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Tips for Independent Truckers To Find New Clients

There is a healthy segment of the trucking industry that consists of truckers who own their own rigs and are constantly looking for loads to move. There is a high level of financial risk involved in being an independent trucker, but there can also be a high level of reward if you know how to find the good loads to haul.

An independent trucker has to constantly keep his ears open to find that next load which will help pay the bills. One tip that all independent truckers need to follow is to understand what your costs are for the year and the work to meet those financial needs. If you have no idea how much money you need to make to cover your business and living expenses for the year, then you will have no clue how much money you will need to generate to stay in business.

Shipping Websites

There are several websites run by contracting organizations that work to bring independent truckers together with the clients who need loads moved. You can use websites that have a variety of listings that you can bid on, or you can join a load board. A load board is a website that becomes a directory for clients looking to have loads moved. The trucker pays a monthly subscription rate and then posts all of his relevant information. The website then goes out and finds clients that have shipping needs and the clients contact the truckers directly.

Independent truckers will find that the Internet is a great resource for finding consistent work. But it should be noted that the nature of the Internet is to invite competition. That means that truckers will need to work hard to create competitive rates that will get them work, and will also allow them to make a profit as well.

Another kind of website that will come in handy is a reverse load board. A reverse load board is more of a marketplace where truckers post their availability to clients that have loads to move. The big difference between a reverse load board and a website that allows truckers to bid on loads is that there is no bidding on a reverse load board. The client chooses the trucker he wants to work with based on the information he is presented.

Freight Broker

The freight broker can be an independent trucker's best resource, provided that the trucker has a strong relationship with his broker. A freight broker has a lot of contacts with companies that move loads and are always looking for independent truckers. But the problem is that any given freight broker has a lot of independent truckers that he represents. It is inevitable that some truckers are going to be disappointed at the amount of work they get through a broker.

In some ways, working with a freight broker is a great experience for an independent trucker because it gets the trucker into good habits. A broker will consistently give work to a driver who is responsible and reliable. Drivers who are constantly late for picking up or delivering loads, get into arguments with clients or damage client product are not going to get a lot of work from a freight broker.

Personal Contacts

A trucker spends most of his time on the road, so networking with business contacts is not always easy. But an ambitious independent trucker will find time to get out and talk to prospective clients as often as possible. On the days when a trucker is not on the road working, he should be talking to manufacturing companies, sales organizations and any other kind of business that would normally need the services of a reliable trucker.

An independent trucker is a professional driver who wants to be in control of his own business and get his own work. In order to get the amount of work he needs to stay in business, an independent trucker needs to be ambitious and he also needs to stay in touch with the right people. There are plenty of tools on the Internet that an independent trucker can use to get some of the work he needs. But to make the kind of money a trucker needs to survive, he needs to work hard to find the right contacts and stay in touch with the right people.