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Banks should consider Export Trade Finance Outsourcing

Published 12/31/2005

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If you're a bank with a limited international presence, you may be struggling to deliver accounts receivable finance to your large corporate customers involved in foreign export trade. If so, then international accounts receivable outsourcing may be your answer.

According to an October 1997 article in Business America: ”One of the first decisions companies face when contemplating global trade is how to address the attendant credit risks and administrative responsibilities involved ------ international factoring offers small- and mid-sized companies a practical, cost-effective strategy for penetrating global markets. By giving exporters the protection they need, and by extending open credit terms to their customers, international factoring provides a solid foundation for profitable new trading relationships that keep businesses on track for greater growth”.

As a bank offering these services in international markets, you may be facing certain challenges. According to Jeremy Shaw, head of trade services for JP Morgan Treasury Services, there are three things that prevent banks from keeping up with international trade finance: increasing costs, competitive technology and globalization. Because of these factors, many banks now turn to outsourcing their export trade finance to international banks or finance companies that specialize in foreign trade. 1st Commercial Credit specializes in providing export receivable finance, purchase order financing, letters of credit, credit analysis, credit protection and foreign collections for U.S. export trade companies.

Increasing costs

It's a fact: offer continuous service, and your costs keep climbing. Offer newer more competitive services, and your costs skyrocket. At 1st Commercial Credit, we offer consistent, competitive rates and you don't have to worry about the rising cost of doing business in each country. Our financial services only incur fees to the client when a transaction is funded. The fee is bundled into one package that includes, credit protection and mitigation of foreign receivable risk, 24/7 online reporting and tracking to help manage activities, funding of accounts receivable, collections, and access to a team of credit professionals and operation specialist.

Competitive Technology

With the media constantly revealing what's available in banking, it's easy to see why more and more customers expect the latest, most advanced technology from banking institutions. At 1st Commercial Credit, we offer cutting edge technology and competitive services available online 24/7 and credit approvals within 48 hours.


As more manufacturing companies move their plants into Asia and India, international accounts receivable trade is growing. At 1st Commercial Credit, we have experienced account representatives who can meet operational needs of our customers in 60 different countries (including Asia, Europe, Latin America, India, Africa and the Middle East) and are able to finance transactions in over 17 currencies.

When choosing an outsourcing partner, consider 1st Commercial Credit for your outsourcing needs. One thing is certain: you will never have to worry about us competing for your business. Our service is trade receivable financing; not banking, and we are committed to your success.

In summary, 1st Commercial Credit can offer the following:

  • Accounts Receivable Funding provided around the world with clients and representation in every major world market
  • Purchase order finance, trade finance, letters of credit and credit insurance
  • Credit protection and mitigation of foreign receivable risk
  • Access to customer credit ratings online 24/7
  • Credit approvals for new buyers and distributors in any country within 48 hours
  • Access to online reporting and tracking
  • Collection services

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  • Over 15 years in business
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