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Blog posts for Asset Based Finance

Companies Can Turn Their Assets into Flexible Credit with Asset-Based Lending

Posted on August 15, 2018 in Asset Based Finance

Asset based lending solutions has become the go-to funding solution for managing operational expenses. This source for lending can also effectively solve cash flow difficulties. By using accounts receivable, materials and products as collateral,...

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Business Loans For Product Distribution Companies

Posted on March 26, 2014 in Asset Based Finance

Product distribution companies have several critical financial needs that have to be met on a regular basis. Without a strong cash flow, distributors will find themselves digging a deeper and deeper financial hole that will become more difficult...

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Use Commercial Loans To Expand Your Warehouse Space

Posted on March 26, 2014 in Asset Based Finance

These days it seems like more and more companies are trying to find ways to reduce the amount of office space they have. Telecommuting has become popular because it allows a company to take on a new employee without the burden of paying for more...

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Comparing Asset-Based Lending to Venture Capital and Bank Financing

Posted on January 17, 2014 in Asset Based Finance

If you were to start your own business, how would you go about securing working capital? How would you ensure that you not only had the money to get your venture off the ground, but that you also had the capital you needed to survive your first...

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Using Other People’s Money: Business Financing Solutions

Posted on September 26, 2013 in Asset Based Finance

Think back to when you first started your business. You understood that keeping your personal finances separate from your new venture was critical: You simply could not afford to be personally liable for any losses. This is the perfect example of...

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Asset Based Finance Companies

Posted on September 19, 2013 in Asset Based Finance

In business today, asset based finance companies base their lending decisions on the value and availability of collateral rather than on the borrower's credit rating. Manufacturers, sales companies, exporters, product marketers and distributors...

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Use Asset-Based Lending to Grow Your Business

Posted on September 04, 2013 in Asset Based Finance

Securing debt is not unusual for small businesses. However, it is best to explore various options before a last minute crunch to fund payroll. Becoming familiar with alternative sources before the funds are needed ensures you will make a rationale...

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Using Your Accounts Receivable Assets in Play for Business Credit

Posted on September 03, 2013 in Asset Based Finance

Just about every company will go through periods of prosperity that allow owners to amass reserves for use with different expansion projects. From time to time, shifts in the economy, consumer tastes and other issues can also trigger periods in...

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Revolving Lines of Credit: A Superior Solution for Business

Posted on August 08, 2013 in Asset Based Finance

Revolving lines of credit are among the most versatile and useful tools in the modern corporate financial portfolio. Rather than representing a one-time loan that must be paid off incrementally over time, these advanced financing options allow...

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How to Finance Inventory for Your Small Business

Posted on August 05, 2013 in Asset Based Finance

If you are the owner of a small retail, wholesale or product production business with inventory and accounts receivables to constantly manage or oversee, you probably make use of inventory finance to boost and assist your company's financial...

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Inventory Finance in the Manufacturing Industry

Posted on August 02, 2013 in Asset Based Finance

The ultimate goal of every reliable professional inventory finance company serving the manufacturing sector of business is to provide the manufacturer with ongoing financing to meet requirements of all operational aspects of successful enterprise....

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Equipment Leasing by 1st Commercial Credit

Posted on July 29, 2013 in Asset Based Finance

Are you in need of equipment leasing to grow your business?

1st Commercial Credit offers equipment leasing for companies that need to maximize their borrowing capacity. Many undercapitalized businesses benefit with our equipment lease programs...

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Asset-Based Lending for the Dairy Industry

Posted on July 26, 2013 in Asset Based Finance

Asset-based lending is an alternative way to fund business operations and to obtain cash on hand to manage expenses and take advantage of limited-time opportunities. These advanced lending solutions are ideal for smaller dairy farms, milk processing...

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