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Non Notification Factoring

Invoice Discounting or “Factoring” is selling the interest in your accounts receivables or invoices to a factor at a discount. Although in Europe, the term “invoice discounting” may vary in definition from country to country. In the United States it still refers to factoring of accounts receivable with notification to the customer. Another related term that is used is “Non-Notification Factoring” or “Confidential Factoring” which the factoring company has little or no involvement with the collections of invoices being financed.

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Non-Notification Factoring

Non-Notification factoring is uncommon due to the stringing underwriting which almost is equal to banking guidelines. Most businesses looking for an alternative form of financing is because they are no longer bankable. 1st Commercial Credit will evaluate a client’s request for “Non-Notification Factoring" on a case by case basis.

Our core financial service is notification factoring and does not require financials, the process is simple with a more basic credit analysis focusing on the quality of the account debtors (your customers). Most funding transactions (depending on the industry) may take only 3 to 5 working days vs. months by another lending institution.

1st Commercial Credit offers a new Non-Notification Receivable Financing Program

Under a Non-Notification Receivable Financing Program, you continue to invoice your customers as usual. Checks may be made payable to your business name at an assigned lock box.

Who Qualifies for Non-Notification Factoring or Invoice Discounting

  • Must have at least 24 months in business
  • Financials, tax returns, and audit fees will be required
  • Must have positive cash flow for the last 6 months
  • Debt to income ratio 1 to 1
  • Minimum accounts receivable outstanding of $750,000
  • 2 year minimum contract
  • Must sell to credit worthy businesses. (No foreign receivables)
  • Business has not pledged accounts receivable as collateral to other lenders
  • Receivables must be payable by commercial accounts
  • Customized rates to suit your sales cycle.
  • Advances are made same day or within 24hrs.
  • Quick credit checks for prospective customers.
  • Clients make check payable to your company's name.
What type of clients benefit with our Non-Notification Receivable Finance Program?
  • Established businesses that are outgrowing their existing credit line facility.
  • Businesses that would prefer their customers to be unaware of our involvement. (Under this arrangement, they are noticed to remit payment to a PO Box still payable to your name)

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Receivable Financing Rates

Starting At 0.69% - 1.59% Or Prime +2% & Admin Fee

  • Quick Approval Process!
  • No Financials up to $350k
  • Easy Set-Up in 3 to 5 Days
  • Over 15 years in business
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