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How A Good Database Gets You More Staffing Clients

It is hard to imagine just how intricate a staffing company is, but a great deal of work goes into creating the kinds of services that the corporate world has become used to. As with any other industry, the personnel industry has evolved over the years and has become reliant on technology to do much of the work. Technology should be considered an nemesis of the staffing industry considering how many positions have been eliminated in the corporate world thanks to automation. But the professionals who work within the staffing industry have learned how to use technology for their benefit and it has helped to advance the staffing world significantly.

The use of computer database technology in the staffing world goes hand in hand with the growing need for specialization among personnel firms. The days of being able to track all of the particular needs of a corporate client using pen and paper are long gone. Not only does expanded database technology allow staffing companies to better track their clients needs, but it also helps staffing companies to expand their revenue. When a professional personnel outsourcing company learns how to utilize its data properly, it will find that there are more opportunities waiting for them than they had ever imagined.

Staffing Databases Can Become Extremely Comprehensive

There are two main types of databases used by the staffing industry. The first database is the one that catalogs each client and tracks every project, along with details on the project's successful or unsuccessful conclusion. The other database is the one that lists each and every available worker that the staffing company has at its disposal. Each database represents an opportunity to make money and each database also requires tireless maintenance and updating as well. But if you want to turn your information into revenue, then you need to keep your information as updated as possible.

The client database lists several things that make it easier to service the client each time that client calls for a new personnel need. The database should also note trends in each client's business that will make it easier to offer suggestions for future staffing needs that will benefit the staffing company and the client. The personnel database is the one that is becoming more comprehensive as the staffing industry becomes more specialized. The particular talents and tendencies of each employee are noted and then put into a category for easy retrieval. This is the database that staffing companies turn to when they need to satisfy a client need quickly and accurately.

The Foundation Of A Good Database Is The Right Equipment

The focus on reducing costs in the corporate world has changed the way things work in the staffing industry. A comprehensive database of information used to require a room filled with computer storage equipment and the staff necessary to run and maintain it all. The staff would have to schedule regular maintenance as well as data archiving to make sure that the information was accessible, but safe. The cost for maintaining all of this equipment and the staff was high, but it was necessary if the company wanted to maintain its database.

Thanks to cloud computing, a staffing company only needs an Internet connection and basic desktop computers to maintain its database. All of the storage, networking and maintenance functions are done by a reliable third-party provider at a subscription cost that is based on the amount of storage space the staffing company needs. By utilizing this kind of technology outsourcing, the staffing company can cut down on its database management costs considerably and make even more money off its valuable database.

Turning A Database Into Revenue

Information is critical in today's corporate world and a strong database can make a company a lot of money. But how does a good database get a staffing company more clients? We can start by taking a look at the database of clients that each staffing company keeps. The more you know about your clients, the more you can do to help them grow their business. A good staffing company is constantly looking out for ways to help clients improve productivity and get more out of their staff. By tracking client trends and keeping a close eye on the industries that each of its clients are in, staffing company can recommend projects that will increase its client's revenue and the staffing organization's revenue as well.

A good customer database which tracks industry trends can be extremely valuable to other companies within that industry. A staffing company can reach out to other companies in a given industry and show them how they can make more money by utilizing staffing services. When there is a solid database with good numbers to back up the information, it makes the sales pitch that much more effective. If your staffing company can use its customer database to help current clients, then that information can also be used to formulate winning marketing programs to attract new business as well.

A Segmented Personnel Database Can Become A Gold Mine

In the staffing industry, timing is often a critical factor in grabbing and keeping large clients. When there is a comprehensive and updated database of available personnel on hand, then it becomes easier to satisfy client needs in a timely manner. It is important to remember that clients expect quick and accurate results. An effective database makes it much easier to access the kinds of personnel that your clients need and then deliver the results quickly. When your clients see how efficient and accurate your organization is, that prevents those clients from looking for other solutions to their personnel needs.

Staffing companies get inquiries from prospective new clients on a fairly regular basis. Some of these prospects have projects that will be happening months from now, but others are looking for immediate help in a very specialized area. This is where your comprehensive database turns into a proverbial gold mine. When you can scan your database and find specific personnel that a prospective client needs, then it becomes easier to move to the next step of closing the deal with that client. A good example would be a client calling to find a computer programmer that specializes in a particular kind of programming language. It could take that company months to find the right person. If your staffing agency can find multiple qualified candidates in minutes thanks to your database, then you just grabbed a new client.

A Good Database Is Also Dynamic

Staffing agencies still spend a great deal of time and effort finding permanent employees for their clients. A popular feature for clients is the ability to try out a prospective new employee on a temporary basis and then decide to make that employee permanent when he shows the ability to benefit the company long-term. This is an extremely common occurrence with staffing companies and it creates a very dynamic database. In order for a database to be comprehensive, it needs to be up to date at all times. That is why staffing companies invest so much in the necessary personnel and resources to keep their database accurate.

Your customer service and sales professionals will also spend time each day updating the customer database as well. The need for as much accurate information as possible on your clients cannot be overstated. That is why it is important to have a common platform that sales and customer service use to interact with clients. Your customer service professionals may wind up adding data to a particular customer file that could spur sales to add more projects to that customer's profile. When your database can facilitate teamwork, then it becomes an extremely effective sales tool.

Your Database Is Not Just A Listing Of Company Information

The biggest mistake you can make in regards to your staffing company's database is to regard it as an ongoing document that you update when necessary. A good database is a log of your company's vital sales activity and an inventory of the personnel that you have to offer. If you only look at your database as a sort of list, then you are missing out on the revenue generating potential that it has. A dynamic database allows you to determine client trends and bring in future personnel options that will generate more revenue. You can also use a good database to track projects and find ways to utilize project successes in future sales offerings.

Your database also becomes the way in which you dictate the future expansion of your organization. If you are noticing a trend towards recruiting a specific kind of professional because of the needs of your clients, then it may be time to start thinking about digging deeper into that profession and developing a way to turn that demand into more revenue. Your database will show you which clients are currently active and which clients have not requested personnel in a while. As long as you work with your database and use it as a guide for generating more revenue, your staffing company will be able to grow and prosper.