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The Costs of using Seasonal vs Temp Staffing Agencies

There are many businesses who find it necessary to hire temporary workers for seasonal work. Before we can get into a discussion on the costs of seasonal help, we first need to establish the definition of seasonal staffing as compared to temporary staffing.

Seasonal staffing is brought in for recurring needs that happen during certain times of the year. For example, a retail company may wind up hiring extra cashiers and warehouse personnel for the Christmas holiday because of the increase in volume. When October rolls around, the company starts to take applications and put together its seasonal staff that will allow it to handle the increased holiday volume.

Some companies have one season during the year when they need extra staffing, and other companies have two or more seasonal needs throughout the calendar year. Obviously, the additional revenue generated by a boost in increased seasonal income makes it worth it to bring in the extra staffing. But when a company takes the time to really understand its seasonal staffing costs each year, then it can start to reduce those costs and generate even more profit.

There are two primary tasks that create the most costs when it comes to bringing in seasonal staffing (aside from salary); recruiting and training. When you can get a comprehensive understanding of these two elements of your temporary personnel needs, then you can free up more revenue for the company bottom line.

Recruiting for seasonal work can be tough because it is easy to find people who want to make a little extra money during the year, but it can be difficult to find people who can meet your scheduling needs. One way to cut back on the costs of recruiting temporary workers is to keep a database of the seasonal staffing that you bring in each year and invite those workers back before you start putting out the advertising.

One way to enhance the database of current seasonal workers that you have is to offer each person on your list a small financial incentive to recommend someone to your company who could fit your scheduling needs. In many cases, offering incentives for personnel recommendations can be extremely effective ways for getting people to work for your company without putting out any advertising at all.

Training is tough because you need to get the seasonal staff up to speed quickly and they need to be accurate in their work. The best way to offset the costs of training is to create a website that all temporary employees must log into before they can start work. The website will include comprehensive training on the tasks that the seasonal employees will be responsible for and it can also include all of the company policy training you will need to give as well.

If you want to lower your costs for seasonal staffing, then consider using a staffing company. For a flat rate, the staffing company will be responsible for the recruiting, training and ongoing salaries for your seasonal staff as well. It can save a great deal of money in administrative costs and it can also get you the seasonal staff you need in time to help offset the increased demand.

Companies that require seasonal staffing need to develop methods that are efficient and cost-effective. If you will be doing your seasonal staffing on your own, then you need to make sure that you keep the recruiting and training costs down if you want to get maximum productivity out of your staff. If you would prefer to outsource your seasonal staffing, then that could be a great way to save a lot of money.