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Combine HR and Marketing to Find Stronger Talent for Clients

There is an increasing convergence of HR and marketing functions as most companies focus on developing an employer brand. This fast-growing trend is impacting the staffing industry as more employees use social media to share good and bad experiences while working for a company. As a result, the working environment of your clients could tremendously influence the perception of potential candidates.

Fierce competition for selective candidates requires a new approach that is coupled with proactive planning. Attracting strong talent is no longer solely dependent on hoping candidates are eager to work for a big name employer. The best talent is usually choosing between companies that have unhappy employees, and those that are the employer of choice. Forward-thinking staffing agencies must not only market open positions and the unique employer brand of clients where candidates are, but also in ways that spur action.

How HR and Marketing Can Collaborate

If the HR functions of your staffing agency are not collaborating with marketing, consider the following recruiting efforts to amplify your talent search. You will also need to have your clients' backing since most information will rely on their cooperation. Explaining the necessity for having a solid employer brand to find strong talents for open positions should increase their willingness to cooperate.

Work as a team to create compelling job descriptions. Typically, a client may give you a brief description of the skills they need for a particular position. You could move forward based on assumptions, or you can get more details to make sure your candidates match the opening. With a robust job description, you can convey the responsibilities and requirements of the role while also including the benefits of working for the client.

Decide on the best places to distribute job announcements. Attracting the right talent requires getting information about open positions in front of the right audience. The best methods for connecting with potential candidates will depend on how well you have written the job description. Your marketing department can advise on which best distribution channels are most likely to garner the most attention.

Develop a career site that is useful to potential candidates. Typically, staffing agency websites have a section for employers and a section for job seekers. While it is understandable that you do not want to list client names, you can add information about the types of clients for which you recruit. Give potential candidates more than a brief listing of open positions. Share multimedia and videos of associates who are pleased with their assignments. Marketing your staffing agency this way gives candidates a preview of what they can expect.

Marketing Secrets to Finding Strong Talent

During 2013, the marketing landscape for temporary staffing agencies underwent several changes. Established social sites experienced enhancements and new social platforms expanded to give potential candidates more options. Mobile technology also advanced as more job seekers began using mobile platforms to look for and apply to different jobs. Staffing agencies that were successful in harnessing these technological advances implemented processes as part of their marketing strategies.

Mobile Has Become the Norm

Mobile is no longer an option for potential candidates, but rather, has become an acceptable way job search. Your staffing agency will be left behind if your efforts to find viable candidates do not include a mobile recruiting strategy. Keep in mind, however, that you must have the right mobile strategy that is in sync with open positions and client needs. For the most part, this requires having a responsive mobile site that is designed properly. Otherwise, strong candidates will leave your site and go to the competitor.

Video Content Marketing is Growing in Popularity

Video content marketing has surged in popularity not only for recruiting, but also in general branding efforts to reach consumers. With more search engines paying attention to blended results, your staffing agency can jump to the first page with video content.

Some studies show that videos are 50 times more likely to end up on the first page. This presents an amazing opportunity for you to market your agency's brand while connecting with potential candidates.

Keyword SEO is Losing Its Appeal

As video content is rising in popularity, keyword SEO is beginning to lose its appeal. For real SEO results, you will need to go beyond researching popular keywords and phrases. The technical aspects of your website will matter most. Things such as proper code placement, sitemaps, page load times, as well as having dynamic and relevant content is the primary focus.

Candidates want fresh and engaging content that will help them in their job search. Having a sophisticated website will strengthen your search engine placement while improving the job search experience for strong talent.

This might necessitate improving your current website design. Keep it simple with easy to find content that provides relevant action items. While you want to avoid unnecessary content, be creative to get a professional, polished and user-friendly site that helps your agency stand out from the competition. Your staffing agency can leverage a functional website to recruit top talent and find new clients online.

Customer Service is the New Form of Marketing

Customer service has become the new form of marketing for talent and clients. If your staffing agency is not focused on delivering exceptional customer service, you can lose clients and strong candidates. Begin by creating a positive work environment internally that is projected through interactions with candidates and clients. Happy teams produce satisfied customers. Encourage your employees to provide unparalleled customer service and reap the rewards of lasting loyalty from candidates and clients.

Your Staffing Agency's Reputation Matters

Innovative staffing agencies understand that their reputation matters when it comes to finding strong talent. This includes the look of the agency's brand that will speak volumes on what to expect and what the agency represents. Marketing efforts are doomed if your staffing agency does not communicate a clear vision. To some degree, this might require an updated look.

According to industry experts, 2014 promises to be a banner year for the staffing industry. Your agency can be among the success stories by investing in your brand and marketing efforts. This requires implementing a strategy that utilizes current recruiting methods for real results.

As a staffing agency operating in a new employment landscape, you want to make sure that your clients and candidates have the best customer experience. This involves being able to find you online and on appropriate social media networks. Marketing job openings exceeds the standard job announcement; you want to connect in a way that resonates with what they need.

Competition for stronger talent will continue to increase and entail making sure your clients stand out as an employer of choice. The right message will be conveyed when marketing strategies are used effectively. Collaboration between your HR functions and marketing strategies will help your agency attract and retain the best talent for clients. Through a comprehensive approach to recruiting, you can communicate a cohesive message between your agency, clients and candidates.