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We offer a variety of financial solutions to help your cash flow problems
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Invoice Factoring For Small And Large Business Owners In Little Rock (AK)

To remain competitive and make products or services more attractive, many business owners need to sell on credit terms, allowing customers to pay for goods or services later. This practice is commonly used for transactions that involve large amounts of money or a long shipping process. For well-established companies, waiting for payment is not a problem. They tend to have enough cash reserves to cover their expenses and continue running the business generally while waiting for payment.

However, many companies in Little Rock cannot afford to wait several weeks or even months for payments. These businesses need cash as soon as they deliver the product, but they also need to stay competitive by offering flexible payment alternatives. Turning to factoring companies for small businesses is an excellent solution for businesses in Little Rock facing a similar situation. 1st Commercial Credit has over 18 years of experience financing businesses just like yours. We can evaluate your unique situation and provide you with financing options to fit your business needs and goals.

Invoice factoring is an excellent cash flow solution for small and medium-sized businesses. Many companies in Little Rock have to continue running and cover payroll, bills, expenses and many other financial responsibilities which can become challenging if cash flow is tight. In order to know if this alternative type of financing would work for your business, it is crucial to understand how invoice factoring works.

With invoice factoring, a business sells its invoices (accounts receivables) to a specialized factoring company like 1st Commercial Credit. The factor advances a significant percentage of the invoice value in the form of fast cash. Then, when the customer eventually pays for the goods/services they received, the factoring company releases the remaining balance after subtracting a factoring fee. In other words, invoice factoring allows a business to get “quick payment” after they’ve invoiced a customer for a service or product, even if the client has agreed to pay later on. 

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Many think of traditional financing institutions such as banks, credit unions, and loan associations as the only options when companies need financing. The process for all of these institutions is very similar to when applying for a loan, requiring endless paperwork and a lot of collateral. For most small businesses, it might be challenging to comply with all the requirements.

On the other hand, a factoring company is willing to work with small businesses without requiring significant payment guarantees, demanding long-term contracts, or outstanding credit scores. This is a much easier and flexible financing method for small and medium-sized companies in Little Rock. The initial cash advance and factoring fee vary depending on the creditworthiness of the debtor, the factor, and the length of the commercial relationship. Similarly, the requirements are different from one factoring company to another.

Manufacturing Invoice Factoring Speeds Up Cash Flow

The manufacturing industry often deals with long-term payment plans to remain competitive, encourage clients to place larger orders and establish a solid, trusting relationship with customers. In addition, margins are usually slim in the manufacturing business sector.

Manufacturers have many expenses, including purchasing equipment, purchasing raw materials, pre-paying subcontractors and suppliers, renting space, and paying employees.

Because of this, manufacturing companies with cash flow issues may not be able to continue running operations successfully. Fortunately, accounts receivable line of credit for manufacturers helps manufacturers in Little Rock offer competitive terms to clients while maintaining a good cash flow balance to sustain and grow their business. Manufacturing invoice factoring is a type of financing that helps businesses resolve cash flow and working capital problems. Extended payment terms and slow-paying customers often cause these cash flow shortages — usually anywhere between 30 to 120 days or more in some cases.

Invoice factoring company for manufacturers in Little Rock

Instead of turning to a traditional bank loan, you can begin selling your outstanding invoices to the factoring company with receivable financing. The factoring company will give manufacturers an advancement based on the total value of the invoices with the expectation that your customers will pay the invoice back. With manufacturing factoring, companies can continue to fulfill orders while taking on new ones.

The main differences between a traditional bank loan and invoice financing are:

  1. Your credit status is not essential. Factors focus more on the credit score of your customers (account debtors) who are responsible for paying for the invoices.
  2. Factors take total control of collection services, saving you time and money.
  3. Getting approval for financing is easier and faster than traditional lending.
  4. The process is made simple and done electronically, making it fast and convenient.
  5. No upfront or hidden fees. 

Manufacturing businesses in Little Rock with a good and reliable client base can significantly benefit from factoring. As long as the manufacturing companies can prove that their clients can pay on time and have high-volume orders, approval is likely. 1st Commercial Credit offers a wide array of financing options for Arkansas businesses in various industries.

What Does It Mean To Factor Invoices For The Wholesale And Distribution Industry?

Some industries work better with invoice factoring than others. The wholesale and distribution industry is one that mainly benefits from invoice factoring. The reason for this is because wholesalers and distributors frequently struggle with cash flow issues. As the in between manufacturers and retailers or resellers, these businesses struggle with balancing income and expenses at some point. Payment delays, payroll responsibilities, bills, seasonality, and overhead costs contribute to a constant cash crunch that can be difficult to manage without additional funding. If your wholesale and distribution business in Little Rocks is looking for a fast and easy way to improve working capital, factoring may be a great fit.

1st Commercial Credit is an experienced lender offering various accounts receivables funding solutions for businesses just like yours. Accounts receivable financing is a solution for short-term funding that allows a company to draw from its receivables. It is advantageous if a disruption exists between the cash inflows and outflows of the business.

AR financing can take different forms, but the three major types are:

  1. Factoring
  2. Accounts receivable loans
  3. Asset-based lending 

Invoice factoring is a great financing tool for wholesale and distribution companies in Little Rock. The factoring process involves selling your company's receivables to a factoring company in exchange for cash upfront. With distributor financing, the factor typically advances between 80-97% of the total invoice value (depending on the industry). Once your wholesale and distribution customer pays the invoice, the factor will release the remainder to your business after subtracting a small factoring fee (typically 1-5%).

Wholesalers and distributors deal with extended payment terms and frequent overhead and payroll expenses. This situation makes it challenging for many wholesalers who must operate with limited cash flow at hand. Some struggle or fail to stay in business without a source of reliable financing. Invoice factoring allows companies to get cash immediately from their receivables, drastically shortening the payment cycle and allowing them to continue running a healthy business. 

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In contrast to traditional bank lending, invoice factoring for wholesale and distribution companies is not a loan at all. It's the sale of an asset (unpaid invoices) in exchange for immediate cash. That means it will not affect your credit rating. The minimum requirements are easier to fulfill for this alternative financing, allowing businesses with lower credit scores, limited operating history, or few assets to qualify still.

Our services are competitive and offer the following:

  1. Financing rates at 0.69% to 1.59%
  2. Advances up to 97% (depending on the industry)
  3. No application fee
  4. No hidden fees 
  5. Fast approvals
  6. Outstanding customer service

1st Commercial Credit Helps All Types Of Healthcare Providers In Little Rock

Invoice factoring has gained popularity as the perfect financing solution that provides funding for diagnostic centers, medical practices, and other types of healthcare businesses. Healthcare accounts receivable financing offers a fast and straightforward solution to improve your cash flow with many advantages. Some of the benefits include:

Medical factoring in Little Rock
Medical AR factoring company in Little Rock
Agriculture industry factoring company Arkansas
  1. Immediate cash — 1stCC can advance cash on qualified receivables in 24 hours or less.
  2. Fast and simple — One of the main benefits of healthcare factoring is that the application process is quick and straightforward.
  3. Minimal requirements - 1stCC doesn’t require a history of profitability, tax returns, personal financial statements, business plans, or personal guarantees. 
  4. No long-term obligation — Our agreements will not tie business owners to long-term contracts. You can stop or begin factoring at any time.
  5. Flexibility — Business owners have the freedom to factor in when they want, how they want, and for as long as they want.
  6. Unlimited capital — Another benefit of healthcare factoring is that the line of credit can grow along with your sales. As sales increase, more cash becomes immediately available to you.

1st Commercial Credit specializes in providing healthcare financing for a variety of healthcare service providers. Our customers typically provide services or supplies to medical facilities. Some of the types of healthcare businesses we work with include:

Medical staffing companies in Little Rock
  1. Medical staffing companies
  2. Nurse staffing companies
  3. Medical coding
  4. Diagnostic centers
  5. Medical billing
  6. Medical transcription
  7. Home care
  8. Physician’s offices
What Is Little Rock Known For?

Little Rock is located in the state's center and has nearly 200,000 people, making it the largest city in Arkansas. This city offers plenty of options for things to do. Little Rock's bustling River Market District has many restaurants, shops, bars, nightlife, museums and hotels, and the area's main library. Main attractions to visit in the city include the Clinton Presidential Center and Park, the nearby world headquarters of Heifer International, and the Central Arkansas Nature Center. For the arts and culture fans, Arkansas Arts Center is a great stop. In addition to learning about the Arkansas government and history at the Clinton Presidential Center, some of the other historic sites include the Historic Arkansas Museum, Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site,  Mount Holly Cemetery, and Old State House Museum. 

Economy Of Little Rock

Little Rock has a business-friendly environment and a skilled workforce, making it the home of many large employers in various industries. The key industries in Little Rock are advanced manufacturing, corporate operations, distribution and logistics, energy technologies, financial services and technologies, headquarters, healthcare and medical, and startups and innovation.