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Recruitment Strategies of Good Staffing Agencies

Finding top-tier candidates is no longer dependent on simply having access to online recruitment sites. The old-fashioned way of placing newspaper advertisements has certainly become a thing of the past. Today, staffing agencies must implement innovative recruitment strategies to find the best candidates for clients. This requires keeping an open-mind, understanding the job market and being responsive to client needs.

Good staffing agencies do not rely on a stack of resumes and expect job candidates to magically walk in the door. Traditional approaches are no longer valid options. Rather, these agencies develop strategies to reach the best candidates.

For 2013 and beyond, changes in recruitment is giving way to social media tools. Not only are more staffing agencies incorporating these tools into their recruiting habits, but these tools are also good ways to brand the agencies.

Besides social media, many new approaches to finding and retaining good talent are easy to use. They offer inexpensive ways to expand the advertising budget without compromising on the quality of talent.

Below are six innovative strategies used by smart staffing agencies working to remain relevant in a changing environment.

1. Hold Open House Recruitment Events

Hundreds of thousands of resumes are circulating the Internet for different job openings. Further, the online resume builder services are popular among candidates who want detailed bio-data that makes a good impression. Therefore, smart staffing agencies must create a layer between submitting a resume to clients and the interview process. This enables them to analyze the good, the efficient and the talented to present to clients.

One innovative way to host an open house is to setup debate-style formats for candidates to discuss related business issues. Dividing candidates into groups is a good way to observe communication styles, working knowledge, character, behavior traits and interests.

During these events, recruiters can also make note of leadership qualities and affinities toward team work. Of course, these objectives are in line with the types of qualities clients are looking for in their employees. Recruiters can filter eligible candidates through this simplified and innovative screening process for virtually error-free selections.

2. Incentivize Job Candidates

Good staffing agencies are eager to show candidates that they are important and required for success. Clients are the one who pay invoices, but not before agencies place qualified candidates in needed positions. Recruiters will show dream candidates that they are willing to help candidates find better opportunities.

Hosting a party for top-tier candidates is a way to reward candidates with small gifts. These candidates will believe that they are valued. They will also feel confident that the staffing agencies are looking out for their best interests.

3. Expand Candidate Searches

Primarily, clients have three basic qualities that they expect from every employee: passion for success, dedication to meeting objectives and recognition of why they were hired. Some staffing agencies might find top-tier candidates easily by targeting Fortune 100 places. However, remote and urban locations may have a reservoir of untapped talent who work just as well. The bottom line is to fill positions with candidates who have the professional qualities needed for the job.

4. Organize Events Not Focused on Job Hunting

This may seem counterproductive for a staffing agency that specializes in placing people in jobs. However, this can be an effective way to remove pressure barriers to the job hunting grind. Whether candidates are looking for a new job or want a career change, hosting an event that is not focused on jobs – like a job fair – can give candidates a fresh perspective.

Themes for these events could center on discussions about new technology trends or globalization, for example. Events can be organized as a conference with open discussions about management or marketing. During the event, recruiters can collect candidate information; these same candidates can network with other attendees. A lunch or dinner afterward is another way to extend the meet and greet phase of recruiting.

5. Incorporate Videos with Social Media

Progressive staffing agencies will use various media strategies to target the best candidates. Generally, videos and social media strategies can be extremely fruitful for staffing agencies. These tools allow agencies to connect with professionals from all over the world.

Many popular social networking sites connect staffing agencies to qualified candidates. They can collaborate and become better acquainted before the first interview is scheduled. Candidates are sharing more information online about their professional accomplishments.

The days of relying on newspaper advertisements are over. Recruiters have a better chance of capturing candidates' attention by using videos and podcasts as effective alternatives. Not only will viewers receive valuable information for making career decisions, but they can also hear speeches from executive leaders. This can boost the brand image of staffing agencies in a pool of recruiting companies.

Winning Online Recruitment Trends

There has been an increase in effective online trends that staffing agencies are using in their recruitment strategies. Not only are more agencies embracing multimedia tools, but they are increasing their brand power.

The emphasis on streamlining mobile and social media tools is essential. Many people depend on the mobile devices to stay connected to the latest news within their industry. Even social interactions can connect staffing agencies to the right people.

Translate these connections to interactive career sites and agencies can have a powerful social media recruitment plan. Eventually, the job market will no longer be saturated with more applicants than job openings. Smart staffing agencies are taking the long view to prepare for this shift while finding good candidates today.

However, online recruitment trends are balanced with utilizing the right messaging and online assessment tools. While it is important to connect with prospective candidates, making sure the right ones enter the pipeline is more important.

Effective multimedia marketing can occur without busting recruitment budgets. Low-cost campaigns can be conducted through comprehensive planning. Incorporating timing, messaging, placement and a little creativity into one plan is better than having a piecemeal approach.

Every detail of multimedia plans will have an impact on the branding of staffing agencies. Thoughtful consideration will ensure that plans are effective in a good way. Job candidates will remember and sign up with agencies for the right reasons. Keeping communication lines open takes recruitment to another level.

Basically, three social media activities are effective for staffing agencies that want to recruit top-tier talent for their clients. The success of current trends seems to suggest that these are valuable tools for agencies.

Staffing agencies looking for effective recruitment strategies are using quality content in targeted status updates. Online content that is related to specific industries of interest to potential candidates will engage readers.

In addition, agencies can share open job opportunities on social media sites. Readers are already connected because they are receiving valuable information; their interest peaks when agencies can present interesting opportunities. Lastly, consistent activity on various social platforms will help staffing agencies target the right groups.

New Recruitment Objectives

In the past, the main objective for staffing agencies was to build a pool of candidates in preparation for job requests. Whenever a client contacted the staffing agencies, they could play the numbers game in filling positions. Perhaps one or two candidates, out of 10 who were contacted, would respond and go to work.

Now, the primary objective has changed to also include engaging many candidates with specific skill sets. Staffing agencies are not limited to their base pool; these connections may lead to future candidates and more clients.

In conclusion, good staffing agencies are keen to the innovative changes within the recruitment industry. Aligning client needs with creative ways to find the right candidates is essential to surviving this new landscape. It becomes easier to screen for the most eligible candidates, which will save time and money for all parties. Strategies should include providing great career opportunities. With these in place, staffing agencies will maintain a positive brand image and survive competing forces.