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What is Selective Invoice Factoring?

Posted on December 11, 2017 in Invoice Factoring

We allow our clients to pick and choose the clients they wish to factor. Some are our competitors all payments and all accounts to be processed through their system. We believe that our client needs cash flow at a limited basis. We want them to pay what they need, to use what they need. And eventually you know sometimes they want to try it out with just one client. You know this is something new for them. They don't want to just turn over all of their accounts, this is their life savings this is their business.

Send us one client, try it with one, if you like it send us another one. Eventually they want to send all of them and sometimes not even necessary because 80 percent of the business that they do is probably with 20 percent of the accounts they have. So most of our clients just submit 20 percent of they have, and that's usually plenty of cash for what they need. Partial funding of an invoice is unheard of. You know most factoring companies want to take the whole amount of the invoice and charge the whole amount. And, I believe that we're here for our client. I want them to use what they need. You ever go to McDonald's and they always have the same, the same process. That’s how some factoring companies are, and if you throw them something that's out of whack they are not going to be able fund it. They're trained to do it this way only, only this way, and if they go off track, right, because if they do sometimes it messes up.