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Get Clients to Say Yes to Staffing Services

At any given time, you probably have a few clients who seem stuck on making recruitment decisions. Perhaps one client who talks the talk of committing to a candidate, but never seems eager to close the deal. Or, you might have a client who seems ready to commit to your staffing agency but never signs on the dotted line. Consequently, you might need to try a new strategy to get these clients to say yes to your staffing services.

In essence, you can get a client to say yes by mastering the art of motivation. Yes, you are really trying to motivate adult decision-makers to act on what is best for their company. Apply one, two or all motivation tactics discussed below to your recruitment strategies will help nudge clients closer to saying “yes” instead of “maybe”, “possibly” or worse – “not right now”.

Be Selective in Choosing Clients

If you target companies without a plan, you will always chase after companies that have no intention of using staffing services. Therefore, you must be selective in which ones you choose to target. While most companies may have the potential for using your agency's service, you still need strategic prospecting. Begin with segmenting client, into three categories.

Current and Former Clients

Contact clients in this category and get updates on what is happening in their businesses and industry. Ask probing questions to determine their business needs. This can extend beyond staffing challenges and make your staffing agency the resource for providing creative solutions.

Are there any departments where they are short staffed? Find out if they have initiatives, along with sufficient human resources, to move forward.

Generally, it is easier to sell to clients with whom you have an established relationship. Look for ways to expand your current network of contacts within each client company.

Ideal Staffing Clients

This list comprises of which companies appear to be the best prospects. These companies need your services, value your expertise and never haggle over invoices for temporary workers. Clients on this list are probably the lowest number, but finding them is not impossible.

Typically, you can start finding your ideal clients by profiling existing clients. Look for characteristics that define the best clients such as industry, location and size. Determine their most pressing staffing needs. Once you build an ideal client profile, teach your sales team how to look for similarities in other companies.

Dream Team 100

This category begins with a list of actual companies that you would like to land for your staffing agency. The best buyers want to buy more, pay faster and bring more repeat business. After developing your Dream Team 100 list, craft a recruiting plan to peak their interest. In a matter of time, your dream list will become a reality of client accounts.

Speak Truth to Staffing Power

When searching for the right answer to staffing needs – whether it is hiring an agency or candidate – clients want the truth. Respect clients enough to give them truthful answers about what your agency offers. Additionally, give them the truth when they are being unrealistic about finding the perfect candidate. In some cases, they are using perfection to avoid making a decision.

How do you equip clients with knowledge about staffing services? Review the information on your website to see if the descriptions prove your agency is the right solution for their challenges. When clients are interviewing potential candidates, do you illustrate specific qualifications that are the right fit for their company? Eventually, you will find that truth seekers reward honest conversation and strategy.

Communicate Client Values

Many clients need to see value in using the services of a staffing agency. Return on investment is crucial to companies that need to watch their bottom line. While they need workers to fulfill important tasks, many want skill at minimum costs. Whether they want to save time or money, they need to understand the value of using your staffing agency. Otherwise, they will make dollar decisions that will not include your services.

You want to communicate why a client will save time or money with your recruitment strategy instead of using other options. The staffing agency that provides the most bang for the buck will differentiate itself from others. Speak in terms of service value and how your recommendations will pay for itself many times over.

Communicate Benefits of Using Your Staffing Services

The follow-up to articulating client values is connecting those to the benefits of using your staffing agency. Think about a current client who expresses his or her feelings about hiring through a temporary staffing agency. Most likely, he or she is motivated by personal experience. While business decision should not be personal, you cannot overlook this form of subjective reality if you want the client to say yes.

Following personal intuitions from good experiences is not a bad thing when making decisions. Rather, your purpose is to use an objective perspective to make recommendations that influence clients. For instance, a client might wrestle with whether a potential candidate will be a team player. Paint a positive picture based on future experiences and that same client might be motivated to close the deal.

Serve Your Customer

In the staffing world, you have two customers: employers and workers. Yet, you cannot serve the latter when the former is slow to making a decision. Deliver service to clients that extend beyond providing a warm body for a position. Offer employee development service or support a project initiative.

Another way to serve clients is showing how retaining your staffing services will help to reduce workloads of full-time employees. Productivity is a constant for labor decisions and at the forefront of many clients' minds. Getting them to a “yes” often lingers on how well you can serve their needs.

Indulge Clients' Need for Power

Generally, there is nothing wrong with wanting to be in charge when making business decisions. This is especially true when it comes to staffing essential personnel. One wrong hire, even on a temporary basis, can be a costly mistake that many companies cannot afford. After all, they have hired your services to avoid making the wrong decision. They assume that the value of your agency and truth about staffing will work in their favor.

Clients who are motivated by strong leadership expect to be part of staffing decisions. Let them by communicating in a way that puts them at the helm. It is tempting to remind clients of deadlines. However, a simple statement could be interpreted as a directive to those who want to be in charge. In other words, use finesse in reassuring clients that they are in charge because truthfully, they are in charge.

Give Clients Consistency

Call it structure or methodical thinking, but many people are comfortable with using the same set of criteria to make decisions. A standardized process for hiring is crucial. An off-the-cuff decision raises concerns and will cause many to second-guess any decision or result.

Make sure your recommendations are supportive of what is important to clients who love consistency. Advocate for consistency even if the client appears to veer off course. Otherwise, any relationship building that seemingly was on track could grind to a halt.

Client Rules of Engagement

While these recommendations can place you on the path towards hearing “yes” more often, each one is subject to changes. Strategies that work well with one client may flat line with another client. One client could be anxious to hire a candidate when service is a priority. Another client may think it is ridiculous to hire someone for service reasons if value is most important. Use different approaches sparingly until you find the right fit for each client.

This takes you back to the importance of honesty with each client. Your staffing services do not change. Rather, you find ways to adapt to clients and keep their needs at the top of your concerns. Remember that you are building a reputation within the staffing industry.

With this in mind, at least one strategy will place you in the top-tier of providing staffing services. Before long, clients will be on the path to saying yes.