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Our Agriculture Receivable Factoring is a unique financial tool

Do you need cash now to pay your grower payables?

Our agriculture receivable factoring program is a unique financial tool and requires account representatives that specialize in meeting PACA’s strict requirements. At 1st Commercial Credit, setting up an accounts receivable credit line in the produce industry is a streamlined process.

Unlike most banks and financial lenders, we know the special characteristics of the agricultural industry inside and out. 1st Commercial Credit is staffed with people that know the process, challenges and the opportunities that await your business.

Would your business benefit by converting your accounts receivable to working capital?

Agriculture and produce

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Rates Starting At  0.69% - 1.59%  Start Today

Agriculture factoring rates subject to monthly volume and account debtor quality. Our agriculture factoring program requires a minimum monthly volume of $100,000 for funding.

You must be able to supply us with up to date financial statements and receivable aging reports. Our clients include growers, shippers, brokers and processors ranging in size from $1.2 million to $60 million in annual sales.

What kind of produce businesses qualify for an accounts receivable financing services?

Any Business within the agriculture industry can qualify for this program so long as they:

  • Sell credit worthy businesses.
  • Have not pledged accounts receivable as collateral.
  • Sell to commercial accounts (no individual consumers)

Most of our clients are either:

  • fast growing companies whose past earnings and sales histories will not justify the increased borrowing
  • principals with bad credit or over extended credit

Your receivable credit line is established based on your quality accounts you wish to factor

  • Typical Client Example:
  • Client: A packer / processor in the Atlanta, Ga. area with three years of experience selling to municipalities, jails and other food service related clients with average annual revenues of $2 million expected to double in the next 12 months.

The Client's Problem: The company’s revolving line of credit was insufficient to finance its accounts receivable due to rapid growth. In addition, new refrigeration equipment was needed to satisfy the growth.

Our Solution: We can provide receivables funding and equipment financing for the expansion

  • $300,000 in accounts receivable financing, allowing it to pay its PACA obligations while providing additional capital for fixed operations
  • Flexibility to increase the credit line as needed

Receivable Financing & Factoring Rates as low as 0.69% - 1.59%

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Optional Structured Rate at  Prime Rate +2% & Admin Fee 

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(Rates subject to industry and collection cycle)

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