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5 Ways 1st Commercial Credit Beats the Banks in Business Credit Lines

5 Ways 1st Commercial Credit Beats the Banks in Business Credit Lines

Finding the right solution for your company's short and long-term funding needs is critical to your success in the competitive marketplace. One key element in this search is selecting a financial partner that offers the most flexible and cost-efficient product choices for your needs.

At 1st Commercial Credit, we specialize in providing advanced financial solutions that help your company maintain fluidity in difficult economic conditions. In fact, every client we have funded was offered more than the bank. We realized this and registered the trademark “We Lend More Than The Bank™”.

Here are five ways in which we deliver superior products and services when compared to other lending companies in the receivable loans marketplace.

A wider range of collateralization options

The 1st Commercial Credit team can evaluate your current collateral options and provide you with the most extensive array of choices available for your company's particular situation.

We offer accounts receivable financing and purchase order financing to provide your company with the greatest possible degree of leverage and growth. Credit lines on A/R work like any other corporate lines of credit, making them a valuable and reusable addition to your company's financial portfolio.

Streamlined paperwork processes

At 1st Commercial Credit, we don't waste your time with lengthy application forms and paperwork. We have streamlined the entire process to save you time and ensure that we get the basic information we need to evaluate your application and get back to you quickly.

Our basic application for funding on invoices requires your company to fill out just two pages of information and to provide us with some basic data on the invoices and your company. We make it simple to find the financial solution for your operational needs.

Faster processing for your application

Once we have received your completed application form and any additional information required, we can often provide you with a decision within one business day.

If your application is approved, we can usually complete the entire funding and disbursement of funds for receivables within 3 to 5 days after the final decision. This allows you to receive cash on hand more quickly for use in managing your corporate operations and providing added financial flexibility for your company.

Increased likelihood of approval

Receivable financing approvals are based on different financial criteria than those used by a traditional bank or lending companies. Rather than looking solely at the potential borrower and its credit scores, financing on receivables take into consideration the credit rankings and reliability of the corporate entities who are financially responsible for payment of the invoices.

1st Commercial Credit can evaluate the credit ratings of your clients and provide you with a better chance of approval in the receivables lending marketplace.

Lower fees and larger disbursements than comparable bank loans

Because we specialize in providing funding on receivables, we can offer competitive fees with higher advance rates compared to traditional banking parameters. Our unique business model provides your company with the cash it needs quickly and at affordable rates, allowing you to manage your cash flow fluctuations more effectively and proactively.

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We Attract Clients That Experience:

  • Growing faster than their cash flow
  • Require Funding in 3 to 5 days
  • Uneven seasonal sales volume
  • Lose their line of credit at the bank
  • Slow cash flow due to a slow payments
  • Need export receivable financing
  • Need import payable financing
  • Require purchase order financing
  • Factoring Rates at 0.69% to 1.59%