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What Every New Hire Orientation Needs to Include

The first day at a new job is an exciting time for a new employee. There is the anticipation of meeting a whole new group of people and the wide-eyed thrill of starting a new adventure. To some employees, the idea of starting a new job means a new step in their climb towards reaching their career goals.

As a company manager, you want your new hires to be able to sit at their desks and become productive immediately. Every day that new hires are not productive is money that your company has lost forever. But before a new hire can be productive, he needs to go through an orientation class. The more comprehensive the orientation class is, the sooner your new hires can become productive members of the team.

Company History

It is important that your new hires get a quick introduction to the history of your organization. By understanding the history of the company, your new hires can appreciate how much the company has accomplished and gain a small feeling of pride in the organization that they work for.

Meet the Executives

The best way to make a new hire feel comfortable with a new company is to make the executives in the company accessible during orientation class. The company executives should meet with new hires for a quick introduction and then maybe a few questions as well.

Company Policies

The new hire orientation is when each new employee gets their company handbook that includes all of the company policies. These include important policies such as the sexual harassment policies, the procedures for vacation and sick days, the process for reporting company policy violations, the emergency evacuation plan and any other policies that dictate employee behavior.

The company trainer should distribute the handbooks and then spend time reviewing the important policies. Some companies go so far as to have policy quizzes during the orientation classes to make certain that employees are reviewing the policies and taking the time to understand them.

Office Tour

An office tour with a group of new hires can often feel uncomfortable, but it is an essential part of any orientation program. Rice University suggests that one good way to foster teamwork is to make sure that employees are familiar with each other and that they know their manager as well. An office tour is the time to start introducing new employees to their co-workers and their immediate managers as well.

Departmental Training

A good new hire orientation program will generally last for at least a week. Some companies have new hire training classes that last for as much as six weeks. During that time, the new hire should spend some time in his department getting to know his new manager better and being introduced to some departmental specific training.

This will also be the time when the office logistics personnel assign the new employee a phone and a computer. Everything that needs to be done to prepare for the employee's first actual work day in his new department is done during this departmental training segment. The employee is introduced to his work tasks and he is shown all of the departmental procedures.

The new hire orientation should be a time when a company introduces a new employee to his team of co-workers and a time for the company to introduce itself to a new employee. This should be a time handled by professional corporate trainers who know how to help people make the transition from new hires to productive employees.