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Accounts Receivable Financing by 1st Commercial Credit

Posted on December 07, 2017 in 1st Commercial Credit

"“Accounts receivable financing by 1st Commercial Credit” Have you exhausted your efforts at the bank? Are you turning away business due to the lack of funds? Has your credit term sales of net 30, 60, or 90 drained your cash flow for daily operations. If you answered yes, then 1st Commercial Credit can help. If your credit term sales to commercial accounts have created a cash flow shortage in your business, 1st Commercial Credit can provide funding by utilizing accounts receivable as collateral. A hidden business asset many businesses don’t know exist.

Any business regardless of its size can get immediate cash flow quickly and easily by using this alternative financial method. It is that simple. Even if you have only been in business for one day if you have accounts receivable owed to you by credit worthy clients then 1st Commercial Credit can get you funding in just 3-5 business days. Quick $350,000 with a quick two-page application. No financials, no tax returns, and we make same day decisions. If you need more than $350,000 no problem. 1st Commercial Credit can provide up to $10 million dollars for larger companies. Even if you have been declined by the bank, do not worry.

1st Commercials credit’s limits are based on your clients ability to pay. It is not based on your balance sheet, cash flow projections, or credit score. Receivable financing is not a loan. It is an advance against the value of your accounts receivable. Call now or apply online. 

1st Commercial Credit makes first day decisions. Most 1st Commercial Credit customer have experienced the following: expanded so rapidly they outgrew their working capital, seasonal or uneven sales during the year, they are too new for a bank line of credit, loss of bank credit lines due to covenant violations, strained cash flow due to slow receivables turnover, principles with bad credit or no credit history, in need of purchase order financing or letters of credit, international receivables finance, state and federal tax liens, and their business is coming out of bankruptcy, if your business is experiencing similar situations don’t wait, we make same day decisions. Call now and 1st Commercial Credit can start helping you today.

At 1st Commercial Credit we are recognized as one pf the largest independent providers of asset based financial services for small to mid-sized business. We offer a complete line of asset based lending,  invoice factoring services, inventory finance, purchase order funding and many other related financial services. Other independent financiers face challenges due to their restricted underwriting infrastructures and limited industry experience. 1st Commercial Credit can offer accounts receivable financing and asset based lending for wide range of major industries including: transportation, oil and gas industry, medical providers, temp staffing agencies, service providers, distributors, manufacturers and many more serving clients in the USA, Canada and the United Kingdom.

1st Commercial Credit provides export trade financing to clients in every major world market and can convert accounts receivable finance transactions into 17 different currencies. 1st Commercial Credit has a vested interest in its worldwide family of funding partners and affiliates. They care about helping you get the most of out your business. With access to over 2.5 billion dollars and working capital. Let 1st Commercial Credit help you get the money that your business needs now. Available 24/7 call today or visit us online. Don’t wait for the bank you could have your funds working for you in less than 5 working days with a quick two-page application and no financials needed. Visit us online or call to get started now."