to the dedication and hard work of its staff. That hard work must be rewarded with payroll that is met on a consistent basis. Cash advances against outstanding invoices is the most efficient way to provide the funding for payroll that small businesses need, and 1st Commercial Credit is the premier organization for offering those kinds of payroll services. Contact 1st Commercial Credit today and get your small business funding program in place immediately. Once you see just how quickly we can take care of your payroll needs, you will understand why so many small businesses are turning to 1st Commercial Credit for payroll financing programs that never fail.

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