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Industries We Often Fund

We are adding new industries all the time. Here is a list of some industries we are currently factoring:

Accounts Receivable Factoring for a Manufacturer - Manufacturing plants, packaging companies, technology importers, electronics,  automotive parts distributors, and any business that sell credible accounts. Set up an account in 3 to 5 working days. No financials needed, No up-front fees to set up.  More Info

Factoring Trucking Companies - Freight Factoring for Trucking and Transportation Companies. We factor all transportation companies including Long Haul - LTL and Truck load, Local Delivery companies, Freight Brokers, Air Freight carriers and Hazardous Hauling. You can set up an account in 3 to 5 working days and freight bill funding occurs same day or within 24 hrs. More Info

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Factoring Temporary Staffing Firms -  We can help you grow your company with unlimited payroll funding , whether you're a start up or a multi-million dollar operation. Set up an account in 3 to 5 working days, no financials needed, no up-front fees to start. Our clients provide staffing for various industries including Professional, Office Services, and Manufacturing. More Info

Medical and Healthcare Staffing Factoring - We specialize in accounts receivable financing for Medical Staffing agencies and know credit line facilities and cash flow for your business are not easy to obtain nowadays. Collecting from hospitals, nursing homes, physical therapy centers and others related are no problem for us. We understand the industry because We Know Your Customers! More Info

Factoring Service Providers - We are always adding new industries and will consider factoring service providers in any industry. Set up your factoring account in 3 to 5 working days, no up-front fees to begin funding and no financials will be required. More Info

Healthcare Factoring - Medical receivable funding is a means by which the healthcare provider receives immediate cash for his/her billings to third party payors, (i.e. commercial insurance companies, HMO's, Blue Cross-Blue Shield, Medicare and Medicaid). Clients include nursing homes, laboratories, physical therapy centers, practice physicians, ambulance companies, hospitals and more. Please note that this program is different than commercial accounts billing. More Info

Government Factoring - We know your government contract cash flow problems: Big contracts use up all your operating capital and pay net 30 to 60 days later. Cash flow shortages in weekly payroll and fixed overhead. Passing up new contracts and sometimes can't even fulfill the ones you have on hand. Call us now! and we can set up your account in 3 to 5 working days. We have experienced account executives that deal with government assignments. We have specialized experts that are familiar with the "Assignment of Claims" which is a federal law which allows and specifies the procedures for assigning financial rights to invoices of government contractors. More Info

Agriculture Factoring and Produce Receivable Financing -  While almost every factoring company in the country will turn down agriculture receivables, we can fund this type of industry. Factoring perishable items is a challenge and we have account representatives that understand your business. Understanding and meeting PACA's requirements in the produce industry business is key in making successful decisions. Unlike most banks and financial lenders, we know the special characteristics of the agricultural industry inside and out - the people, the processes, the challenges and the opportunities that awaits your business. Our clients include growers, shippers, brokers and processors ranging in size from $1 million to $50 million in annual sales. More Info

Factoring Accounts Receivable for Contractors and Construction Related Industries - We create a winning situation all around. We utilize the good credit of the entity ordering the products or services to finance the contractor or vendor who otherwise cannot take on the contract. The vendor wins by accepting and executing new business opportunities that will take them to the next level. The purchasing entity wins by accommodating greater diversity among its vendor base. In many cases, the purchaser has stated or mandated goals for participation among certain types of vendors.

Accounts Receivable Factoring and Finance for International Receivables - Accounts receivable financing is helping U.S. based companies maintain growth in sales by providing flexible export finance. As the global economy becomes more competitive, U.S. companies must now provide better financing terms to international customers. International receivable finance allows exporters and manufacturers to enhance their sales efforts and successfully compete in the international market place. More on International Factoring

Consumer and Retail Installment Contract Financing -  By using our consumer finance program, you can get the money from your sales immediately instead of over the next few years. We can quickly qualify and fund your new sales and provide you with the cash you need to keep on growing. Our funding program saves time and expense compared to managing the  receivables internally. Our flexible and customized plans are designed to deliver the level of services and financial support that's right for you.  More information on Financing Consumer Contracts.

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