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Payroll Funding for Hotel Temp Staffing Agencies

Hotel temporary staffing agencies offer a variety of services that can require a lot of different kinds of personnel to satisfy. When you run a hotel temp agency, you need to be ready for anything. The hospitality business can offer sudden opportunities that require a staff of trained temporary workers who will step in and preserve the reputation of the hotel while also attending to the needs of the guests. Flexible staffing something that most hotels use on a regular basis and it has become a very important part of the hospitality industry.

Not only does a good hotel temp staffing agency need to be able to supply flexible staffing on a moment's notice, but they also need to supply responsible managers for that temporary staff. When a hotel brings in personnel to enhance its regular staff, the temporary staff needs guidance and a hierarchy to work with, just as the regular staff does. Instead of burdening the hotel's regular management team, a good temp staffing agency brings in temporary management that has a track record of meeting guests' needs and keeping things in order.

Hotels Have Seasonal Needs, Just Like Any Other Business

One of the most common uses for a hotel temp staffing agency is during the peak periods for business. Hotels that are located near popular vacation areas will see a predictable swell in the number of guests during the peak seasons. One of the ways that a hotel keeps costs under control is to utilize a temporary staff during peak times instead of hiring all new employees. The temporary staff would step in for positions such as maintenance, kitchen duties and maid services. A successful hotel temp agency is able to regularly provide its customers with the staff needed to meet these seasonal spikes in business.

Another seasonal need that many big city hotels have is during convention season. Most people do not realize that large conventions maintain the same schedule year after year to allow attendees to plan properly for the convention and to keep attendance revenue up. The hotels in the towns that host these conventions also utilize that schedule each year to bring in temporary staffing and help keep up with the demand that is sure to come from convention attendees. Cities such as Las Vegas and Los Angeles have huge conventions that come in each year, and that puts a burden on the hotel industry that is relieved by temporary staffing.

Hotels Take On Temporary Staffing For Large Events As Well

In some cases, those large conventions that are hosted by major cities are held at the larger hotels in the area. This can put a significant burden on the hotel in two ways. The hotel's banquet management team and staff will be pushed to the limit because of the significant needs of a large convention. Each department from the kitchen staff to the wait staff will need enhancement from a hotel temporary staffing agency. Without this additional staffing, a hotel would be hard pressed to accommodate the needs of a large convention.

Another issue with having a large convention at a hotel is the need to accommodate the attendees and presenters, along with regular guests from around the country. A large convention is a great chance for a city and a hotel to realize significant revenue from guests coming in to the area, possibly for the first time. In order to prepare properly for this influx of new guests, a hotel will need to take on temporary staffing to enhance room services as well as the additional needs of all of the new guests.

Payroll Funding Is Essential To Meeting Hotel Needs

As we have discussed, the needs of a hotel for temporary staffing can be both planned and unexpected. When that peak season arrives, a hotel staffing agency needs to be prepared to meet the needs of its clients with personnel that are ready to do the job. The other pending need for a hotel staffing agency is payroll funding. The temporary staff will fill in jobs are varied as night desk clerk and maintenance expert. The payroll needs to be in place to make certain that these critical temporary employees are prepared to do their jobs and help the hotel to make the kind of positive impression that leads to repeat business.

The biggest challenge to payroll funding for hotel staffing agencies is the past due invoices created by hotel clients that continually pay late for services provided. The staffing agency must be able to meet payroll each and every pay period if it wants to be able to keep its temporary staff on site. The wide variety of payroll needs for a hotel temp staffing agency means that it needs to develop a reliable cash flow if it wants to be called back for the hotel's next temporary staffing need.

1st Commercial Credit Fixes Cash Flow Problems And Makes Payroll Funding Easy

1st Commercial Credit has been a partner to hotel temp staffing agencies all over the world for many years. We understand the challenges that your company faces and the tight deadlines you have to meet for your hotel clients. We know that you do not have time to wait for clients to pay on their past due invoices, and you also do not have time to wait for a bank to make up its mind on whether or not it will help to finance your operations. You want to be able to fund your payroll on your own, and we can help by advancing you cash against the face values of your outstanding invoices.

Your aging reports are full of hotel clients that are 30, 60 and even 90 days past due on paying their invoices. Under normal circumstances, these past due invoices would put a tremendous strain on your finances. We use those invoices to creditworthy clients as collateral and advance you the face value of your invoices, minus our lending fee. You will have the cash flow you need to keep your temporary hotel personnel on the job and keep your hotel clients happy.

With 1st Commercial Credit, Time Is Of The Essence

Your hotel clients expect you to keep your staff on site and working during the times when the hotel needs them the most. You do not have 30 or 60 days extra to wait for payment on your outstanding invoices. That is why 1st Commercial Credit can approve and set up your account in three to five business days. Once we have your account set up, we can advance you funds from approved invoices in 24 hours. As long as you keep generating invoiced sales, we can keep your business line of credit active and you can have the payroll funding you need to keep your clients happy.

The 1st Commercial Credit website has an online application that can be filled out and returned to us quickly. We approve applications the same day we get them and we get to work setting up your account right away. We do not have any per invoice or per month minimums that could slow you down. As long as you continue to have outstanding invoices to your hotel clients, then 1st Commercial Credit can supply you with the cash flow you need to fund payroll and keep your hotel clients happy.