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Is Your Staffing Company Out Of Payroll Money?

Payroll Funding for Staffing Companies

Published 9/28/2012

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Do you need Payroll Funidng Now?

The staffing world is quickly expanding. These groups look for different types of employees or labor for companies that need outsourcing services.

Staffing companies hunt down the best employees so that businesses of all types of the help they need. This makes it easier to a company to get jobs done without dealing with typical expenses, staffing issues and benefits. Staffing organizations save businesses a lot of time and energy. However, such staffing groups need to find reliable ways to fill their payroll. After all, the outsourced help needs to be paid and most client groups do not pay for service for as much as 30 to 50 days. The following provides some inside information about the challenges that come with building payroll for a staffing company and how to go about this.

How Do Staffing Companies Fund Their Payroll when they Incur a Delay in Payment?

When a company outsources for talented support, a staffing group hunts down both skilled and unskilled labor to support such groups. However, payment takes time. The full transfer or pay for services can take as much as a month or two. This delay in payment can take its toll on a staffing group's payroll and cash flow. After all, it takes time to cobble together timesheets, spreadsheets and to transfer funds. This gap in cash flow means that staffing groups need to look into financing or funding options.

Staffing Companies need Financial Support for their Payroll when they are Quickly Expanding

Another reason that staffing companies need financial support for their payrolls is that outsourcing is becoming more popular. Companies like having a company to turn to during busy times. All types of businesses around the country seek out staffing groups to find them temporary help: everything from nursing, Information Technology Groups to Sales and Construction Companies. To keep up with this demand, a staffing company has to expand quickly, even if they don't necessarily have the payroll in place to support such employees. This is where financing options and support come into play. Proper support means that groups can meet demand while also paying staff. This is a win-win situation.

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Payroll Financing and Funding for Staffing

Many companies today offer payroll funding for staffing groups. This is a flexible way to support the outsourcing demand businesses have today. Lenders use accounts receivable as collateral. This protects a bank. The whole process is quick and easy to help staffing groups find support or capital in less than a week. In fact, most lenders provide working capital in as little as three days.

Which Staffing Agencies Qualify for Payroll Funding

Many different groups can quality for receivables credit line or financing. Most businesses that apply for such funding are groups that are growing so fast that sales and earnings can't keep up, those with uneven sales patterns, and groups that have unconventional payment procedures. Since staffing groups receive payment after 30 days or more, they qualify for receivables credit or financing. Staffing businesses need to provide documentation of sales, profits, and services.

Traditional Lenders and Banks do not like to Funding Payroll for Staffing Agencies

Staffing businesses do not normally work with traditional lending groups because such businesses do not have traditional collateral. This is why such businesses need to look for lenders that will use accounts receivables as collateral for credit. This gives a staffing agency the power they need to pay employees. Such funds give a staffing group the cash flow they need.

Staffing agencies need to work with organizations that have a solid credit history

After all, lenders do not want to risk losing their investment. Having financing means that a business can pay staff, expand without worry and increase cash flow to keep up with demand, refine services and expand its offerings. Thus, the group can take on new clients and link them with reliable staff without worrying about their payroll expenses.

Seasonal Ebbs and Flows

Different industries have different peaks and valleys. Thus, some staffing agencies will see incredibly busy times of the year and dead periods too. Having financing with accounts receivable as collateral ensures that a businesses can survive seasonal dips and peaks. Whenever a staffing group needs funds, it just needs to send in invoices, timesheets and information about credit-approved companies and customers. This shows lenders that a business has the necessary collateral. Cash will then be transferred so that the businesses can operate as normal. These funds can be used for just about anything.

Proper Documentation

Staffing agencies that want to increase cash flow and expand without worry need to stay on top of their documentation and paperwork. Groups need to work with credit-approved customers and must have invoices, timesheets and other accounting materials organized and ready for review. Having all of this information easily accessible makes it easier to secure funding.

Proper Buffer or Cash Flow Cushion is Vital for Temporary Staffing

Staffing agencies deserve to have a cushion to work with. This is where financing comes into play for a staffing group. Talking to reputable lenders and putting up accounts receivable as collateral is a great way to secure a financial cushion. This ensures that all bills are paid and that a staffing agency has the necessary payroll in place. This keeps staff and clients happy. Staffing companies can only grow if they have the right resource in place. Given the delay in client payments, it makes sense to open a line of credit. Thankfully, there are great options if people use their accounts receivable as collateral. Even unexpected bills or a lapse in business can be survived with such funds at a company's disposal.

Having Payroll Funding Secured Keeps Outsourced Employees Happy

No one wants to wait months to be paid for their work. A staffing agency can lose talented employees if they do not pay them quickly. This is why it is important to look for funding options. Opening a line of credit or source of financing ensures that staff are always paid on time, even if a client hasn't yet transferred the funds or tallied up timesheets. Having money to support a staffing group's payroll is an important investment. Happy employees will stay on board and continue to take jobs. Reliable workers who understand their industry are valuable to a staffing group. This is why it is important to cushion the payroll so such employees are quickly paid.

Where to Look For Pay Roll Funding

Many lenders today offer financing options to staffing agencies. Groups should check both in their community as well as online. Applying to a variety of places ensures that a staffing agency works with a company that offers them the right amount of cash flow as well as low fees and an easy application and funds transfer process. Lenders want to work with growing staffing agencies. Thus, this is a win-win situation: a staffing group has the cash flow it needs to grow and lenders have new clients with sizeable collateral.

Staffing agencies are valuable today. Many companies are looking to save time and money by outsourcing work to talented staff. A staffing company needs to keep up with this demand by looking for payroll funding. There are many lenders out there that can supply the necessary cash flow. Staffing agencies need to look at their collateral, consider how much credit or cash they need, and should talk to lenders about different options. This is a chance to keep both clients and employees happy.

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